Sumit Arora - 2018-02-25
This is exactly why Last week tonight rocks. John practically acts as a fiduciary

shugbot - 2018-02-25
I went and read the rope wiki-pedia page.

Char Lotte - 2018-02-25
Now I want to read the Wikipedia article about rope.

Margeelol - 2018-02-24
"Add Ups" I heard Johnny, we all heard it

Christopher Proudlock - 2018-02-23
Can i still redeem that elf-spotting certificate?

Peter Parker - 2018-02-23
Math does make me sad.

Carlos Andres Martinez H - 2018-02-23
10:05 -- Hey John, ever heard of FUCKING CATNIP??? that's basically cat coke, google it!!!

EnigmaDrath - 2018-02-22
I demand that in the (hopefully very) distant future, when the last Last Week Tonight episode airs, he brings on Janice from accounting. She's the backbone of this show! XD

Milton Waddams - 2018-02-22
Financial advisors are people who like banking but aren't smart enough nor work hard enough to be in the trading or deal making parts of it. Just like notaries who are just lawyers who haven't passed the bar.

storminmormin14 - 2018-02-21
Just looked up “The John Oliver Effect” and dang. It actually is very much a thing and we’re all here to be part of it. Just don’t let it go to your head... John.

Roy DaDanceGod - 2018-02-21
Simple solution: invest in S&P 500 - put money into it every 6 months, and never sell the stock

Lone Knight - 2018-02-21
fuck it... let's go back to that Elf Tracking Lady!
that shit was crazy, we should talk about that a bit more, John!

James Mcmurray - 2018-02-21
"As long as you do everything right you'll probably be ok." Why is that the answer to everything in this country.

Bret Reinbold - 2018-02-20
Never stop saving for your retirement so you can retire w/o freaking out and enjoy your 50's - 90's.   Sadly my 401K was wiped out, however, I planned ahead and socked away 10% of my monthy income, just in case!

Sean MacElwee - 2018-02-20
Don't bother me. I'm reading about rope.

ZomeaterWWZ - 2018-02-19
Trump let them go afterwards

zack1stplayer - 2018-02-19
No, don't kill baby Hitler, he's the one that saved most of the world's economy from the Great Depression. Instead, kill baby Jesus, that way the Medieval Ages wouldn't have happened/lasted so long (thanks Christianity), and thus we'd have those couple of centuries for Science and Philosophy.

Lolo Rena - 2018-02-19
Glad I didn’t choose to be a financial advisor, it’s a growing job but their scam artists

Element K2 - 2018-02-19
Best line is in 11:14

NotYowBusiness - 2018-02-17
Journalism at its best

AshErika Michaela - 2018-02-17
#StockCat 😁😂

Adam Field - 2018-02-13
One of his best - I link this to people all the time.

I miss the days when Last Week Tonight wasn't just the "what unbelievable things did Trump or members of his cabinet say or do this week" show... :(

Impressive Investor - 2018-02-13
I have an online business I started at 19, hopefully at 30 I'll retire, check it out and hopefully purchase something. Www.amway.com/FitBodies

Pika Plays - 2018-02-12
u r likky likky duck

Andra ACURRATOR - 2018-02-11
Best Trump Book ever written - a blank book about thinks Trumps said and that make sense (amazing gift btw):


Largesse1000 - 2018-02-08
Wanker in action!

Elias Paul Wrenn - 2018-02-06
Do you think that Elf Spotting Certificate would do my resume any good??? LOL. "But wait! I'm also an Elf-spotter!"

bedfil - 2018-02-04
This will probably be overwritten by Trump.

Chirantan Aditya - 2018-02-01
How do you apply for tea-cup pig photos researcher?

Al Ein Stein - 2018-01-29
If you invest 100 dollars a month from 25-65 years of age in a s and p 500 index fund, you will have 1.4 million dollars. We all can be millionaires if we stop buying crap.

j.denino57 - 2018-01-27
He talks too much, get to the damn point.

ht3oldnavy - 2018-01-26
fidelity screwed me with the infamous
" spousal consent" which would not let me roll over my 401 to an IRA

Green Keldeo - 2018-01-26

Ms Dang - 2018-01-23
rejoinder to this by John Hancock - http://madisonpension.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/JH-ltr-re-john-oliver.pdf

Radiant AI - 2018-01-23
this makes me want to watch the suze orman show

CelticKestrel - 2018-01-22
4:19 wtf why is the I.R.A on there. and before u go there yes I am Irish and yes I am aware of what the new IRA have done but I still like the old 1s that freed Ireland.

Mike Tayon - 2018-01-20
Ok, I'm stuck on stupid, but are those laugh tracks, or does he have a live audience?!?!?!?

Dave N - 2018-01-15
As a financial services professional, I can say that this is 100% true. Aggressive sales are heavily incentivized. Very few people do research on their investments. Most just take their brokers word. Don't hesitate to ask your broker how much they will make in commissions if you invested in a certain product. They are supposed to act as a fiduciary but the word doesn't mean much to the unethical assholes out there selling investment instruments. The insurance industry is a magnet for shady sales people because there is a lot of money to be made. Brokers prey on busy people or old folks who are likely to take their word and no do any research. Manage your own 401K. Review it every 3 months. Invest in index funds.

Taylor - 2018-01-13
18:15 18:15 18:15 18:15

Taylor - 2018-01-13

RikuKelev - 2018-01-11
The free certificates are not available anymore. Sad!

hellhound47bravo3 - 2018-01-09
Pity...the fiduciary rule got canned.

doumtabarnak - 2018-01-04
Seems to me like american society is just a big jungle of nonsense where everyone is trying to fuck each other over.

Jason Barrett-Fox - 2017-12-31
I just spent five hours googling tea cup pigs in pajamas after watching this.

bailey dane - 2017-12-30
but john ten years ago i was 9

JonnesTT - 2017-12-30
At least your retirement plans actually spit out profits...
In Germany most people will end up with nothing more than the obligatory retirement.
It's called Germany we have 95% of all law texts for a fucking reason, to fuck up our working middle class! XD

Fraught Quill - 2017-12-27
I'm sorry but that rope joke was really funny.

GmanRockFTW - 2017-12-22
That guy sounds like Chris from Family guy.

jdr617 - 2017-12-16
Johnny o's shout out. Is John a loyal little?

Matt Nicassio - 2017-12-13
Use Vanguard, they are amazing. VERY low fees.
In general, take your age, that should be the % you put in Bonds, put the rest in stocks. Use the entire bond market index and split your stock between the SNP-500 index and the total stock market index. Adjust every year to match your age for % in bonds. This is a golden rule. You can use this and do better than 90% of the people out there because your fees will be so low and their getting killed by theirs in a standard employer plan that's 1.5-2%

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