Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd - F*#%-ing Hilarious!

Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd - F*#%-ing Hilarious!
By Iphone Conservative - https://www.facebook.com/IPConservative ....The Enterprise has a very strange encounter in the far left reaches of outer space. Star Trek will never be the same after Ashley Judd's Nasty Women's March Speech is transmitted into the Galaxy. Trump said in his Inaugural speech "When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice" and “Whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots.” And he made history as the first Republican Nominee to support gay rights in a Republican Convention speech saying, “Only weeks ago, in Orlando, Fla., 49 wonderful Americans were savagely murdered by an Islamic terrorist,” Trump said. “This time, the terrorist targeted the LGBTQ community. No good, and we’re going to stop it. As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. Believe me.”

(The audience at the Quicken Loans Arena applauded those words, a stark contrast to the Republican National Convention in 1992 when attendees chanted “Family Rights Forever/Gay Rights Never” during a speech delivered by anti-gay conservative leader Pat Buchanan.)

In response to the applause, Trump ad-libbed: “And I have to say, as a Republican, it is so nice to hear you cheering for what I just said. Thank you.”

However, deranged Libtards like Ashely Judd, who only want to hate will never acknowledge anything good that Trump says or does because they live in an alternate universe where Trump and Republicans can only be evil. 
Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd - F*#%-ing Hilarious!



spudwas - 2018-01-13
Alt right a+_holes

Michael Deangelo - 2018-01-07
This was terrific.....hahahah!!!

****** Kathy - 2017-12-27
Love your epilogue above !!! It’s perfect in every way !

Notears322 Here - 2017-12-25
Bitch sounds like a pediatric bimbo.

DeaconFrost2010 - 2017-12-24
terrifying to even look at or listen to... It doesn't matter whether you're a Republican or Democrat, white or nonwhite, Trump supporter or not, male or female... these kinds of 'nasty women' (Ashley Judd is unfortunately just one of many) are vicious, vindictive, vengeful, and venomous (They make even Hillary Clinton look like Princess Kate) and must be avoided on the streets, dating sites, music concerts, workplaces, and political conventions, and private homes, at all costs.

DaytonCarCare - 2017-12-22
Totally lost any respect I might have had for this woman. Just another overpaid nut case cranked out of Hollywood.

gar y . - 2017-12-21
Too bad all sjw weren't there when captain kirk fired

chander kant - 2017-12-19
POKEMON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she is jigglypuff
if u know what I mean

Brian Juntunen - 2017-12-16
She's nasty, so gross, so ugly so fugly

No Left Thumb Hohman - 2017-12-07
Guess she didn't learn anything from guesting on TNG as Ensign Lefler...

Gung Ho Vids - 2017-12-07
Ashley Judd is the Borg. Thank you Captain Kirk for saving humanity.

Jason Hutt - 2017-12-06
She is an over actor

Robert Collins - 2017-12-03
ty 4 this video it is good

Robert Collins - 2017-12-03
God does not support same sex marriage

Dan 821 - 2017-12-02
Thank you Captain Kirk!!

Diana Campanella - 2017-12-02
Was that speech suppose to be cool? How about thought provoking? Ummm, convincing? Perhaps just crude, crass, and corny. Thanks for posting. I got to see the ugly side of Ashley.

Gary Rathbone - 2017-12-01
Pig woman

Fraud Detector Scott - 2017-11-29
she will forever be known as her own quote "nasty bitch " her career is over..... forever

Fraud Detector Scott - 2017-11-29
FIRE Photons NOW!!!

Mark Doyon - 2017-11-28
Where is Stephen Paddock when you need him...?

ew1usnr - 2017-11-27
Oh, that was great when Kirk said "Fire phasers".

Russell Allen - 2017-11-27
Hilarious! The facial expressions--priceless!

Moejj ORaisin - 2017-11-26
even with the help of Kirk & Spock, I just can't listen to that psycho libTURD dumbass

Moejj ORaisin - 2017-11-26
libTURD dumbassery. if only it could be harnessed as a fuel source. it's unlimited.

William Henderson - 2017-11-26
Good job Captain Kirk. That’s how you deal with a rabid dog. You put it down.

CORKY DREAMS - 2017-11-26
No Jew was ever gassed , YouTube ADOLF HITLER VS THE TALMUD SET TIMER FOR 1:40:00 then 2:00:00 please watch the video , seek TRUTH - f#ck fiction !

Andrew Schumann - 2017-11-26
I never seen Spock look so baffled

Hari Seldon - 2017-11-25
Star Trek is an optimistic science fiction show that promotes the dream of a future when we are all united, having pout aside our differences.

chuck luper - 2017-11-25
What a stupid cunt

Dean Cornejo - 2017-11-25
Go wash your nasty ass !

Robert Hall - 2017-11-25
Beem that twatwaffle into space!

Martin Kennard - 2017-11-25
What is that footage from?

Russell Summerton - 2017-11-25
If she is such a feminist,then why does she make movies where she shows her tits and/or prance around in a skimpy bikini or her underwear? Just wondering

Victoria Johnson - 2017-11-25
Hold on Bones....its almost over

paul Drake - 2017-11-25
Lunatic leftest. That's the best representation the dems have. Illogical morons.

Keith Morrison - 2017-11-25
Her cranium is a bat cave.

paul Drake - 2017-11-25
" fire phasers", brilliant.

paul Drake - 2017-11-25
Who is that cunt?

Michael Roy - 2017-11-25
She is white shame....excuse me, nasty white shame

Scott Cromwell - 2017-11-25

KarenMarie Saracino - 2017-11-25
no matter how funny this might be, it is not worth having to listen to that horrible woman. I gave up halfway through. Thanks though.

wahoo strike - 2017-11-25
wow i used to be a fan life is what you make it chill out crazy lady freaking insane

Zeek M - 2017-11-25
Ashley Judd is no threat, she didn't even wave an assault weapon.
Unless you're calling a microphone an assault weapon.
In which case Oprah would be the ring leader.

Noble Grand - 2017-11-25
You can tell that the bitch isn't married. :.

John C nelson - 2017-11-24
Hahaha love it!

mapplemun - 2017-11-24
yep, this is who the democrat party is now...remember that America.

Olin West - 2017-11-24
what a brainwashed lefty loser

SickTut - 2017-11-24
They knew enough to show earth spin...NASA take note 😂

Nathaniel Torres - 2017-11-24
Astronauts land on another planet and find it is populated with human beings. The Captain asks a passerby, "What planet is this?" The man responds, "This is planet Democrat." The Captain speaks into his communicator, "Scotty, beam me up, there's no intelligent life down here."

Amelia Samu - 2017-11-24
I bet her mother is so proud- yikes.

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