12 AMAZING Facts About NORWAY & Norwegian Girls | MACERLY

12 AMAZING Facts About NORWAY & Norwegian Girls | MACERLY
Here are 12 incredibly funny and AMAZING facts about Norway, (home to KYGO, SKAM & MARCUS & MARTINUS!!) Norwegian Girls and simply Norwegians in general. I decided to take you guys along with me in this comedy/vlog/talking video and share my absolute FAVORITE facts about the country I was born and raised (side note: and still live in.. haha)


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12 AMAZING Facts About NORWAY & Norwegian Girls  | MACERLY



Miranda Anderson - 2018-01-17
You forgot to talk about the the festivals and the dresses that people wear in the festivals

Tequila Jim - 2018-01-19
kewl enlightening stuff! I live in Vancouver Canada...we do pretty much the same here...lots of snow, mountains n natural space to enjoy...Thanks Eh! ;)

kyle morris - 2018-01-19

ben lang - 2018-01-19
I'm from Northern Germany and was in Norway 3 times. This summer after I finished school a friend and I cycled from Lillehammer over Åndalsnes to Trondheim. The best part about the Norwegians is how friendly they are. Outside of the city we left our bikes with all our stuff on unlocked in front of the supermarkets and they were safe. You can basically camp wherever you want as long as you're not doing dump stuff.... I guess that all sounds very normal to you but its not. The freedom we experienced was great. Even though going by train with a bike is unnecessary complicated and expensive... I don't know why I'm commenting but your video was so nice, so :)

Wireman134 - 2018-01-18
se gringo puta

Capitano Americo - 2018-01-18
I know Angelina Jordan!

Hans Leonhard - 2018-01-18
Im from Denmark fellow Scandinavian thanks for asking

Obsidian s - 2018-01-18
You sound like an American, more specifically a Californian, no insult intended. Your English has virtually no Nordic accent. ???

Wade Rivers - 2018-01-18
LOL, the only reason Norway is not in abject poverty is because of oil from the North Sea. So ... they take the money from oil and use it to fund a fossil-free lifestyle. Sounds fine to me.

Smart Halayla - 2018-01-18
Norwegian? She acts like an American...

Anonymous H - 2018-01-18
USA unfortunately...born and raised. I disagree with our government these days on almost every aspect. I loved this video. Subcribed cause I feel like I could learn something by watching. Best wishes!

MaximusPayne - 2018-01-18
I'm from Uruguay, so pretty much on the other side of the FLAT Earth :P
I want to go to Norway someday.

Assan Iqbal - 2018-01-18
North Kashmir

Genial Harry Grout - 2018-01-18
Macerly have you driven or taken a journey along the full length of the Atlanterhavsveien?

Benny Stanley - 2018-01-18
My wife is Norwegian and she is blonde and beautiful ❤️

Bryan Marusich - 2018-01-18

Amalgam X - 2018-01-18
How tall are you? Also is you average tall or small than most Norwegian girls. I know Scandinavians are tall (I like tall girls) I'm just trying to draw an average from actual people not census data.

Grizzlyjds - 2018-01-18
huh? Is more worldwide than you may realize sweety.

Craig Shealy - 2018-01-18
Wow she is adorable.

Jaiwilzon Roaquin - 2018-01-18
Much love from California!

Henriette the fangirl - 2018-01-18
I'm from Kristiansand, and I love your video :D

Jim Platter - 2018-01-18
I've got Norwegian blood in me. I live in Rio Linda CA. Part of Sacramento. The capital city of California.

Sabina Candleforce - 2018-01-18

Michael Han - 2018-01-18
I love ur blond hair. Apparently.

William Perkins - 2018-01-18
Unfortunately I bet that the Norwegian people will allow the Muslims to destroy their country and culture, I'm Norwegian and I pray I'm wrong.

Thomas Thobaben - 2018-01-18
Those sweaters are really warm and great and I bought one, sort of expensive but definitly worth it.

SK. MD. SALMON - 2018-01-18
Hi you are look like a babydoll

Badar Almshali - 2018-01-18
Iam from Saudi Arabia, we share HUUH HUUUH with Norwegian people hahaha

Ricardo Jorge - 2018-01-18
Jesus!!! You´re awesome!!!!! Come to portugal!!!

Erich Kempka - 2018-01-18
7:10 Potato vacation which results in fahvacation in Wyoming we have fornication which results in gonorrhea😂

Erich Kempka - 2018-01-18
You have an electric car that you can't fix, I have a 78 Jeep CJ5 that I can fix, You have a cabin in the mountains, I have an outhouse in the desert.😂

AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER - 2018-01-18
Do most Norwegians sound like you ? I'm American , and you sound like an American from the Midwest . That's a large region of the United States north of where I live in the Southern United States . It's uncanny how much alike y'all sound to some of us

Drmgiver Drmgiver - 2018-01-18
Norwegian is the most difficult to learn, due to their being two different forms of it! (And I dare you to write both of them)

Mike D. - 2018-01-18
I want to meet a Norway babe!

Pinny Smith - 2018-01-18
She's a slut.

it'sallhappening - 2018-01-18
Excellent video, just subbed ... I'm Norwegian American & Swede haven't gone to Norway yet yet but I will soon. Hoping to learn more of what I need to know. Tuesen Takk

Martial Artist - 2018-01-17
I'd say Norway and Brazil have the most beautiful women.

aaron petterson - 2018-01-17
great vid. makes me want to move there ;@

Robert Szyler Cerna - 2018-01-17
I'm Spanish and i´m going to Oslo next week. Thaks for you video, it has been very interesting

Carlos Puebla - 2018-01-17
Aye! You! Cute blonde! I think im in love with your eyes 🌹

David Smith - 2018-01-17
Yes Norwegian women are the best and most beautiful !! I'm in California USA

hellzenvy - 2018-01-17
My GrandFather was 100% Norwegian, I live in the Usa in Minnesota where most of the Norwegians migrated too.

Xerxes - 2018-01-17
Norwegian girls are very hostile to foreigners

Phillip Low - 2018-01-17
The "Troll Hunter" is one of my favorite movies. I'm from Fairbanks, Alaska and I too love cross-country skiing and hiking in the summer. I am a grandfather and have twin eight year old grand kids who ski and hike with me. The hiking country you show here looks a lot like the tundra we love hiking in, and we always carry bright spot lights just in case we encounter trolls. ((wink)). Love your video, keep it up!

Chris Reuter - 2018-01-17
“Hussmannskost”(?) at 5:15 sounds like Hausmannskost in German which describes the traditional food you usually cook at home to feed your whole family.

Alan Holland - 2018-01-17
All Good and thanks for the 12 amazing. Can you share your expressions on the migrant influence on your beautiful culture?

scott larson - 2018-01-17
mange tusen takk, love the video

sparkimoto - 2018-01-17
Are you a Pleiadian?

Tim wilson - 2018-01-17
I love norway finest women ever,bamaland

Kenny Boy - 2018-01-17
I find Scandinavians to have very big skulls and faces

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