Mary Stachowiak - 2018-02-02
Sure is softer then what the bLACKs Ike and Tina Turner turned it into. That's the difference between our Races. They are way meaner. See the new movie, get your Royalties? My life is at risk in Racine Wisconsin. I AM, PROUD MARY. My photo, at 60, is bothering a lot of bLACKs! I can make it reign or Pray Up a double Reignbow...

Ozuna DhshajuN - 2018-01-20
They gon get sued

Giuseppe Di Giambattista - 2018-01-15
Il Mississippi. l'America, il paese di Dio, i sogni del'adolescenza, grandissima song..........

Granola77 - 2018-01-12
Anyone else annoyed there is some dumbass movie coming out with the name proud mary?

Bob Rob - 2018-01-08
Fix the lyrics. It's "pumped a lot a tain down in New Orleans" not pain. Tain was slang for octane AKA gas.

Ben Martinez - 2018-01-04
Mafia 3 got me into classic rock.

giancarlo negro - 2017-12-29
C.c.r. grande gruppo per musica semplicemente indimenticabile

brad brantley - 2017-12-19
This song led to there break up in 1972! Man what a awesome band!

robert brown - 2017-12-07
Generic comment about my love for<insert band name here> while pointing out the fact that I'm unusually young as a listener. Comment about the idiocy of my generation. List of multiple modern singers that I hate.

Imberbe Tokkelos - 2017-11-17
It can never be said "best band ever", much more correct to say "best John Fogerty ever". John was the songwriter for CCR, the lead singer, the lead guitarist - Fogerty was CCR on his own & in his own right. The other three guys were just hangers on, free loaders enjoying a meal ticket and a free ride and like parasites. Fogerty was the genius and force that was Creadance. Even the name comes from John Fogerty. John Fogerty with any other 3 guys, and CCR would sound just the same.

Luis Umana - 2017-11-07
bad ass song

la chukiz - 2017-11-03
still one of my favorite bands ever!.. ❤❤

hifrom mike - 2017-10-08
The lyric is "Pumped a lot of 'tane in New Orleans." That is local slang for "octane," meaning pumping gas.

Jeff Monette - 2017-09-30
Tina Turner took this song to another plateau...

lieferung - 2017-08-31
It should be "pumped a lot of 'pane" as in propane. He had a job pumping gas.

Mitchelskater - 2017-08-26
1.25 speed

아무르 - 2017-08-24

ubernoob51 - 2017-08-22
As far as the lyrics in the second verse, it's "Pumped a lot of 'pane down in New Orleans". As in propane.

Willie Bennett - 2017-07-21
Good music

typhoon loon - 2017-07-19
people who dislike the songs have no good taste in real music

Rick Graves - 2017-07-11
this don't have lyrics they lie

도건우 - 2017-07-10
best song forever

seRap¡s b3y-ak - 2017-07-03
I'm curious what he's referring to as "proud Mary". could anyone share the facts or opinions?

Ryanzkie Blue - 2017-06-18
Thank you @watchmojo! Finally found this song!

NOTCH5.0 - 2017-06-11
This was the name of my grandfathers boat. He named it after my grandmother, Mary. This song reminds me of them and brings me to a happy place. Really awesome song and band!

Glowing Lamb - 2017-05-16
Both of my ex boyfriend s are singing this song at my spring concert

lenspaulding - 2017-04-30
This song will be played in Hell....over and over and over again. Disgusting!!

Branden Wentz - 2017-04-26
people need to stop thinking tina turner wrote this song like come on you cant beat CCR baby!

David Obregon - 2017-04-06
Just realized this song is about weed

John Roberts - 2017-03-12
In a
Van down by the river

Robbie Landrey - 2017-03-02
one of my favorite CCR songs

Dat Doge - 2017-03-02
Rollin that paycheck in

Tommy - 2017-03-01
The guy with glasses on the right, looks exactly like John Lennon from 1967...

The Rocket - 2017-02-18
How many times have we all heard this track, right? It doesn't seem to matter. It just flows. Great rockin' blues. Best cymbal crashes ever :D

владимир эрдыниев - 2017-02-11
моя молодость не думал что услышу и увижу через пятьдесят лет!

lastword - 2017-02-08
too bad his back up band cleaned him out. they were hired musicians got a good lawyer and took dan to the cleaners. jewish lawyer of course.

Kerrod Dodd - 2016-12-23
old songs too far back for some but good music any way boys and girls enjoy it

Józef Luchowski - 2016-11-27
CCR is the BEST!!!

ciccio o'Mast Re Bullett - 2016-11-13

Davis Nafshun - 2016-11-12
Phish singing an a capella version of this song coming out of the vocal jam of You Enjoy Myself in the encore of their 3/1/2003 show at Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC brought me here

Christian Salasa - 2016-11-06
Ilike this song this is the best song ever!!!

Ron Jeremy - 2016-10-11
This kicks Tina the nigger's version all day any day!

Willie Botha - 2016-09-24

Beth Waldron - 2016-09-17
ccr are great

Ric Baz - 2016-08-29
RiflemanListens B- or Bm is the same !

Chris Zdon - 2016-08-11
You have BMW in your profile name but your pic is a Camaro

Gr8fulDead69 - 2016-08-09
It's pumped a lot of vein, not pain. It's talking about spiking up.

gutteruth - 2016-07-24
it isn't widely known, but this song is about Typhoid Mary

Xuân Năng Diệp - 2016-07-15
Already dozens of years, now listen to still see that as in the past. True is already legendary.

The Lonely Traveller - 2016-06-21
Trolling on the river xD

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