Magic Will Fix It - 2018-01-11
Love that Randle is putting up numbers! Lakers might be able to package Deng with him now. Maybe a bad team will take Deng contract on to get Randle. Then trade JC to Bulls for Mirotic, team has option on Mirotic. We get those three contracts off the books, we will have room for 2 max contracts and a near max contract. We would have about 90 mil, sign Lebron for 35 mil, sign PG13 for 30 mil, and DeAndre Jordan will run to opt out so he can sign with Lakers at about 25 mil.
Starters: Zo, Ingram, PG, DJ, Lebron
Bench: Kuzma, Nance, Hart, Zubac, Bryant, round it out with Vets

meat gang - 2018-01-11
Fox my fav rookie tbh

Victor Janssens - 2018-01-10
Representation suggestion conclusion funeral positive by budget German extraordinary astronomer look pant.

hi - 2018-01-10
please trade De'aaron fox and Skal. They are so garbage i swear.

LITTLE JAY - 2018-01-10
Lonzo ball is the best on that team to me

Fernando Saenz - 2018-01-10
As soon as he comes back they start winning..

EL CHAPO _1 - 2018-01-10
Luke doesn't Kno how to coach lonzo the G.O.A.T. ball, can't wait till lavar takes over

Pokemon World - 2018-01-10
LOL 4:13

Lebron's Hairline Is Fire - 2018-01-10

NinjaMatul - 2018-01-10
Wow @ that off-the-backboard alley by Lonzo

Edmund Asante - 2018-01-10
why the hell u pull zo out..and kings closed in on the gap fast ...luke better have a better rotation...LET ZO PLAY

Rudy Steiner - 2018-01-10
People who think Lonzo doesn't make a difference are so ignorant that it's starting to get funny.

Espartan sniper - 2018-01-10
Whoever said that the Lakers do not need Lonzo to get a win. Please just keep watching and see how they gonna win this game. LONZO IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT PLAYERS! UNDERSTAND THAT ALREADY SO SIMPLE AND YOU CAN SEE IT HERE.

Austin Gonzalez - 2018-01-10
LA needs to trade them all they all trash.!💯💯💯💯

R.A Fitness - 2018-01-10
Luke Walton is a trash coach. Pls get him outta there. He needs to understand that they won’t win without there stars out there. U don’t always have to have 2 different squads he needs to mix. Put Lonzo out there more with Larry nance and kuzma. And Brandon Ingram needs more mins.

Martinelli Minimo - 2018-01-10
Lonzo’a intangibles are a game changer.

Jessica Anderson - 2018-01-10
Glad fox did something with his nasty ass hair

molarois morais - 2018-01-10
Luke walton is a Laker killer!!! What kind of rotation was that?
19 points lead just got wiped clean because of Luke's inability to read plays.
Lakers needs a real Coach.
This like Walton guy is a GQ coach !!!! SMH

I Can't State an opinion on the Internet - 2018-01-10
Lonzo is a great player but to be even better he needs to get stronger,he gets pushed around a lot

LakersWillRise - 2018-01-10
Luke Walton does not know how to rotate players and that's his issue. In the 1st period, when the starters got a 19 point lead, he substituted out that lineup with Zo just 6 minutes into the game. Sac came back. In the 3rd quarter when the lead came back, he substituted out everyone again for Sac to catch back up. Another problem I have is Ingram and Randle need to learn how to give the ball to Zo coming up the floor. He will make the right decision. Ingram and Randle are out of control a lot. Ingram and Randle had 6 turnovers each. Zo had 1 turnover. Give the ball up! Ingram will take the ball to the basket with 3 defenders there. I also notice since Zo came back with his shoulder injury, he doesn't look good with his shooting. In the month of December, before his injury, he was shooting 47%. Hopefully, he regains his shot again. But overall he had a good game with 11 rebounds, 11 assist, 5 points, and 5 steals. Even when Zo is not shooting well, he knows how to impact the game in other ways.

David Lee - 2018-01-10

BEAST MODE - 2018-01-10
I'm not even out of the first quarter and holy fuck the moment lonzo is on the bench the king's came back like wtf is the coach doing

u get a gain & u get a gain - 2018-01-10
cant fuckin wait for the lakers to get rid of rand "L"

Vighnesh Ramesh - 2018-01-10
Luke Walton legit saw his team have one of the greatest runs in a while and decides to take out the best players

The Cat in your Alley - 2018-01-10
Hello my name is Kit

Kingslayer - 2018-01-10

Bakkar Nourddin - 2018-01-10
that lead disappeared real quick once Zo was out kkkkk😂😂😂

Rico Shaye - 2018-01-10
Wow that was fast man! I hope the Lakers plays well in the 2nd half. Thank you!

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