Lance Stewart - 2018-01-08
Be Yourself.

Ezekiel Mcintosh - 2018-03-13
Lance you tuned my life around

George Nunez - 2018-03-03
Stop leave lance Stewart along because he said good buy

Danny Kelley - 2018-02-17

NADIAH CODY - 2018-02-16
i love your vieos

SuperSamDestiny - 2018-02-09
Get Sabrina to put an actual mermaid tail. With the hair

What's the bother - 2018-02-08
Nice photo shoot where you poop

Dylan Belak - 2018-02-07
Sabrina is annoying asf

Kitsune Princess - 2018-02-07

Elsa Borsellino - 2018-02-05
Anthony with the hot sauce was the best.

Leah Dunne - 2018-02-05
I heard "Distant" instead of "This Thin" too Lance loll

Laura Tafolla - 2018-02-04
you should of had milk

Dead Haha - 2018-01-28
Lance eats a spec salt 😰 😂

Akuyaku No Runa - 2018-01-28
N.O.T.I.F.I.C.A.T.I.O.N O.N!! ❤️❤️❤️

Ahsoka Tano - 2018-01-27
Beginning laugh so hard I died 😂😂

Cristy MSP - 2018-01-25
Lizzy:Awe lance are you ok
Lance:no my mouth is burning

Brooklyn reese - 2018-01-23
You should do a prank on you're mom and dad that Lizzy broke up with you 😂

Jake Sonntag - 2018-01-22
Bro can you please tell me where you got that hoodie with the black, white, and gray? I just subbed!

Matthew Leonard - 2018-01-21
Lance you savage bro

Matthew Leonard - 2018-01-21

Matthew Leonard - 2018-01-21
Where's the Savage

Who Knows What - 2018-01-21
That game was FIRE bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

joanna margenau - 2018-01-20
Wth is going on with lizzy hair she looks like a crack head

Puppet master Morales - 2018-01-20
Sup Lance

Imswavy - 2018-01-20
Is it me or Sabrina always tryna be in the mix when she’s unwanted lol

Diego Bahena - 2018-01-19
I subscribed

Jayden Oregel - 2018-01-19
Don't worry Lance I heard distant too from sabrina

Simmer Gaming0421 - 2018-01-18
Lol I think it’s funny that a little bit of snow is irritating to you but I live in Canada 🇨🇦 Alberta to be exact we had over 3 inches of snow last week I’m not hating I love ur videos watch everyday just saying visit Canada in december you’ll have a new respect for your amount of snow pce

King Wolf - 2018-01-18
Best Vlogs📷

Camryn Nikea - 2018-01-17
That's kinda not fair with the shoutout thing because most people get the notifications late

Annielovesu1000 - 2018-01-17
Anthony's eyes damn boi ♥

Lil Roblox - 2018-01-17
No balls say you’ll eat 2 Carolina reapers for the vlog

Lil Roblox - 2018-01-17
Lance is a pussy for CRYING taking level 5 but ant took fucking level 12 and didn’t even sweat or cry, lizzy took a level 3 and freaked out like wtf

Zeefer Er - 2018-01-16
The ugly one was the only one who wasn't a pussy.

Andrew Parkes - 2018-01-16
milk does not work drink ice T

Yoda73woods - 2018-01-16
Lance and gang you all should do the PAQUI 1 chip challenge

Bethany Brown Mickey - 2018-01-15
The vlogs get better and better

andr- man gaming - 2018-01-15
awesome video

Lyssa Belle - 2018-01-15
Jesus Christ Lance and Lizzy are a bunch of bitches

TheTrampstamper - 2018-01-15
Sugar helps best

Desire Remiix - 2018-01-15
Oh No 🙈 🤦‍♂️

Mikey Esquivel - 2018-01-13
Is it me or does Sabrina look cause I think I'll smash her

Caroline - 2018-01-13
Lance don’t let those birds get close to the small dogs they can pick them up so easily

Lila Montalvo - 2018-01-13
That ending tho 😂😂❤️

Jacqueline Salgado - 2018-01-13
Can someone please tell me where Anthony got his nasa jacket😭😭

Theoddwolf - 2018-01-13

Theoddwolf - 2018-01-13

Theoddwolf - 2018-01-13
I ate a hot chip sorta. And my tounge was sore for a few minutes.

Fsx Games - 2018-01-12
I have your post notifications turned on. Love your videos. Keep up the good work.

Storay Ludin - 2018-01-12
Hey lance are you good like i haven't seen u post a video yet if you did its not on your channel just wondering if your ok and stuff i really love to watch your videos they're so good i love your videos

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