Sargent Peep - 2018-03-14
So, Ellen is trying to say something nice about her husband and all Mirren can do is bitch about how he was 20 minutes late umteen years ago. She must be a joy to live with.

Sargent Peep - 2018-03-14
Is it true that Mirren sexually harassed Liam Neeson?

Grace Tan - 2018-01-27
She is great Helen Mirren, I love her!

TessieTelevision - 2018-01-12
What has that got to do with this picture Helen? I was double de clutching to get into higher gear. Right on point Helen. Nothing wrong with her mind.

Rubi Urive - 2018-01-04
I love them!

BigRedNavyChick - 2017-12-27
I love her so much, she's so funny and not snobbish at all, Dame Mirren you ROCK! :D

BigRedNavyChick - 2017-12-27
I totally agree, you should arrive 10-15 minutes early to be on time. :D

Ingrid M - 2017-11-05
I spat saliva out laughing at 3:05

Fenimorka - 2017-09-21
You cannot be more classy and charming than her. She is incredible.

LePredator1 - 2017-08-21
That's a Queen right there.

nordhorny - 2017-06-24
I wish she would sink to her knees in front of me...!

P Tdz - 2017-06-24
I will always say that H.Mirren is like the wine..with time she's getting sooo much better in all ways! ill so date her! lol no jk at all!! talented, sexy as f**, funny, smart.. she's the full pack.. u r so lucky to know her ellen! i will die for that.. <3

DVS ONE - 2017-05-05
If you're on time you're already late...

erkan yunis - 2017-04-30
this is gonna sound bad she prob really old but i would hit that

Darling 83 - 2017-04-28
Ohh, Ellen looks bored and tired..

Tinu Tennyson - 2017-04-26
Now we know where Dom learnt Double Clutching from 😁

phatasm24 - 2017-04-22
All hail the queen~!

Melanie Pe P - 2017-04-17
Helen was fabulous in Fast 8 =)

Olga Levenets - 2017-02-13
Perfect lady... I wonder if such kind of grace and elegance can be cultivated, or is it something inborn?

Helen Happy - 2016-12-08
My names Helen but I'm young and she's old I'm average and she's rich aaaaaaaaannnnnnd famous

carla wells - 2016-12-07
this woman is not helen mirren listen at her voice. and she is taller than helen mirren.

2legit64 - 2016-12-05
Ellen and Helen. What could be better?

Venetsia Netsova - 2016-12-02
Ellen, very nice show. But am I the only one - or the Cristmas decoration really looks like onion? :)))

MRfisheri - 2016-12-02
She was explaining rev match. Damn! Dame Helen Mirren is the coolest Granma

Michael Donoue - 2016-12-01
Ellen is not similar to Helen Mirren. Why does she keep saying that!

joy absalon - 2016-12-01
i love this actress. all the roles she play she played it in an excellent manner. love her in RED.

MsBluenavy - 2016-12-01
you wont believe shes 71!!! you are so beautiful!!!

Shawn P - 2016-12-01
Dame Helen - i would double declutch him too!

Eros Swan - 2016-11-30
I can hear her speak forever. What a beautiful grace.

nate li - 2016-11-30
people should watch the 100 foot journey. Google it.

Russel Furtado - 2016-11-30
Its so refreshing when you see a fantastic actor such as her, whos got nothing else to proof, take up some role just because is fun to play.

Gaby G - 2016-11-30
I don't do the WCW thing... But with Helen Mirren I have to join the masses and choose her as my WCW FOREVER... she is so classy, sexy, graceful. .. And I could go on and on with the adjectives...

Eriko Lili - 2016-11-30
helen mirren will always be my kind of woman.

Linda Pino - 2016-11-30
I love Helen... but not as much as i love you..!! Thank you for being a great person...!! I.have always loved you, you have such a big heart! hope nothing ever changes who you are ,I've wrote you many letters but i wanted to take my daughter on mothers day to thank her for being such a great mother... but you did a show for mother whom were having babies and that was a great show..!!than there was a time i wrote to see your show so i could take my son and daughter so that if and when i left this world they could remember how happy you make me ,well two years ago i almost died and all i could think about was my bucket list will never be filled...! so i just thought i would just leave you alone and just enjoy you on TV ....! :-) The President knew what he was doing ,you deserve that medal and many more . keep up the good work and by the same token Thank you for being such a heart felt person i hope no one or anything changes who you are...!! :-) I love you Ellen...!!!!

lamarie1977 - 2016-11-30
i absolutely love this woman

Linda Pino - 2016-11-30
i love Helen... she is awesome.. but no one beats you Ellen i love you ...I'm confused is it true your leaving the show...? please tell me its not true.. i've wanted to go on your show for ever one time for mothers day to honor my daughter ... but you had a show for mothers whom were having babies which has been great... than another time i wanted to take my son and daughter so they could remember how happy you make me before i leave this world... and nothing i almost lost my life and thought i'd better stop writing and leave you alone... :-) i'll always love you...Ellen stay safe and keep up the great work you do the President knew what he was doing you very much deserve that metal and more...

Martin Tang - 2016-11-29
fast and no

HiMyNameIsHeaven - 2016-11-29
Ellen's Suit is too cute! Gotta get my Wife something similar. 😜

Anna Király - 2016-11-29
She's funny and beautiful :)

maidan yilm - 2016-11-29
She's so nice!

marjorie dang - 2016-11-29
So that me that lady love that guy pls reply

GAMMA GAMING YT - 2016-11-29
1 sub = meet TheEllenShow in real life
1 like = million dollars
Scroll = 10 years of bad luck

JLCammack - 2016-11-29
God please put Streep, Mirren, and, Close Iin a movie!

Olivia Brown - 2016-11-29
She is so hottt!

Abdul.Q8 - 2016-11-29
can't wait for Fast 8

John Miles - 2016-11-29
I hope my support helps. 🇺🇸

Thokozile James - 2016-11-29
I was double de-clutching!!! Hahahaha!!! Love from Trinidad!!!

Beth Craddock - 2016-11-29
I was double de clutching Vin. 😂😂😂

Laraisthebomb1212 - 2016-11-29
She's just such a beautiful person. Well spoken - very eloquent, classy as ever, and will be gorgeous at 90!

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