Wendy Knox-Leet - 2018-01-15
She knew!

Terri Boyd - 2018-01-14
Painful firing? We need to stop having sympathy for men and women who chose to use their position, money, and influence to manipulate, cajole, or often outright, harass others sexually. The longer we stand idly by saying nothing, turning our heads and being oblivious to the obvious the longer this type of abhorrent behavior will continue and be accepted as normal.

Sean Lewis - 2018-01-14
She's fucking him

Leah's Odyssey - 2018-01-14
It seems contrary to her personality to just make a pinch me on the ass joke. I think she’s covering for him.

anime lover14 - 2018-01-14
2nd comment

Supercorp 45 - 2018-01-14
I don't believe her he's been doing this for years

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