Ella Lynne - 2018-01-16
This is 99 percent true except for cersei's miscarriage

sysy055 - 2017-08-31
this spioler was legitimate

Joszel 66 - 2017-08-30
It's true lol

Daniel James Kitchka - 2017-08-29
surprised that this is very accurate.

kutte - 2017-08-29
damn, everything was true, and u knew almost 1 year ago...

Bauch 16 - 2017-08-29
i liked this to watch it after season 7.Turns out to be all true. Dont watch the spoilers are real

Noam Cohen - 2017-08-29
so it was all true! so how it's leek like that almost 1 year in advance?

Frosty ICE the original one - 2017-08-28
Holy crap it's fucking true baelish is dead viserion breathing icefire

SilvastronG - 2017-08-28
:o its true

Max Dowling - 2017-08-28
This is all right

Srbija Srbima - 2017-08-28
This is all true give season 8 :D

Jay Vargas - 2017-08-28
It was true....

Benny B - 2017-08-27
One episode to go and it was spot on.

Halfway There - 2017-08-26
UPDATE: its 100% true. All of it.

E SM - 2017-08-26
All was truth

Aces DH - 2017-08-26
Now watching this after watching s7e6...most of it was true....ep7 has been officially spoilt

Ayesha Rizwan - 2017-08-25
the script was true after all i guess!!!

GenX Autrucity - 2017-08-24
How many people want to bet Little Finger dies in the last episode this Sunday??

Jacob Suresh - 2017-08-24
Egan targaryen? That's new

DESMOND IPAYE - 2017-08-24
spoilers are true lol

Kritika Panta - 2017-08-23
Omfg it's true so far...

Suporex TV - 2017-08-23
holy fuck it was true
great I am just learning about this now after watching season 7

Beau C - 2017-08-23
Lol 😂

sutirtha das - 2017-08-23
This is fucking true!

sutirtha das - 2017-08-23
Holy fucking shit!

Paul G - 2017-08-23
Now having watched S07 Ep1-Ep6, as we await Ep7 (the finale), I can say the leak is 100% accurate.

Paulo Cabral - 2017-08-23
You got it right.. That's so fuckon crazy lol

Germanium - 2017-08-23
Dont watch you fools ! Its true, everything !

jonathan wright - 2017-08-23
This guy is so far 5 for 5 in predictions.... beware watching if you don't want to know.


macfries101 - 2017-08-22
Lol I couldn't spoil listening to it past Ep 7.. Just can't do it! Haha

vinivalentine - 2017-08-22
i cant see Jon and Dany having sex... theyll go mental when they find out they are Aunt and Nephew...

Dmitrii Malinovschii - 2017-08-22
Why all episodes on background are dubbed Russian ? :)

Waisoserious - 2017-08-22
LMAO all of it was true hahahaha

Jack tarly - 2017-08-22
only if twd gets leaked episodes cuz most of the episodes are like talking and talking

The Vesboy - 2017-08-22
Jokes on this guy eh? The plot leak was 100% right. Lmao

Jul ZT - 2017-08-22
Literally 100% true for all 6 episodes so far... I'm not sure I get the ''finale'' though, the Night's King just breaks down the wall = the end? What about Jon, Dany, Cersei, the midget, etc

leslie frias - 2017-08-22
its all been true so far

mp3809 - 2017-08-21
I take it someone had a good source it's all true

Deepa Sivasubramaniam - 2017-08-21
Nailed it

alex kefallinou - 2017-08-21
So far it is on the Point..

AashishKUMAR - 2017-08-21
every fking thing trueee

Iulian Pleșca - 2017-08-21
dud wtf

Yi Fan - 2017-08-21
This is really a leak of the show.

vicky kirkland - 2017-08-21
This was spot on. !!

buddhawhoa - 2017-08-21

Mr Jammers - 2017-08-21
well right so far

Syazana Paudzi - 2017-08-21
aaaaaand all of it is true.....

Johnny Renegade - 2017-08-20
Its real so far

Teddy Alkavari - 2017-08-20
okay....I came for spoilers....everything has been legit so far. I watched the leaked S07E06 a few days ago and it airs tonight. I stopped at 3:03 because I'm gonna ruin the finale lol. but GREAT WORK MAN, ALL OF THIS HAS HAPPENED EXACTLY AS YOU SAY IT. SUBSCRIBED

Pablo Burns - 2017-08-20
Damn this was accurate 😠

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