Raegan L. - 2018-01-07
Bruh whole song had me on the edge of my seat. Still on the edge writing this comment..

S.T Tan - 2018-01-02

Maryjane Mangansakan - 2017-12-02
Win or lost ftisland is my favourite at all kpop band and hongki is best vocalist ever 😊😊😊

Minhtu Nguyenbao - 2017-12-02

Janet Manores - 2017-11-15
I love FTISLAND especially lee honggi oppa...

Almira Judal - 2017-11-05

Sen Hoang - 2017-10-10
Hong Ki 😘😘

GlutaCandy SsFoundation - 2017-10-07
Love ft island since 2009❤❤

เมย์ เมย์ - 2017-09-05

KDS_MusicAnimeCrazy - 2017-08-25
Looovee this song. Fighting FT Island!!!!

Mari Campuzano - 2017-08-18

FT ISLAND THU YẾN - 2017-08-16
i love you,i need you❤😍

Yoongi's tounge technology is faster than our net - 2017-08-14
Woahh Hongki..I just feel so proud to be a Primadonna...I also stan groups like BTS, Bigbang, Day6 and Winner but FT Island was the group that got me into KPOP almost 3 years ago..(I was in Grade 5) .. I kept on promoting FT Island to my classmates who only see EXO as the best Kpop group lol(dnt get me wrong I also like EXO) but I think no group can beat FT Island as the best group I stan

Siti Faezah - 2017-07-30
love this song... feeling so touch..

riza mercury - 2017-07-08
so great

HM Art of astonishment - 2017-07-06
그댄 모르나요 아직도 그대는 나는 그리워요 아직도 나는요 우리 사랑한 추억을 건드려 떠나는 눈물 찾아요 이미 멀어진 그대의 발걸음 못 잡겠죠 지금 나는요 I need you I love you 부서진 나의 맘이 불러요 그대를 언제나 사랑해요 Always 그댄 어딨나요 모든 걸 남긴 채 나는 찾고 있죠 그대의 모든 걸 아주 가끔은 날 생각해줘요 그곳에 나는 없지만 내가 그대를 찾아서 갈게요 흐르는 눈물 닦고서 I will go I will find 언젠가 만날 거야 차가운 바람에 내 몸이 망가져도 Always 나를 떠나간 그대 앞에서 말을 할 거야 돌아오라고 다시는 놓지 않아 No 이제 웃어요 나의 앞에서 행복할 거야 우린 영원히 다시는 울지 않아 I need you I love you 부서진 나의 맘이 불러요 그대를 언제나 사랑해요 I will go I will find 언젠가 만날 거야 또다시 만나면 차가운 멈춰진 바람에 시간을 내 몸이 망가져도 다시 돌릴 거야

Caroline Michnová - 2017-07-03
sooo beautiful and emotional song, i love hongkis voice ❤💕 ..but i dont understand why is he hiding his tattoes? 😮

Natalia Sepúlveda - 2017-07-01
hongki, you make me cry😭💕

Rosiene Santana - 2017-07-01

andrea muñoz - 2017-06-28
Los amo!!! para mí son la mejor banda kpop de todas. Sus voces, sus melodías, la forma en como tocan los instrumentos... simplemente son perfectos.

Sunari Weerasiri - 2017-06-25
damn HongKi^^ that emotional voice + high notes! other members do magic with their instruments as well~ yet another masterpiece by F.T.Island^~ <3

Danielita Merchán Gaspar - 2017-06-20
this is just PERFECT <3

Rockabilly Artist - 2017-06-17
Im so glad they are back! Vocals on point like ALWAYS. This song is amazing! My question is why do all these shows not allow them to play live music??? I was only able to get my fix watching the performance during Sketchbook. It breaks my heart because they are such talented artist.

MoJo JoJo - 2017-06-17
i can't stop my tears /help 😭😭😭/

Barb Lee - 2017-06-15
Never let me down true yreasures

Crizzy Ville - 2017-06-15
I'm tearing up.... this live audience don't know how blessed they are to be in the presence of these young veterans.. I'm so in love with Wind

Mariena Xiong - 2017-06-15
Proud Primadonna through these 10 years with our FT Island! ❤️

Meybey17 - 2017-06-14
La mejor banda. Me siento tan orgullosa de ellos. <3

Popi Enogusastra - 2017-06-14
Daebakkkk... My hongkis voice is very very nice, love FTISLAND forever 😘😘😘

Ikalee Primadonna - 2017-06-14

daniela gladieux - 2017-06-13
Le meilleur groupe <3

mandybear1112 - 2017-06-13
This has to be the most beautiful song i have ever heard! It gives me
crazy goosebumps and almost brought me to tears.... Honki's voice has
always been one of my favorites in kpop even though this isnt kpop but i
still love his voice so much! i feel like this will be my favorite song
for a very long time!

Van Nguyen - 2017-06-13
Always love you guys ♥️

Van Nguyen - 2017-06-13
Adding comments count towards no.1

Hiew Kinty - 2017-06-13
he's a top singer !…………❤

Nabilla Rustiadi - 2017-06-13
Ho e my god i cryng

Amelia Wu. H. - 2017-06-13
i love this song

Bili Gin - 2017-06-13
One of the best voice!! <3

Briennah Reed - 2017-06-13
Ft Island Deserve so much more attention and we need to get them a win. Ft Island fighting ~

Setres09 - 2017-06-12
YAH I got chills.

borneoorchid - 2017-06-12
This gotta be one of their best songs😍 and I love hongki sitting with jonghoon.

Leo Muja - 2017-06-12

eve ruby - 2017-06-12
Simply wonderful!!! Get well Hong Ki, the world needs to hear you... We love you FT Island.

taebaebae - 2017-06-12
Wow, this was massive. The melody is beautiful itself, but the vocals are insane. I never really gave FT ISLAND a chance as I left my rock phase behind me some time ago, but this song is amazing. There is a huge contrast between the lyrics, the instrumentals especially in the first verse and this strong voice, but it works out perfectly.
I'm pretty shocked actually as I watched Hongki in his dramas and during his radio shows and I sometimes got annoyed by his nasal voice. I never would have thought that he's such a good singer.

Afrina Winda - 2017-06-11
i have no doubt about loving this guys.

Jannah Saripada - 2017-06-11
Hongki's voice is really amazing!!! 😍😘👏👏👏👏👏💓💕💖💞💝

one day I will go to South-Korea - 2017-06-11

Forlorn_Ranger - 2017-06-11
Please vote for FTISLAND here and make them have their win for their 10th anniversary!!

bigbad girl - 2017-06-11
i'm from Malaysia..how to vote them?

LiChien Chong - 2017-06-11
They always do the best performance.
So talented. Hongki takes care your throat pleasee!!!!

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