Houssam Aouje - 2017-12-23
Each person has his own trading strategy. I tried Clay's way paper money and YES it's not for me. My strategy is looking for an Elliott Wave forming. As long as he's doing consistent profit then he's on the right path.

Waldo Forsest - 2017-12-21
Your trading system is dangerous... never buy a falling star.... never short a rising star

Waldo Forsest - 2017-12-21
I watched LFIN go from 35.80 to 140 in an hour... what happens if you short a 1000 shares of that stock

MKME - 2017-12-19
Why do u use arca not nyse?

ShaneAndFriends26 - 2017-12-10
What program are you using?

Nino Bareli - 2017-12-03
your account clay will never grow to positive territory as your ratio risk to reward is not calculated no plan and your wins are just matter of luck and one bad trade set you back on negative territory

Frank Nemdharie - 2017-11-04
Not a good trade should of waited alittle longer, but you made money.

death legend - 2017-10-31
Hey clay which platform you are using for trading?

Kamal Moukrim - 2017-10-25
this is gambling not trading

Ikhwan Ramlan - 2017-09-20
what broker and platform do you use claytrader?

JPxKillz - 2017-09-11

Pat Lachapelle - 2017-08-31
I am interested in the stock market, and find these strategies very intriguing. However, I know nothing about these strategies. For example what is a good entry point, how do you know you want to short sell a stock etc. How can I learn more?

jair cordova - 2017-08-22
what kind of software is the one you use _

Elvin Chari - 2017-07-29
What platform do you trade on

Aaron D.G/S - 2017-07-27
What software do you use

Jeremy Michael Stage - 2017-07-21
Definitely signing up. You sold me with your ICLDD video, and hooked me with this. Interested in a follow up video in ICLDD tho, if possible? Will definitely be studying with you. You get what you pay for, (*cough cough fake news) and I definitely value your insight. Thank you. God's speed.

Buffy Easley - 2017-07-20
Another great vid thanks Clay

Christopher Collins - 2017-07-18
What program is this?

TheMacadias - 2017-07-14
Any form of day trading is gambling. No one can effectively time and beat the market. Don't forget the short-term capital gains taxes as well. Think of it this way - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If trading made people lots of money, everyone would be doing it. In the end, you don't profit much. Markets are efficient.

Himanshu Dass - 2017-07-14
i dont get the point of increasing the number of shares when you are loosing ,i think that will be bad if it goes against us and i guess you are using a demo account...but still nice video man it must be your strategy

Dj JrEaDs - 2017-07-11
hey clay, i have a huuuuuge business preposition for you.

DJ Migs - 2017-06-27
How in the world do you justify spending 250K for a 140 profit. What a joke.

Para Laci - 2017-06-03
If he would hold till 2017, He would sold for $604k within 3 years good return. That is $118k every year for 3 year good return instead lol $140.00

Dave A - 2017-05-10
Which broker platform do you use?

George Charlie - 2017-04-25
WOW you gambled 250K to make $150 bucks... What if you would've been squeezed out? did you have a stop loss in place and if not could you have covered the short?

Techno Tard - 2017-04-02
Clay, I don't think these asshole saw what you were actually doing. First off that chart was a gap up, almost always dips back down to where the gap started. Then, it's over extended it's obviously going to go back down, once it's over extended it hardly goes any hire, as your chart showed. How in the world are you risking 250,000, it's 250,000 on short on an overextended chart. These guys are morons criticizing that trade. You should have held for a lower position if anything.

Ellis Lamb - 2017-03-26
where are the technicals? what about RSI? what about previous highs on FB's chart? What about fundamentals? This looks like blind shorting, and yes with a large bank account you can do this better than a small account but it's very risky and not worth throwing a large portion of your bank account to make a couple hundred dollars. If people are watching this, don't do this. You must consider multiple technical indicators and fundamentals before just jumping into a short, whether you have 1,000 dollars or 1m.

Fabian DaTruth - 2017-03-20
I'm new to the market, and you sir are definitely interesting to watch! Interesting tactics you use and they seem risky. But I'm sure you're definitely looking at other pieces of information to help you make these decisions haha. Definitely taking notes from you though! Great content! Subscribed.

S Xhajiyani - 2017-03-19
What software/broker do you use?

Jérémie Tz - 2017-02-22
Nice video ! What software are you using ?
Keep up the good work

Best regards

Mike Krane - 2017-01-31

vijay verma - 2017-01-30
I bet you gave so much in brokerage ....you would get only a few, probably..

Alen Eyn45 - 2017-01-29
I appreciate you taking time to reply. But what is your entry criteria? Because for a random entry, the probability of a bullish/bearish candle pulling back to your entry or further in your direction is very small. I keep seeing you adding and being down even 10x your eventual profit, and the excuse is "unrealized Profit". Brother that's crazy! I haven't watched your recent trading videos, but I hoped you improved your strategy. After a lot of quantitative analysis, statically, trading against the trend has a very low win rate, and the risk to reward is not worth it.

Alen Eyn45 - 2017-01-29
You have a very bad habit of going against trend for no reason simply because ''it's extended'' this is recipe for disaster.
That's just trading against probabilities

Thoob Xiong - 2017-01-28
wait hold up, so you sold/bought 4000 shares @62.10 right? but you also need the same amount of money in your account that covers that much money first? right?!? for "insurance" then you sell/buy back the 4000 shares at 62.06? and the shares go back to the broker automatically?? did i get that correct?

Evian Rave - 2017-01-20
Lots of haters on here. There isn't really anything wrong with his style. He has accumulated or borrows a massive amount of capital that he uses as a tool. He isn't greedy and is conservative. He uses this massive tool to make a few hundred in his first hour and calls it a day. The only way he could lose all that money is if the price doubled in 10 seconds. IMPOSSIBLE for a large cap. It's not like he's holding the weekend after a merger announcement. He's plans on holding no longer than a few minutes maximum so how much do you think FB can move in that amount of time? "It's the mark of an educated mind to exercise a thought without accepting it"

Dan Borgia - 2017-01-20
Do you even use any indicators? Bigger timeframes? Trendlines?

R A Wilson - 2017-01-19
You made a profit and that's what counts, however you had me sweating for you.  That was a lot of money you had riding on that position.  Nice video.

FDAmusic - 2017-01-15
hi clay what program are you using?

Jeff Thayer - 2017-01-14
i want to see someone show how to quickly make lots of money with 500 to 1000 to start....not watch me trade a million.

Jeff Thayer - 2017-01-14
4000...lol. i can afford 4

Big Rip - 2016-12-25
u risked $400+ to make $140???? sad

Chall3ngeMe - 2016-12-23
How can you sell without first buying?

Carlos Wang - 2016-12-18
wow very risky and aggressive. Shorting the front side of the move, I think it would have been better to wait for some weakness from the tape before starting in.

Jacob Bragg - 2016-12-16
Maybe I'm way oversimplifying this, as someone who is just watching these videos and never having traded yet...but why don't you....or maybe I should ask, do you ever, buy as its going up like this, then short it on the way back down?

Xplocial OnlineNetworking - 2016-12-14
Okay we get it you used $120,000 and made $140 big deal (not)

Matthew Dillon - 2016-12-01
the math is all wrong. one point being out 400 to make 100. trade the trend and the math will reverse, risk should always be less then the reward

Velasco_24 - 2016-11-29
You risked 4,000 shares at roughly $62, so around $24,800 to make $140 dollars? I'm new to trading and don't really understand short shelling yet... Is that logic correct?

33percent - 2016-11-22
What trading service do you use? Etrade?

Justin Turner - 2016-11-17
Clay, do you have a video explaining the platform you are using and what the different parts of the screen are? I use thinkos and all i see in your videos is flashing its hard to actually understand what going on sometimes.

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