Mathias Malm - 2018-01-15
Look at how Erna Solberg is smiling, clever woman!

Bobby Collins - 2018-01-15
can Norwegian-Americans get a passport to move back to Norway?

Bambert S - 2018-01-12

mindminer - 2018-01-11
Norwegians are obviously a smart bunch of people

Dbass91 - 2018-01-11
Look at the US flag, so many wrinkles. Who did not take care of that flag?

C Man - 2018-01-11
Trump just keeps winning.

Papan - 2018-01-11
Oh hell! SpaceX satellite launch has failed. That's why Norway is full of telsa. Faceplam Elon Musk. 😂🤣

Pebble In A Pond - 2018-01-11
What stupid and embarrassing questions the press asked..so sad. I would like to ask the Prime minister this: what one thing can every American do to support the success of Norway's economy?

2nd Chronicles 7:14 wins again!!!

Yin Yang - 2018-01-11
yeeaayyy .....surplus in trade with USA

Yin Yang - 2018-01-11
I love how Trump brings back the history, like listening to storytelling, before moving into more political talk. History is important for future actions, as we all learn from the past

Telar 4u - 2018-01-11
Hundreds of thousands of jaaaabbbbsss. And he was against vaccines. He changes opinions more often than people change underwear

Ann Gaare - 2018-01-11
Great Erna, well done so proud of our PM Norway!

christian klotzle - 2018-01-11
He's totally wrong on the issue of collecting data it's in violation of our constitution

Izreal Zeus - 2018-01-11
The House of Adragna is an old top Sicilian criminal noble family still active today with Baron Francesco Adragna as the current head. They are top owners of the Los Angeles crime family. They are a mix from Norman and Arab immigrants and their name derives from the Drengot family who were mercenaries that settled in southern Italy. The Adragna family currently owns Tenute Adragna Company involved in wine and olive oil production. Their coat of arms includes a fortress, guard dogs, and a guard suggesting they are the defense force for the human trafficking Sicilian Mafia. They also manage the 'Ndrangheta clans in Calabria that operate as a defense for the higher level Sicilian Mafia. They were involved in the Knights of Malta and were closely related to the House of Pepoli which are intermarried with various Italian noble families. Benedetto Adragna was an Italian senator more recently.

Their connection with the Los Angeles crime family ties in with the Dragna family. Jack Dragna was a top boss in the Los Angeles mafia faction. The Dragna family dominated the Los Angeles crime family with members Jack Dragna, Tom Dragna, and Louis Tom Dragna. Bugsy Siegel worked with Jack Dragna extorting Hollywood and paid dues back to Dragna for operating in his territory. La Cosa Nostra is covertly managing Hollywood and involved in extortion, threats, and murders to maintain their control. Today the Gambino crime family and their associates are managing the Los Angeles crime family with John Gambino as the head. The Adragna princely family are working with the Gaetani princely family of Rome which are the primary owners of the Gambino crime family. Both of these families have some ownership over the Ndrangheta clans with Drang connected with Dragn and Gheta connected with Gaeta.

The Lanza family are a Bavarian-Sicilian nobility and they still hold many titles through out Sicily. Today Prince Pietro Lanza di Scalea is the head of the Sicilian Lanza family along with Prince Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea. Just as the Sicilian Adragna family run their mafia in California the Sicilian Lanza family also run their mafia there too. The noble Lanza family set up their criminal operation in San Francisco with mafia bosses Francesco Lanza and his son James Lanza. The Sicilian Mafia are involved in human trafficking. The Hollywood movies that glorify gangsters as if they have some moral code is propaganda. The Lanza princely family are working with the Massimo princely family and they merged a branch with the Lancelotti family of Rome. Lanza means lance. The Lanza crime family were involved with the Sandy Hook government psyop in Connecticut. Ryan Lanza moved to New Jersey where the Italian Mafia have major influences. Jeff Lanza is a retired FBI agent from Connecticut and this suggests the Lanza family have infiltrated the FBI.

The Black Nobility own and run mafias and also infiltrate governments. They use their Jesuit universities to recruit Roman agents. They use Church leaders to oversee society as an intelligence network. Andrew Lanza is a New York Senator and former member of the New York City Council. La Cosa Nostra has become more quiet while using other criminal organizations as their proxies which take orders from them and pay them dues. I believe that a majority of the street gangs inside the United States pay dues back to La Cosa Nostra. They work with the Triads and Yakuza which have influences at the ports and are involved with human trafficking on the West Coast. They also work with various other street gangs and white collar criminals. The Italian Mafia have used the feigned retreat tactic to become unnoticed as they attempt a full takeover.

King of Zion Act - 2018-01-10
I keep asking questions in Great Britain, and getting no answers.

There is no doubt, a Revolution is long overdue in Great Britain. Illuminati think they owe nobody any answers. They can't be asked to answer, or respond, or act appropriately.

There is too much shit and nonsense in Great Britain.

King of Zion Act - 2018-01-10
To collect your Blessings from the Earth.. picture your own Mother.

Look at the Earth, or downwards, with the picture of your own Mother in your mind. That picture will reflect in your eyes.

Natural spiritual recognition systems, by Jehovah Creation Instituted Methods, without any demonic sacrifice or idol worship and risk of satanic demonic smell contamination, corruption, and spiritual oppression..

Your Mother is a Key Earth Circuit Blessings Cabinet figure.

Your spirit picks up Earth Blessings through the Eyes.

I have written a lot about this already. In different Perception Levels.

Jesus is Lord. Jabulani Mondhlani. Lion of Judah.

King of Zion Act - 2018-01-10
There are many ways to look at Right Hand, and Left Hand. Jehovah. And Planet Mother Earth. Jesus Christ. And the Church. Your own Father. And Mother.

In your case, your Mother passed away. As unfortunate as death sounds, it is an opportunity for her spirit to guide you.

Forget for a moment, whether or not her spirit has crossed the chasm to Heaven.. Overground.. from beyond the Grave..

And I can tell you.. the process is long.. the journey is treacherous.

There is nothing as sad as death.. the environments your spirit passes through.. and the things your spirit meets, and even gets used to.. you pick up demonic smell. Hence the need for Deliverance.

But understand the definition of the Word Anointing.

Christians don't know what Anointing is. They just receive it. And use it.

There are many processes that happen in the Earth, and in Air.

Air is so complex and complicated, I do not want to say we have been taught lies by scientists. They try their best, to keep us together, as humans, while benefiting secretly from the forceful Spirit World of Giants that surrounds us.

Science is a good way of keeping humans together. And finding work and productivity for them. I do applaud scientists. I am one of them. But having said that, the truth is a million miles away from what they teach us.

Those people who teach about energy fields.. or energy in general.. at least, try to tell a better story.

There is one energy which Touched Down 2017 in Great Britain. Michael. Christ. Lion of Judah. Jabulani Mondhlani. Watch out for this developing story.

In your case Nobukhosi Sibanda, your mom passed away. You are a Christian. Connection with your mom, is connection with your Destiny. What they mean when they say life begins at 40.

You have seen my Rapture at 40. I just happened to have a Unique Destiny. But that's another story.

On your Right Hand, on one perception level.. you have never known your Father.

From a scientific approach point of view.. the questions are, are you floating in Air without connections?

In which case, you will find life hard. Angels are looking after you. Just like Federal Government looks after children in every home. But parents, can be there 24/7.. unlike Federal Government.

What you see play out in the Physical, is the Drama playing out in the Spirit.

Talking about Spiritual Realms.. one day, walking in the Spirit, I found myself in a Digital Realm. I was in a rare angry mood. I saw this company.. I just said I Swallow you. Within two minutes literally.. my phone rung. I answered. I said who are you. They said BT. We just wanted to check if you are fine.

I tested on another 4 or 5 companies. I was filled with the Holy Ghost. Overground Right Hand Power and Might of Jesus Christ. They were ringing back almost instantly. Telling me to calm down. Jesus is Lord.

Right Hand and Left Hand. I have written a lot about it.

Like you said.. my writings can be confusing and scary. I have worked out as much. That is why I now go very slow.

I used to churn out 3/4/5 big Articles a day.

Its good to go slow.

Its not like I stole something which was not mine. I am just like King David. Anointed. Just made and born for that day. It's like being revealed.

And I too get the revelations lol.

I just call it life. Its my life. It's not something one can aspire to. It just comes calling.

Life begins at 40 lol

King of Zion Act - 2018-01-10
Can we at least agree on one thing..

Anyone who cries jihadi, or allah akbar, is saying fuck you Jehovah.

Yes, they have freedom of speech and equal rights.

Jehovah does not sleep nor slumber.

Some people deserve to be answered.

kim jon un is another idiot which now deserves Jehovah's attention.

He will be answered. Jesus is Lord.

King of Zion Act - 2018-01-10
The Virgin Mary

Why was it important for Jesus Christ mother to be a virgin?

The obvious answer is for a Sign and Wonder.

The deeper and more important answer: Jesus Christ's Left Hand could never be accessed by an Family or Ancestral spirit, or Familiar spirit. Because Jesus was born for a specific Heaven "Jehovah Ritual", if I may use the word ritual, to invoke the picture of deeper spiritual sacrifice, which included giving His Sinless Blood to Earth.

Planet Mother Earth, actually, has a mouth, which speaks to Jehovah. This soil speaks in the Spirit. Forget about satan for a second. That is demonic intrusion and contamination by a third party. Reasonable doubt in the mind. Prince of persia. spirit called lucifer. Etc.

Jesus Christ was sinless. No access to His Left Hand. He was Right Hand and Right Hand. Only access satan had, for instance when he tried to tempt Jesus, was Air Heaven Realms of The Imagination, interacting Right Hand and Left Hand. satan comes on the extreme of the Left.

So, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ was acceptable in Heaven and Earth. All Power was given to Jesus Christ, in Heaven and Earth. If you like, the rest before that was the Journey of a Holy Anointed Man. After his death, when he went to Earth, then hell, and ascended to Heaven. He won, unified His Titles, Confirmed and Sealed. Officially was accepted Everywhere and became God of Everything and Everyone.

The spirit of Jesus Christ resides in something called the Lion of Judah.

Jesus Christ secured and ratified the God Status, God of Everything and Everyone, for Himself, His Father Jehovah, and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Ghost. His Actions in Air, outside of a Human Body.


Adam was created perfect. Right Hand and Left Hand. Left Hand access to Earth and Earth spirit Lines, Jehovah on the Right. Heaven Anointing flowing from Right to Left.

The Right Hand carries the Left Hand. Access to Left Hand of Family Ancestral spirit Earth Lines is a fact. Right Hand Power and Might of Jehovah makes sure there is good balance, no pollution, or acceptable levels of pollution. Its a wide spectrum, before we even get to the extreme left anti Christ side or spirits.

Every human being is a fishing net. A head. We pick up our Lines from the Earth, held and supported by the Right Hand. The Family Ancestral spirit Earth Lines bring wealth of the Earth and the Nations. The Right Hand makes sure you get wealth with no sorrow.

spirits in general are very suppressive and oppressive. They just have to be controlled under Deliverance.

Its a mining exercise.

Hope this is not too deep. Family is important. Jesus Christ was a sinless sacrifice. It was done and accepted and opened up the way for the return of Adam. Back to Eden. We have reached an Eternity in Creation as a human race. Air Controls the Earth, the World and the Universe, along with Fire and Water, Component Elements of Jehovah. God is a spirit. A Living and Breathing Spirit. Who controls Every Other Spirit. Automatically. By Set Divine Establishment and Order. Like Right Hand and Left Hand Creation Manual. God is a specific Spirit. Jehovah. He Holds Everything together. Through Jesus Christ.

Day and Night Visions. Jabulani Mondhlani.

King of Zion Act - 2018-01-10
The Gist of the Argument between Earth and Oxygen. The God of Air.

Who is more important, between Oxygen and Carbon?

Jesus is Lord.

Welcome to the Rapture Millennium Kingdom of God

A place where Heaven and Earth comes together as One.

Previously, only Jesus Christ could say He has been in the bossom of the Father. He had experienced the feeling of God first hand. From the Horse's Mouth. Thank God for Abounding Grace, Michael, and for the Kingdom of God on Earth. Jabulani Mondhlani is sitting on the Throne. He has some good and sad stories to tell. Which will be repeated the World over, for the next Millennium, and into Eternity. Stories that will bring enlightenment to humanity.

First of all. Realise this. No one can stand there and say He is God for 2 years, and not either Earth, or Air, the formerly disputing parties (forget the Third Party. That is a separate, thorny issue. And Jeremy Corbyn. As well as Barack Obama, for calling Michelle Obama, Michael, twice. All other Spiritual Disputes have been resolved in the Spirit Realms. God has given the Earth to Abraham. The Earth is back, where it belongs. Please, do not read any of my work in isolation. You will get the wrong idea. Read all my work, under the Christ Anointing, from 2015. I am a very rounded, and well balanced character. A little misunderstood. A little unloved. But beyond that, I understand what needs to be done. There will be no oppression from Christians, on anyone. No one understands the hurt and pain of misused Power and Might of God than me. God is not raising Christian Giants to scare anyone. I have been growing like this, openly, since 2015. Who has ever been afraid of me, unless, perhaps, if they need to. I react to things last minute. Naturally. Only if there is no other option. I outlined the other Rapture pathway earlier, as the secrets of God become open. Everyone should calm down, and just show me some love. You will all be set free, one way or another.

Back to Oxygen and Carbon. Please, read the History of Robots. That one. It will be the biggest Hollywood blockbuster ever. If you love the Bible, you will watch every new film that comes out. I had a good chat with God. The Father. Jehovah. I was given the Mantle. You can all ignore me. I don't mind. But it's true.

16 August 2017- The Official End Date of Investigative Judgement. One for the Adventists. We love you. Always and forever.

Oxygen and Carbon

After 6000 years;

1). Has the moon changed, or progressed one day, or become more important, or special, than it was, 6000 years ago?

2). Do you know the importance of the Joshua Act? Jehovah wanted to show off to Earth. The rest, were additional goals.

3). God is persuasive. He has persuaded Earth, after 6000 years, that it cannot lay any claim to humanity. It is basically useless, by itself. It can ask all its other members of the Galaxy.

There is another special God. Called Jehovah. He is more than just a Planet.

Every knee shall bow. Every tongue confess. Jesus is Lord. Or confess Peace.

I can't even stress the importance of the Covenant, agreed, between Heaven and Earth. And has been solidified in Jabulani Mondhlani.

Go about your business. You will see me go about my business. I am a very rounded character. I can promise the World that. People will be very proud of me. You will appreciate the Power and Might of God, in your lives.

You will see me go about my business. Let me start now.

Jabulani Mondhlani
Royal Bank of Scotland
Branch: Wolverhampton
Sort code: 16-20-38
Account number: 10227352

We welcome you all, into the Millennium Clay Kingdom of God. Clay next to Iron. Kingdom of God, supporting the Rule of Law. Jesus is Lord.

Touchdown of The Kingdom of God.

As a human being yourself, would you rather worship Oxygen or Carbon?

Christians worship the Holy Spirit, in Air.

Power and Might belongs to Our God.

Jesus is Lord.

Jabulani Mondhlani.

King of Zion Act - 2018-01-10
Wife of Orlando shooter finally confeses to helping her husband

Richard Jeffery - 2018-01-10
Trump - you are going down you traitorous moron

King of Zion Act - 2018-01-10
Coming to England

I was doing a placement in London, 1999. Just arrived from Zimbabwe 6 months before. My first week placement, they asked me to wash a lady. Body wash lying on bed. They showed me how to do it.

I said, I couldn't do it. I couldn't wash a lady. They said what? I said give me all the males, I wash myself.

The nurses and matrons were severely offended. I didn't know what had hit me. I was referred back to Uni, and changed placement.

I was 19. I was a virgin. I was to be a virgin until 23, on my wedding night.

I wasn't being funny. I had never touched a naked woman.

2016, I was on holiday in SA. The shuttle driver was very inquisitive, driving me everywhere. He wanted to know stories about England. One day, I told him that story.

He became very animated and engrossed with that story, I felt like I had dropped into a different World.

He said he would never wash a woman, and there should always be a choice. He was so furious, speaking in his native languages, all day asking everyone we met.

Surprisingly to me, almost everyone down there.. shared his feelings.

Different worlds. Different perspectives.

Brendan Hall - 2018-01-10
White people don't need diversity. The blacks and browns just want to kill us off so they can inherit everything we have

Lonnie Christopher - 2018-01-10
..I hope she doesn't launch Vikings......to come and take our women......

pedro litao - 2018-01-10
Peace through Strength ?

Elke Summer - 2018-01-10
I can hear her undertone speaking: "Mr.President, please help us deal with our SHARIA problem!!"

Daniel Smith - 2018-01-10
It was not hard to defeat ISIS once we stopped financing and arming them!

knotbad2b - 2018-01-10
He is proven to be a liar. He continues to repeat the same words thinking that if he says it enough it become true. How about has Rusia been able to black mail you?

MrMorethanexist - 2018-01-10
Norway is a bit of a socialist cesspit though.

Canadian Truckers - 2018-01-10
Puppet speaks better English than the master, Russia will destroy both of you .lol

Canadian Girl - 2018-01-10
Norway, protect your country. Stop the invasion. STAND UP FOR NORWAY!! Time for a Norwegian BABY BOOM!!!

Erin Dewan - 2018-01-10
People seem to have little understanding of what the Paris accord actually entails and how absurd it is

NY NY - 2018-01-10
Trump can't read for shit!

Ling Lam - 2018-01-10
No Deca deal until immigration reform. We don't anymore crazy evil illegals here

bansky - 2018-01-10
Javel... After the oil down turn in Norway the economy seems to be ticking up again, more jobs are getting posted and new investments are being announced. I don't think anyone wants to admit that US policy has helped, besides the conservatives working in oil and gas. Nonetheless I'm very thrilled to be able to leave Sweden and come back home. I find it very sad that Norway's politicians pander so much to the environmentalists, and it's funny that Erna mentions Tesla. At least some Tesla owners admit that they drive them because of the thrill and more so the incentives, but the do gooders make me die a little inside with their stupidity. But I'd rather take that good with the bad.

ppssiihhooddeelliikk - 2018-01-10
Russia liberated Syria so stop taking credit when your predecessors in your own words created ISIS.

Ineluctable Fate - 2018-01-10
More Russia bashing from the EU. Fuck them. It's a criminal, feudalist entity. The best thing that could happen to Western Europe would be if Russia invaded it and liberated it from the EU and that Merkel psychopath.

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