Game of Thrones, the greatest spoiler of all time. The entire season 7 plot has been leaked

Game of Thrones, the greatest spoiler of all time. The entire season 7 plot has been leaked
Hi everyone, today we have incredible news. The whole plot of the seventh season of Game of Thrones has appeared in the world Inernet network.
I'm a bit shocked and don't know whether to believe in it.but I have to tell you about this scandalizing  incident. What are there facts we know now?
A brief review of all the seventh season series appeared on one of the forums. The man who did it has already deleted his account. 
Later the post was off but the information has become known so far. So: Game of Thrones, the greatest spoiler of all time. The entire season 7 plot has been leaked. Thank's for watching.
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Game of Thrones, the greatest spoiler of all time. The entire season 7 plot has been leaked



Ella Lynne - 2018-01-16
This is 99 percent true except for cersei's miscarriage

sysy055 - 2017-08-31
this spioler was legitimate

Joszel 66 - 2017-08-30
It's true lol

Daniel James Kitchka - 2017-08-29
surprised that this is very accurate.

kutte - 2017-08-29
damn, everything was true, and u knew almost 1 year ago...

bauch16 - 2017-08-29
i liked this to watch it after season 7.Turns out to be all true. Dont watch the spoilers are real

Noam Cohen - 2017-08-29
so it was all true! so how it's leek like that almost 1 year in advance?

Frosty ICE the original one - 2017-08-28
Holy crap it's fucking true baelish is dead viserion breathing icefire

SilvastronG - 2017-08-28
:o its true

Max Dowling - 2017-08-28
This is all right

Srbija Srbima - 2017-08-28
This is all true give season 8 :D

Jay Vargas - 2017-08-28
It was true....

Benny B - 2017-08-27
One episode to go and it was spot on.

Halfway There - 2017-08-26
UPDATE: its 100% true. All of it.

E SM - 2017-08-26
All was truth

Aces DH - 2017-08-26
Now watching this after watching s7e6...most of it was true....ep7 has been officially spoilt

Ayesha Rizwan - 2017-08-25
the script was true after all i guess!!!

GenX Autrucity - 2017-08-24
How many people want to bet Little Finger dies in the last episode this Sunday??

Jacob Suresh - 2017-08-24
Egan targaryen? That's new

DESMOND IPAYE - 2017-08-24
spoilers are true lol

Kritika Panta - 2017-08-23
Omfg it's true so far...

TrueRockNRolla - 2017-08-23
holy fuck it was true
great I am just learning about this now after watching season 7

Beau C - 2017-08-23
Lol 😂

sutirtha das - 2017-08-23
This is fucking true!

sutirtha das - 2017-08-23
Holy fucking shit!

Paul G - 2017-08-23
Now having watched S07 Ep1-Ep6, as we await Ep7 (the finale), I can say the leak is 100% accurate.

Paulo Cabral - 2017-08-23
You got it right.. That's so fuckon crazy lol

Germanium - 2017-08-23
Dont watch you fools ! Its true, everything !

jonathan wright - 2017-08-23
This guy is so far 5 for 5 in predictions.... beware watching if you don't want to know.


macfries101 - 2017-08-22
Lol I couldn't spoil listening to it past Ep 7.. Just can't do it! Haha

vinivalentine - 2017-08-22
i cant see Jon and Dany having sex... theyll go mental when they find out they are Aunt and Nephew...

Dmitrii Malinovschii - 2017-08-22
Why all episodes on background are dubbed Russian ? :)

Waisoserious - 2017-08-22
LMAO all of it was true hahahaha

Jack tarly - 2017-08-22
only if twd gets leaked episodes cuz most of the episodes are like talking and talking

The Vesboy - 2017-08-22
Jokes on this guy eh? The plot leak was 100% right. Lmao

Jul ZT - 2017-08-22
Literally 100% true for all 6 episodes so far... I'm not sure I get the ''finale'' though, the Night's King just breaks down the wall = the end? What about Jon, Dany, Cersei, the midget, etc

leslie frias - 2017-08-22
its all been true so far

mp3809 - 2017-08-21
I take it someone had a good source it's all true

Deepa Sivasubramaniam - 2017-08-21
Nailed it

alex kefallinou - 2017-08-21
So far it is on the Point..

AashishKUMAR - 2017-08-21
every fking thing trueee

Iulian Pleșca - 2017-08-21
dud wtf

Yi Fan - 2017-08-21
This is really a leak of the show.

vicky kirkland - 2017-08-21
This was spot on. !!

buddhawhoa - 2017-08-21

Mr Jammers - 2017-08-21
well right so far

Syazana Paudzi - 2017-08-21
aaaaaand all of it is true.....

Johnny Renegade - 2017-08-20
Its real so far

Teddy Alkavari - 2017-08-20
okay....I came for spoilers....everything has been legit so far. I watched the leaked S07E06 a few days ago and it airs tonight. I stopped at 3:03 because I'm gonna ruin the finale lol. but GREAT WORK MAN, ALL OF THIS HAS HAPPENED EXACTLY AS YOU SAY IT. SUBSCRIBED

Pablo Burns - 2017-08-20
Damn this was accurate 😠

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