Helen Mirren Accidentally Got Someone Kicked Off the NYC Subway

Helen Mirren Accidentally Got Someone Kicked Off the NYC Subway
Helen talks to Jimmy about her adventures traveling on New York City trains while commuting to her Broadway play, The Audience.

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Helen Mirren Accidentally Got Someone Kicked Off the NYC Subway
Helen Mirren Accidentally Got Someone Kicked Off the NYC Subway



achanwahn - 2018-03-19
She's wearing Miss Piggy gloves. How cute

N.T. - 2018-02-18
She's actually crying ^^

yixing - 2018-01-21
Now i know i hate helen mirren

Lielyn Arboladura - 2018-01-17
Did they find the man?

sarika love - 2018-01-12
Jimmy is so fucking annoying!

Linds Tee - 2018-01-11
I hope the gentleman who helped her get on the train didn’t get into trouble.

01treeman - 2018-01-11
I had a girlfriend who looks like Helen Mirren. I miss her so much.

vince daffon - 2017-12-03
omg thats so bad dame helen mirren

Nora Steel - 2017-06-28
Great Gentleman! Helen Mirren is looking for you!!

Troy Edwards - 2017-05-24
Like woman don't do annoying things. Ever ride the subway and get clocked by a woman's purse? Both sexes do stuff!

Mitch LaMoure - 2017-05-20
Seriously ! -- This man hating is going toooo far. Now the Misandry feminist are attacking the way fat men sit? Fat women sit the same way. This Misandry feminist purposely sits right next to a fat guy. Puts her purse on her lap to take up less space for the photo. She could do the same one seat over to her right, It's empty. That way neither is crowded. But no that wouldn't make men look bad. Women spread worse than men. I see it on the bus all the time. They push you off the arm rest. They take up 2 seats with all of their bags and crap. Rude people exist in both males and females. To single out men is not nice.

Deathbrewer - 2017-04-26
There's these things men have called "balls." Maybe you've heard of them...

Ajeya Chauhan - 2017-03-28
1:14 "holding two guitars there"
Grow the fuck up Jimmy fucking Fallon.

chochonero341 - 2017-03-05
She could have not told the story at all and no one would have known.

Isa N. - 2017-02-11
Helen is human too as everyone else!!!

Bimbo Baggy pants - 2017-02-03
New Yorkers are really stupid. I live in Georgia and take the MARTA to Georgia State University. If someone were to stop the Marta the way this man had, the train would have waited for Helen to get on before proceeding.

Warthog-faced buffoon - 2017-01-04
I'd still fuck her.

aven russo - 2017-01-03
why does he have to mock the British accent by trying (pathetically, i might add) to imitate it?😑😑

theabstrakt84 - 2016-12-30
yeah Hellen that is kind of shameful of you...I rather be late for the show than knowing what might happened to this guy...was he black or latino???

THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 2016-12-24
I really hope that guy knows about this lol

dobwatches - 2016-12-23
Odd she didn't think about the fact that she is a millionaire and could have taken everyone off the train and taxied them all to the theater.

360Gaming - 2016-12-12
Hahahaha "on the airplane", like she ever flown coach

Sarah Henson - 2016-12-10
I know it was supposed to be a funny anecdote, but I was horribly soothed by her voice that I started dozing off. has she read any for any audio books?

Jmasokista - 2016-12-01
If we see someone's manspreading or spreading their legs unnecessarily wide in a public utility vehicle, we always shout "Oh my gahd! Emergency! Someone's 'bout to give birth!" While staring at the person's crotch! Hahahahahahaha. Always solves the problem! XD

Brookellen Sullivan - 2016-08-21
I wonder if all of these men who are complaining about their balls have some shoved up in their armpits cause for some reason all the men who man spread are always putting their goddamn elbows in my space too. Just be a little more aware of other people's space that's all anyone's asking. Also if you're annoyed with people putting their bags on seats then you should understand why shoving your legs in other people's space is fucking annoying, because both of those things are fucking annoying and you look like an asshole if you do them.

Patricia Fierro-Newton - 2016-07-12
I love her! Please someone find that man, he deserves a dinner at least!

Preda Y. - 2016-05-31
If I was the guy I would absolutely take Helen Mirren up on her dinner invitation because it's Dame Helen Goddamn Mirren. It'd be the most exciting thing to happen in my whole life

Jack Brown - 2016-04-17
Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3531: Helen Mirren, Sincerity, Empathy and Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
#HelenMirren #JimmyFallon #Subway #BodyLanguageExpert #BodyLanguage #NonverbalCommunication #Empathy #Sincerity #TheRoots

Widdekuu91 - 2015-12-29
I've forced the door open twice, or commanded others to do so and yanked the emergency-brakes too. I proudly anounched I was the one who 'broke' the door and I got a handshake and two railwaypolice-officers thanking me for saving the guy's/woman's (twice) life.
Not lying, I live in Holland, it happened twice. Once you pull the brakes, you hear air or something, coming from the walls, sissling noise and the guys have to get a key and re-wind the brakes.

Lainie Medina - 2015-12-24
Can I be her gradndaughter? Please Dame Ellen, adopt me!!

thewizboy - 2015-12-11
She will ALWAYS be Mrs Tingle to me !

Kelly S - 2015-11-21
She's revolutionary. Even as a young woman.

gjaddajg - 2015-10-02
But... there's plenty of room for her... it looks like she's taking up more space than him even though she's half his size... there are also more free seats to her right. What's the problem again? Is men being uncomfortable and possibly in pain now a requirement for feminists?

Meanwhile, man saves woman's hand in subway door, gets kicked off while woman says nothing, letting man take the blame. Yup, male privilege at its best. Men are such selfish man-spreading pigs.

Lukeno52 - 2015-08-29
Man-spreading on a seat like that is inexcusable, because leg room isn't an issue. The only time I do it is if I physically cannot fit in the seat with the amount of legroom I have, and then I'll try and find an aisle seat so I can tilt myself that way.

unifieddynasty - 2015-08-16
I'm not against manspreading if there are empty seats and enough room. In the picture it looks like there were empty seats beside them. In this case I would put the onus on whomever sat down after the other person.

If the guy sat down next to Helen and started manspreading like that, then that would be extremely rude. But if that guy was already manspreading, with plenty of other seating choices available, and Helen instead chose to sit right next to the guy, then I would say that Helen was being rude.

JimmyCricket - 2015-08-15
Shes beautiful for her age... Wowzerss

Love Lin-Manuel - 2015-07-10
this isnt actually a bad thing. think about it, he met helen mirren which is the most amazing thing ever and he has a great story to tell.

tyrone loki - 2015-06-17
See this is what doing a good deed brings you, nothing. And that is what makes it genuine

Khaltura - 2015-06-17
She is sooooo true! Love her :)

Ricardo Gutiérrez - 2015-06-15
Ask Hellen the date of the incident and check the video !! It has to be on trainstation-video !

Joe Masters - 2015-05-29
She's quite the hottie!  Can't believe she's in her late 60s.

LostLocal7 - 2015-05-16
OH MY GOD! The band was manspreading! They were in the way of all those poor women trying to find a seat among...the band...huh. Guess it doesn't make much sense if you think about for about 2 seconds. But that's 2 seconds more then those idiotic, grinning jackals on stage gave it.
But hey Mirren, thank goodness you got that guy who saved your ass off the train before he could manspread all over it. That doesn't make you look like some kind of hypocritical jackass at all.

Mr. Doody - 2015-04-23
I've had just about enough of petty women complaining about the way men sit on the train. In fact, I call these women 'femplainers'. Ladies, its time to reevaluate what are truly legitimate problems in life because some of you are turning into spoiled brats.

TheSPazCORE - 2015-04-17
Ugh, the  fucking "man-spreading" again. For me, it's very uncomfortable to sit with my legs together because:
1. It crushes my testicles between my thighs
2. Being 6 foot 3 on  a bus means that the chair in front crushes my knees because of the lack of leg room.

Louis C - 2015-04-11
Jimmy's a bigger man now

sabzspursfan127 - 2015-04-11
"No they've always done it. It's just now they're being called on it." THANK YOU Helen Mirren! This is the case with so many issues. Love her :)

Janet Li - 2015-04-08
she's so sweet in how she genuinely feels bad amount that moment and carries it with her.

El Espejo - 2015-04-08
She is so beautiful!

James Kitcher - 2015-04-07
For sure, those guys who use manspreading tactics to deliberately usurp space or 'inadvertantly' touch legs are buttholes.

Just a thought though for all those angry at 'manspreading'... for every guy who is simply being inconsiderate, there's another who genuinely needs to sit like that. I was unfortunate enough to have to have an op on my nutsack (ugh overshare right?), I cannot sit with my legs together without incurring severe pain. Anyone who wants a man to sit in agony simply to conserve space is a sadist.

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