Donovan Mitchell Notches 40 Points, 5 Rebounds, 6 Assists vs The Suns

Donovan Mitchell Notches 40 Points, 5 Rebounds, 6 Assists vs The Suns
The Utah Jazz defeated the Phoenix Suns 129-97 tonight behind the 40 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists of Donovan Mitchell

Which players owned the night? Catch up on all the top individual performances around the league in the Top Performers series.

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Donovan Mitchell Notches 40 Points, 5 Rebounds, 6 Assists vs The Suns



Myke Robs - 2018-02-18
Anybody can do this against the suns at this point lmao

yuch1102 - 2018-02-07
He earned his Amethyst 2k card from this performance

Kevin Ilonise - 2018-02-06
Wow 2 40 pt games, as well as 4 30+ pt games, in his rookie year, carrying the Utah jazz to 6 game winning streak, 19 pt average. Ladies and gentlemen I think we have our ROTY

L.A. Bry - 2018-02-05

julian nin - 2018-02-05
Te next mj

Eric Green - 2018-02-05
Out there schooling em go head youngin😎💪💪

Stephen Irving - 2018-02-05
Wow best rookie of all time don’t @ me

Jose Cardenas - 2018-02-04
Tatum for roty because of his all around game but Mitchell is impressive

Hoobastank Diaz - 2018-02-04
Donovan's landing mechanics aren't very good. He could have knee injuries at some point (but he's still young and his body can take it for the time being). The only good part of his landing mechanics is that he's willing to fall when off balance sometimes. He's also a smaller player, so the risk is a bit less, but he's also taking it to the hole all the time. His heels are always down when he runs (or lands). That means he does have better friction with the ground when moving forward, but it also means he's putting extra wear on his knees.

In my opinion, Mitchell isn't necessarily a high risk right now for a knee injury, but he IS probably wearing the elasticity out of his knees and a few years from now might become prone to knee injury.

He is willing to fall when his opponent crowds his space on a jumpshot, but he doesn't seem as willing to fall when he takes a contested awkward layup. He's so focused on the rim that his landing is set to default, and this results in him punching the floor with his heels a lot (Like Rose). If Rose is a 10/10 injury risk (WAS... Rose has cleaned up his game quite a bit since) Donovan is probably a 7-7.5/10... which means I give him 50/50 odds of suffering an achilles or serious knee injury during his career unless he cleans up his mechanics.

P.S. Dennis Smith is just a shade under Donovan in this regard. His landing mechanics are a bit worse, but he's also smaller and tends to beat guys to the rim instead of forcing his way to the rim.

OMRO_ 36 - 2018-02-04

Sebastian Marek - 2018-02-04
Another young talent from NY

King Chino - 2018-02-04
Rookie of the year hands down , this kid is scary at a young age 💯

smx113 - 2018-02-03
Bro why does he flop so much 😂😂

Atrots5 - 2018-02-03
so humble as well

Mart kenyon - 2018-02-03
And that’s the guy my Nuggets traded away for a couple of nobodies. Way to go Denver! Gotta love that front office!

James Carey - 2018-02-03
Kid is absolutely SICK. Can do it all and is CLUTCH. Its gonna be a good 7 years for Jazz fans

Tamás Tóth - 2018-02-03
Call me up when Ben Simmons shoots 7 threes in a game... or in the entire season.Im waiting.

Angry Turtle - 2018-02-03
Mitchell and Tatum are my favorite rookies this season.

TK14 NBA - 2018-02-03
Dang son, as a Sixers fan (Rooting for Ben Simmons), this dude is scaring me for ROTY
I still want Ben Simmons to win but Mitchell is prob gonna get it

El_Oso_Gigante08 - 2018-02-03
The Knicks will regret this forever.

Ritvik Dutta - 2018-02-03
Future MVP

LegendaryZero2 - 2018-02-03
If Hayward was still here, I’d say they’d have a good chance at the finals in a year or two

Kyle Abrahams - 2018-02-03
When you max out all attributes in 2k

Kyle Abrahams - 2018-02-03
First rookie since tyreke evans to average 20 pts per game- I call it!

George Ramos - 2018-02-03
The Spida is the real ROY!

King3005 _ - 2018-02-03
His second 40 point game....are we sure he's a rookie?

daniel pinheiro - 2018-02-03
He’s the good version of Westbrick

Sayain San TV - 2018-02-03
Mitchell for roy i keep saying it

OG LaVar - 2018-02-03
ROTY, plain and simple

Kevin R - 2018-02-03

Mario Lopez - 2018-02-03

Lechino James - 2018-02-03
Could’ve got 50 if he stayed in the game

CarVie16 - 2018-02-03
If he keeps this up, he'll be a total runaway for ROTY

Lucky# Seven - 2018-02-03
He's not a rookie. When you think our sport can't get better. The best is yet to come for basketball..

Da Viz - 2018-02-03
This guy doesn't play like a rookie.

Wizzard Mane - 2018-02-03
Looks like the Hornets whiffed again lmao

Phil Davis - 2018-02-03
Damn Donovan Mitchell keep on Eating Bro ✊🏽💯

Lucas Marin - 2018-02-03
Find a way to put Booker in the Jazz and we have a future contender.

sezgin a - 2018-02-03
more athletic than curry and is a better shooter than westbrook.

sezgin a - 2018-02-03
this kid is a combination of wesbrook and curry, i think he will be better than them in the near future. the best rookie in the draft by a country mile. the best rookie ive seen in a long long time. he could average 30 7 7 on average like james harden, next year.

j.raimundo - 2018-02-03
Y se dopo

miehro ferrer - 2018-02-03
a better damian lillard

Djordje Petrovic - 2018-02-03
ROTY lock

Rachel Verena - 2018-02-03
Damian lilard 2.0

Travis Travis - 2018-02-03
The 76ers would be a better team if they had Mitchell instead of Simmons. Likewise Jazz would be worse off if they had Simmons instead of Mitchell. ROTY

donjoute murray who ?

Lucas Rodholm - 2018-02-03
dude scored 40 and only missed 5 shots...

Philly Prince - 2018-02-03
Either him or Simmons for ROTY.

Faris Cerim - 2018-02-03
He is a rookie of the year for me

0 0 - 2018-02-03
This kid will be hall of famer

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