Erin Foster - 2018-02-11
Medical professionals seem to know NOTHING about blood thinners. My best friend is on them and she had to inform her doctors that the one they were trying to put her on had been unapproved by the FDA because it was causing people to bleed out and die. They knew NOTHING and she had all sorts of information about it and several alternatives. It was terrifying.

Julie Hi - 2018-01-26
Ur right

Aru Aruu - 2018-01-24
Hey, let me just say that I split my face open right next to my left eye, on the corner of a stone step, when I was about 11. I was 11. . . I hadn't hit puberty yet. I went to the hospital, and they had to give me 11 stitches (cause you could see my skull XD). I needed a cat scan, and a urine test. We got a lil surprise when we got the bill, because that urine test, just so happened to be a pregnancey test. It was extremely expensive, insurance didn't want to cover it, and they never asked if I was sexually active. They never even asked if I'd hit puberty. So yeah, this countries medical sydtem is fuckin great 😂 ELEVEN. Don't even get me started on any other visit I've had to emergancy care.

Nika Demort - 2018-01-23
I just found your channel! You are amazing! Thank You!

IWLTW5452 - 2018-01-22
let them eat tide pods!!!! more oxygen for people that have brains..

ok - 2018-01-20
Out healthcare system is the literal definition of trash

So basically trump

ok - 2018-01-20
Mama tonjes in her glorious unclad form

Michelle Prado - 2018-01-20
My insurance company went bankrupt and I (who have several preexisting lung conditions) the same week that both my lungs got severely infected and that infection spread. I found out at urgent care and literally paid $500 for a 5 minute consult and 5 medications and the doctor was like “If I don’t admit you you may die it is that serious you are debilitating by the hour” (this all happened in the course of 2 days) and I had my family drive me home because I was like I literally cannot afford to be hospitalized and now I can’t afford to miss work bc this was such an unexpected expense. So I was literally at work, from 9-5, and remotely attending class so I wouldn’t get dropped and lose that money while hooked up to a machine to help me breathe and taking those five medications every three hours. I literally was like I am in God’s hands now. Thankfully this happened a Thursday so I had some of the weekend to recuperate but I was on the meds for 4 weeks before I was back to 80% normal capacity. Healthcare in this country is a joke.

JT McAwesome-Face - 2018-01-17
The cheapest insurance I could find on healthcare.gov was $230/month. It's basically so if something catastrophic happens I don't bankrupt my family. I've been wanting to see the doctor about anxiety/depression or seeking therapy but like I live in my parent's basement. I can't afford it. Why? Because my insurance only starts covering after a 7k deductible and then copay. I went to the dermatologist for my acne and like it was $300 for my meds but that was when I had a job / decent insurance. I still went home and cried. Now if that happened I'd just have to be like uh sorry I literally don't have that much money in my bank account, bye.
There is literally no reason why "the best country in the world" can't have as good of health care as literally any other developed country. But ya know corporate greed and ignorance prevails. Meanwhile, people die because their Gofundme didn't raise enough money for insulin, whose prices have been artificially inflated because drug company oligarchies want to make few extra bucks.

Lukey Lupin - 2018-01-16
Girl, speak on it ;D

Alison Michelle - 2018-01-16
I have Medicaid and the amount of shit I'm going through just to renew it is ridiculous. I do not have a job, but it isn't because I'm lazy. It is, however, because my son has Cystic Fibrosis and he has had to stay out of school for a week just because it gets exacerbated. If I could find a job that was okay with me having to take off weeks at a time to care for my son then great, but that's extremely unrealistic right now. My husband works to support us and to be able to provide life support for our son because he isn't eligible for life support even though CF is unpreventable it's still life threatening, but yeah Medicaid is just for lazy people that can get a job super easy and are taking advantage of the system. 🙄

kate ashley - 2018-01-16
I don't know how people can abuse free healthcare tbh. I have medicaid and it's not "free". I have a job and money gets taken out of my paycheck every week for my healthcare. I wish people would actually do research on these things!!

Amy Smith - 2018-01-15
200+ people are angsty Tide Pod eaters or pro Trump wallers... obviously.

Danni Lang - 2018-01-15
Health stories like Serena William's is all too familiar. My sister had a rare disease that turns muscles and ligaments to bone (www.IFOPA.org). It's a super rare disease and we were constantly educating health care professionals. We'd put up signs in her hospital room that her arms didn't move, please don't try to MOVE her arms and people would still try and move these bone fused arms. It would be on her chart and everything that special care was required. One doctor actually broke her arm doing this. Apparently, the patient saying stop, it doesn't move, is not enough to prevent injury. We got into the habit was just always having a family member with her because nurses and doctors would respond better to our warning then my sister's warning.

singinwithceline - 2018-01-15
Thanks Tonjes for being incredibly aware of issues important to the disability community. This spoonie loves you for it. Hugs.

singinwithceline - 2018-01-15
I’ve been disabled my entire life. I’ve been on Medicaid my entire life. As a person with multiple chronic illnesses and disabilities, I’ve 100% had the experience of knowing more than my doctors, being worried about the cost of my care, and being scared that a doctor was just going to follow “standard treatment protocol” without talking to me first. The fact that this administration actively seeks to put the poor, disabled and elderly to work to “earn” our healthcare is disgusting. If I could work, I would. In fact, I’m in college trying to earn my psychology degree so I CAN work. I’d bet my last dime that this proposed change doesn’t take into account chronic pain, chronic fatigue, or disabilities with intermittent symptoms. Even when the disabled ARE paid fairly for work, we still lose because out SSI/SSD is impacted.

Allyson Adame - 2018-01-15
Girl I hear you. A guy ran a red light, hit me, and totaled my car. He did not have insurance. I have health insurance, vehicle insurance, and (thankfully) uninsured motorist insurance and I still had my sister drive me to the hospital. It was over 20k.

chemistryflavored - 2018-01-15
Thank you so much for explaining how scary it is for some people to get medical help because the cost is so high. The fact alone that you can go bankrupt from a non-emergent visit is so messed up and I wish that people would realize this is why we need to do whatever we can to provide affordable healthcare for all, but most importantly for those who are underpaid and underprivileged. NOBODY should have to choose whether to declare bankruptcy or get medical help, NOBODY. Anyways, much love, every day I look forward to your videos.

Mark Herriges - 2018-01-15
**ADVISORY** Watching this video may have side-effects, including but not limited to....Rational/Logical thoughts, Empathy, Humanity, Random bouts of laughter. If you have any of these symptoms, do NOT call your doctor! Just watch the next Meghan video.

Sadie - 2018-01-14
People that do that are stupid

Frozen Wookiee - 2018-01-14
I’m so glad I live in Canada. If I had to pay for my healthcare, I probably would have died a few times over from not going to the hospital when I needed too. Our system is far from perfect but hearing stories about people losing everything because they got hit by a car or something makes me thankful.

eatit jok - 2018-01-14
U r hot

Chealsey Gleason - 2018-01-14
It's already a challenge to get medicaid. People who are severely disabled who can't work struggle to even get on it. The fact that people want to make it harder to get that access is fucking disgusting and says a lot about America (hint - it's a shithole).

Serena Williams' situation is not unique either. It's pretty common for medical professionals to not listen to women, especially women of color. I see so many stories posted from women who have shared their personal stories (many of which involved life threatening circumstances), and they are terrifying and heartbreaking.

sewstupid1 - 2018-01-14
I help people with disabilities get jobs and most of them are on Medicaid. If the government wants to cut Medicaid and/or require recipients to become employed then they sure as hell better put more funding into the dept of labor and industry, dept. of education, dept of human services, more medicaid waivers, and workforce development, all of which are necessary for some people to work successfully. There are very very few people on medicaid who do not want to work. It is a struggle and sometimes takes YEARS before they are hired anywhere (let alone stay employed permanently). The capitalist market is just not set up to support disabilities. I would imagine it is similar for people who are on medicaid due to their low income. They just have a lot of barriers to employment that make it difficult to become employed.

DoorisJ - 2018-01-14
The sad truth about America is, you’re not going to get anywhere unless you lie. Whether you lie on your job application, your car insurance, etc... There’s literally no way I could afford $200/m insurance, so I have lie about how much money i make.

Legion of Weirdos - 2018-01-14
The "you could always file bankruptcy" people are likely the type who could recover from bankruptcy very easily. The more money you have, the less important bankruptcy is.

Sunshine - 2018-01-14
Soooo I have a chronic illness that has to go largely untreated unless I am have a literal life or death emergency, because it would be cheaper for me to die than it is for my to have continuous treatment. Yay American healthcare!

SereneChaos - 2018-01-13
Thank you for talking about disability awareness! As a disable single Mom (who doesn't get child support currently). I make a fraction of what is considered "poverty". I can't get Medicaid to fix my electric wheelchair. Doctors in my area don't take Medicare or Medicaid and I can't move away from my support system. I don't have access to real public transport in my semi-rural area. So even though I want to work, I can't. Even vocational rehabilitation gives barriers. To get training or job placement I need transport. But they only modify vans and only do it in Vegas which is an 8 hour or so drive away from where I live. I'd need to not only buy a van with a ramp but then get myself and my van to Vegas for however long to modify it so I can drive independently. I was told I cannot accept funds from a fundraiser because I'll lose all my welfare which I need to even scrape by. It's just another barrier for me to be able to work, so I can have money to pay for everything myself. I want off of services and I want to work. I'm still working on my life coaching business online. But it's a slow process and right now I really need work. It's frustrating when people don't understand how much energy and pain basic functions are with a disability. Then having all these barriers and hoops to go through it's so disheartening. I feel like I have multiple jobs 24/7 and still am just getting by. I just want a chance to work and live in a financially stable and independent way. I want to be a contributing member of society. Yet when I state what I need to get to the point where I can work, I am sneered and snapped at for wanting handouts. What costs more for society in the long run? Having someone barely be able to live off of a ton of different welfare and services for years or even their entire life? Or one time spending a lump sum to get them the equipment or whatever they need so they can go back to work and support themselves? Then they can pay taxes and give back to the system. I want to get to a point where I have a non profit that helps people get the equipment they need. No one should be treated like getting a wheelchair that works for their needs is a privilege. I've had a wheelchair tech tell me to just go get catheterized instead of having a working wheelchair that allows me to access the bathroom. Because I need to "just adapt" like if he got a new job he'd have to adapt. I didn't know new jobs required you to shove a tube up your urethra when you have no medical need for it. And never mind the health risks of using catheters when not needed. I just want more people to understand the struggle like you do! Thank you!

Keaunte Vines - 2018-01-13
Ur funny she go find a hobby or some chores

djmankiewicz1000 - 2018-01-13
"I'm naked" and starved for attention.

braxton achterberg - 2018-01-13
I feel that your a very uneducated liberal who always thinks the “new way” will work for society. Channel is trash.

braxton achterberg - 2018-01-13
Would you rather be in Iraq where so many people are being murdered that people are just left on the street to die? Then go. Or would you rather go to the hospital in the US? If you don’t like it, leave.

Morgan Wilhelm - 2018-01-13
Yo stupid

Waterflame - 2018-01-13
Also, if you file for bankruptcy, you can't file again for 7 years. After you file, you can't get a credit card. After you file, you usually can't get move to a new apartment because our credit will be fucked.

FridayKetchup - 2018-01-13
In a country where you can go bankrupt by getting a cold WHYYYYYYY, would you want to voluntarily eat poison? Can this possibly be the genetic chlorine for this generation? Who needs a world war when you can have online challenges that will wipe out anyone with an IQ low enough to fucking do it?
Then the accessibility issue for the wheelchair bound populous. Yeah sure, they can stuff envelopes, but unless they can get up 10 flights of stairs to do it, then too bad, so sad.
The elitist mentality of 'if you can't fit in here you'll just have to look elsewhere for employment.' is the reason why there are so many capable people with a disability unable to work... they would work, and want to work but man it's just near on impossible because of the miseducation and fear of the unknown.
If you want to hear a brilliant woman speak about this issue look up Stella Young's 2014 address to the Jobs Australia National Conference.

mikeysclips - 2018-01-13
Eat that shit!

Elizabeth Dufur - 2018-01-13
Natural Selection hard at work, let them keep doing it humanity's gene pool is due for a cleansing.

Josie Bishop - 2018-01-13
Ur gonna die

__ __ - 2018-01-13
Sorry my cousin was on my phone

__ __ - 2018-01-13
Show me your tits what’s your Instagram gram

acillatem72 - 2018-01-13
You are dumb

cris1986 - 2018-01-13
Medicaid should be for people that actually need it and not being plain lazy . there's no reason why you should be on it if there's nothing wrong with you . the whole work restrictions are only for people that are able to do not for the disabled . I have a chronic pain disorder and can't get it yet lazy people have been on it for 3 years or longer why is it ok for them to have it but not me ???

Kelly McP - 2018-01-13
Healthcare is the biggest shit show in the US. I have 'decent' healthcare through my full time job (that doesn't pay me on school breaks because *shrug*.). I live in fear of having any kind of accident while not at work. I'd rather get hit by a bus while on the clock than slip and fall in my own damn driveway. As we sit here I'm having a sever gyno issue and having gone to the ER and been dismissed having 4 internal ultrasounds and the actual gynecologist tell me nothing is wrong I just have to suffer because I can't afford the hundred of dollars to figure this shit out. All this and I'm a HEALTHY person. I can't imagine what someone with a life long ongoing illness has to go through.

Sometimes I just want to think 'go ahead eat those tide pods. Thin the herd.' as mean as that sounds.

Tza Foxx - 2018-01-13
you should've seen my husband whip his head around once you said you were naked! XD

Ohaiitsurrn - 2018-01-13
I love you. But damn those stories made me sad.

That face though. It looks great.

abstractswirls - 2018-01-13
I'm too sick to work at this point, so Im very glad I have medicaid since I'm also pretty poor. It would be tragic if they took away my and others insurance from people too sick to work yet that don't qualify for disability. There are many people in the middle between those worlds such as myself and I still deserve some health benefits. What a sad situation we're in that basic human rights can't be granted yet billions being spent on projects based on unnecessary policies, wars, and bigotry. What a load of crap. Basically the administration is trying to create a society where we're only worthy for any support is if we partake in the capitalistic work machine and obey their policies and rules. And those not capable in doing so are burdened and repremanded for wanting basic human rights. Tragic and dissapointing. Constantly punishing the poor and rewarding the mega corporations. Twisted effed world

Steph Sawyer - 2018-01-13
The “&” on your chalkboard looks like a baby duck or perhaps a peep.

Katsheart2002 - 2018-01-13

BEST OF POLAND - 2018-01-13
Wpierdalaj te tabletki gruba kurwo

David Kempe - 2018-01-13
I'm sad that you stopped saying "notification ass bell" because I always imagined a bell with a butt-shaped clapper (just looked that word up) ringing to tell me that Tonjes has something to say.

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