martha anderson - 2018-02-21
Tessa looks like Kate Middleton !

k hj - 2018-02-20
Not a Canadian but lived there for a couple of years to go to School. Country filled with lots of nice people~ Good luck on the rest of the Olympics~

Yみ N - 2018-02-20
I am so happy Patrick gets the gold medal ! I love you Patric. Congratulations !チャンおめでとう㊗️これからも応援してます😃

Temper Hollow - 2018-02-20
Congrats to all of the wonderful Canadians who all deserve a gold medal!

Za3rour - 2018-02-20
@:45 seconds! love that shot. love this team.

Karen Michalek - 2018-02-19
Doesn't Scott Moir look just like Dr. McDreamy??

Cj James - 2018-02-18
South Korea ....PLEASE STOP TORTURING DOGS.... before and during their slaughter! What is wrong with you South Korea? God will reconcile with you for your evil ignorance! Skinning alive? Boiling alive? Dismembering alive? Bludgeoning alive! So the meat tastes better? You are the devil! You will pay! He will come for you! CANADA NEVER BUY A SINGLE THING MADE IN SOUTH KOREA! We will not let this continue.

food - 2018-02-18
I like canada..I don't mind losing to Canadians........third place is alright for us.

24alb - 2018-02-18
WoW! what a practice! doesn't every girl hope to perform so well for a guy who adores her - what a unique love-story they skate there. Might seem too much angst , not enough calm, until... she turns back with a caress in an impossibly smooth change. And this they do every day. what an inspiration, what a joy to see. I hope they succeed, and win, everything they hope for.

Panzer Blitz - 2018-02-17
Canada in ice hockey to the Czechs. Canada deserves every loss. Canada should be banned from any Olympics for it's nightmare baby seal massacring bloodbaths. More than that, we should send the Air Force to drop a bomb in the middle of the crack addicted, vicious Canadians who perpetrate this massive atrocity. Canada has refused to stop its genocides for decades, and is hated by the entire world.

Tony Balony - 2018-02-16
Canada SUCKS!!

ff ff - 2018-02-15
Korea love Canada~

24 Lancelot - 2018-02-15
Tessa...you fine.

sonia kling - 2018-02-15
Wonderful national pride and the team I am sure will be proud to visit their Prime Minister - a dignified leader who they respect.

Some John Doe - 2018-02-15
The "gender neutral" snowflake version of the national anthem I presume ?

Authentic Aesthetic - 2018-02-15
Eric is daddy

William James - 2018-02-14
What a beautiful woman....best in the world at what she and Scott do!

nin Pamint - 2018-02-14
over all
#60 #25 =85#original
rrc#41 king ?

60.41= 101 #christian
royal 71.6.24canada

king#41(30) = 71

nin Pamint - 2018-02-14
religion x(philippines)

74 (jesus) (h)
24 (1) =25 #all?
=98 (1) =99 ?
26# y,

Maahir Momtaz - 2018-02-14
In all THY SONS command

Gordon Graham - 2018-02-14
We're all so proud of all of you!  Congratulations!  It was a pleasure to watch you all perform so well.

G Ferris - 2018-02-14
We feel like we know you all and are so very very very proud! Canada is standing tall! Thank you all for your dedication and hard work. Have fun and know we look forward to seeing you all soon at home.

Dylan Millette - 2018-02-14

TheReelMB - 2018-02-14
Course there's a gay guy or the olympics would be prejudice....

Jove Oddo - 2018-02-14
I see people compliment virtues look but they aren't talking about how hot moir is

Billy Smith - 2018-02-14
Canadian women are so gorgeous, intelligent and classy.

Billy Smith - 2018-02-14
Canada, always the best at everything. Such a classy nation.

Anna Kocol - 2018-02-13
American but love Canada so much

Maria. V. Solis - 2018-02-13
I hate Canada cheaters

Maria. V. Solis - 2018-02-13
Weak Canada

Colleen Murphy - 2018-02-13
Why the heck would ANY LOSERS hit the NOT LIKE symbol for this video??? Congrats Team Canada!  You deserve it! <3

Reaper - 2018-02-13
How do 7 people win gold in figure skating?

Anna Ross - 2018-02-13
Yaaa go Canada gooooo🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Jinjin - 2018-02-13

BROKEN UNIVERSE - 2018-02-13
Tessa makes my heartbeat faster

BigG99 - 2018-02-13
"my Boyfriend"? ewwww.... Way to go team Canada. Way to grab the gold. We are so very proud of you.

Idc Lawl - 2018-02-13
No one care about the Olympics anymore. Plus the gay guy didnt have to tell the whole word he love dicks but he had too.

theFourth. Horseman - 2018-02-13
In all thy sons command.

Derrick - 2018-02-13
Good thing they weren't kneeling

Briana De Luca - 2018-02-13

Geeman Funman - 2018-02-13
Nice job fellow allies.

Oppie - 2018-02-13

Dobtrov - 2018-02-13
In all thy sons command, if your a true Canadian

elli003 - 2018-02-13
It's hard to be a globalist when you have such national pride ! Nice going Canada !

Billy McAuliffe - 2018-02-13
Well done to Canada

Jesse Lukes - 2018-02-13
Would be better if we didn't have the soy boy as our PM

Marc Torres - 2018-02-13
all the girls are so hot wow

Jian Karen - 2018-02-13

PredatorKingdom - 2018-02-13
Man they dominated and the girls on this team are extremely beautiful.

牧野つくし - 2018-02-13
The best ever!!!

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