Soundgarden - Loud Love

Soundgarden - Loud Love
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Music video by Soundgarden performing Loud Love. (C) 1990 A&M Records
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Soundgarden - Loud Love



Enzo Rivas - 2017-11-14
Great song for sex

The King of Sound.🎵🎧🎵

sshhrroooomm - 2017-11-11
Best bridge in rock history..ever

Sweet Sour - 2017-11-11
fucking legends. too bad i was a kid in their prime. Although CC is not here, lets not forget the rest of SG are still around. CC will live forever through his music

Amy Warren - 2017-11-10
One fucking beautiful tall drink of water. (RIP) CC

AnduritGamersYT Amante De los Tamales - 2017-11-01
De La PM

kelly sharp - 2017-10-31
So hot🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Matt French - 2017-10-31
Is Chris wearing pants made of duct tape?

mike white - 2017-10-27
Who the fuck dislikes this song??

Danny Rios-Farrell - 2017-10-24
Almost sounds like the beginning of "Betterman", I love it

Dave - 2017-10-11
hey a music video....I remember these!!

kelly sharp - 2017-10-06
So 🔥🔥

Verga Agustinus - 2017-10-05
Best rock vocalist ever

Nuno Hardy Araújo - 2017-10-01
Loud love....on..the...soundgarden\m/...raW ...puretho the soul

Kerstin Fehn - 2017-09-30

Frnk Oreo123 - 2017-09-28
Rest In Peace Chris

ray kreger - 2017-09-26
this band got grouped in with other bands and said they are grunge but they are not chris even said before his death they are in fact hard rock

Jade Jaded - 2017-09-25
Who the hell are the 147 people that put a thumbs down to this song and video???? Jealous guys...that's who!!!! Wishing they looked like him...ha ha

Tyler Gann - 2017-09-22
RIP Chris Cornell. Soundgarden is one of the best bands of the 90's. This song came out in '89 but that still counts as the 90's right?

Nico Drums Heaven - 2017-09-20

Julie Thomas - 2017-09-19
awesome jam

peter lorre - 2017-09-16
amınakoyim riffler efsane ya

farizan mohamed - 2017-09-14
riff like enter sandman mettalica....

Frodo Bäggins - 2017-09-08
There's no time to keep it low
I've been deaf, now I want noise
You stay down, but I won't be quiet
I'll hammer on until you fight

Loud love
Loud love
Loud love
Loud love

If you've got some time to kill
Slow resistance wins the war
Well, I know, but that's no way to go
You can't resist the louder pull

Loud love
Loud love
Loud love
Loud love

Well, that's right, I want something to explode
I've been deaf, now I want noise

sayidati alarabiya - 2017-09-04

Charles Stone - 2017-09-03
Loud love... being heard! Like dry land, it is a myth.

bg4567890 - 2017-09-02
Anyone remember when you could watch a music video on YouTube without a 30 second ad beforehand? Me neither.

Todd Angeles - 2017-09-01
Fucking hell. Audioslave did Rage songs better than Rage, and Soundgarden songs better than Soundgarden.

Abhishek Basnyat - 2017-08-30
That riff is f**king insane! Right up there with the greats.


Captain Pie Fox - 2017-08-23
A lot of people haven't heard of this album and they're missing out on so much

Marisa Miaco - 2017-08-19

Ina Filipova - 2017-08-17
Why, Chris?Why, sunshine? It' s been 3 months...

dustin wilson - 2017-08-11
No shit

KOZY GVRL - 2017-08-10
I remember less than 7 months ago this video only had 500,000 views now its over 1 mili, amazing how death capture pple attention

ray kreger - 2017-08-10
Bad ass song and video so sweet love it

Ashley Guynn - 2017-08-09
i got up feelin so down i got off being sold outttttttttttttt

loveharrydaily - 2017-08-01
Also the riff kinda sounds like that part in Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath 👀

loveharrydaily - 2017-08-01
Chris was so damn sexy. 😭

eeaagoo - 2017-07-28
When I first heard Soundgarden, they did peculiar things to my fledgeling woman-brain. Imagine, if you will, an 18 year old Catholic schoolgirl, who has never heard music like THAT in her life before.
Peculiar things, and wonderful things. Thank you, Soundgarden!

Punk Rawk Gamer - 2017-07-21
First saw this on MTV 120 Minutes. After that, I threw away my Mötley Crüe and Kiss posters, sold or gave away the hair band and pop tapes, and switched to punk, grunge and industrial music. No regrets!

working collective - 2017-07-18
this song (loud love), birth ritual, outshined and hands all over are simply 4 of the greatest songs written

Danny T - 2017-07-17
The sting will never go.....

BatmanRZ - 2017-07-16

Cris Anthony Delos Reyes - 2017-07-13
Ear Candy for me

kelly sharp - 2017-07-13
This is hotter than the 4th of july!makes me wanna explode!🔥🔥

phil robb - 2017-07-09
Blow up your jukebox 7-20. Chris Cornells Bday !

James Mccluskey - 2017-07-05
JAMES, MEGA FAN. compare this to TooL's swamp song...see what you think

shane armendinger - 2017-06-28

shane armendinger - 2017-06-28
Oh yeah i saw the screaming life fopp tour. lol. Chris' voice wasnt ready but ole boy had all my friends moms pining 4 him

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