Norway's Borders Explained - The Exception To EVERYTHING

Norway's Borders Explained - The Exception To EVERYTHING
There's Norway I'd ever write a country pun instead of a real description

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Norway's Borders Explained - The Exception To EVERYTHING



Peter Vik - 2017-12-10
You did not really go into the 2 different languages part so I though I might elaborate:

After Norway had been part of Denmark for about 400 years we really needed to find our identity. So naturaly having danish as the official language would not fly. There were two different solutions to this problem. 1. Make a new language based on the different dialects "Landsmålet" (roughly "the country language") later called "Nynorsk" (new norwegian). 2. the second aproach was to make danish more norwegian over time. This language was called "Riksmålet" (the kingdoms language) or later "Bokmål" (book language).

Note: these are both written languages. One does not speak Bokmål or Nynorsk. Everyone speaks norwegian, although we have different dialects. The majority writes bokmål, I think about 15% of students in the norwegian equivalent to high school have Nynorsk as their main written language.

RENILO - 2018-01-18
norway isn't that expensive we just make more money than other countries.

Ken R.B. Johnsen - 2018-01-18
Going to Svalbard by plane is not the only option to get there, you could also take a cruise with Hurtigruten. They also offer a cruise to Antarctica.

David Lundberg - 2018-01-18
Fucking hell chill and script your videos. You ramble and get information wrong so many times.

Wesslan32 - 2018-01-18
What a load of bullshit, this guy knows NOTHING!

Zet Zeji - 2018-01-17
Norway is the country that uses the most power per person in the world

HansEinar Fuglum - 2018-01-17
New york norwegian. I nrver knew how to translate it to english, but i guess i got it. By the way, if you did not know, one of the biggest debates in norway is if we should be graded in the second language or not.

TheLastScampi - 2018-01-17
A bottle of vodka is about 40 euro and quality wines are generally very reasonable priced compared to the rest of Europe. Cheap wine though, is largly more expensive than in the rest of Europe. Also the Vinmonopolet is obligated to get you any liquor or wine that's in normal production anywhere in the world if you ask for it. It's not bad thing really.

adrian kristiansen - 2018-01-17
i live up in finmark

sota - 2018-01-16
The "native" in norway came long time after Norwegians.

Bjeffinq_ - 2018-01-16
You kind of butchered ALL the names haha

steffetiger - 2018-01-16
Norway and Russia hasn't had any wars because Norway have had such a short time of Independence, they have been ruled by Sweden and Denmark during wars with Russia thoe.

flybensin - 2018-01-15
I was trying to listen to this, but damn you speak faster than some crack adddict

TheYeoman85 - 2018-01-15
I wonder where the refugees got the 6000 bicycles from?!?!?

Tormod Haglund - 2018-01-15
Another fun fact for you; except for the areas of Jämtland and Härjedalen, which we lost to the swedes (bastards!) last time we had an actual quarrel with them, our border is one of the oldest consistent borders in the world.
It has been more or less the same for almost a millenia.

95spades - 2018-01-15
NORJJJJJJJJJJ. No, it doesn't say that.

Jonas Ukon - 2018-01-15
100 euros for a bottle of vodka? :P More like 15 Euro xD

rrrkkk - 2018-01-15
The Saami were NOT pushed across the border. They have inhabited the entire north of the Fennoscandian peninsula long before the borders of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia were established. The southeners divided up the Saami territory between themselves. You also got the two literary languages wrong.

wonderin' willow - 2018-01-15
too much caffeine

david - 2018-01-14
Bokmål is basically danish that has become norwegian

J jj - 2018-01-14
Missed opertunity with sea borders. (They were made huge because fishing, and late 20th century made many oil discoveries were found there. Also Norwegian and Russian sea border is not chill)

Trictor - 2018-01-14
Norwegian propaganda

HeapOfBones - 2018-01-14
If you love borders so much, why not use some nicer ones for the facecam, eh?

Aaron Herbert - 2018-01-14
I wish we set up a wealth fund.

B B - 2018-01-14
Fakenews. You don't have to carry a rifle on Svalbard. They may recommend it, but no law says so. I walked around far outside Lonyearbyen on the mountains and glaciers without one. I wanted to rent a rifle, but it was too much of a hassle to obtain one...

Heimdallr - 2018-01-13
You need to calm the fuck down.

SenatorVegana - 2018-01-12
Very good video!

Chris D'oulmeth - 2018-01-12
I agree sweden got way too much land in that deal. Jamtland is ours!!

Boblesopp - 2018-01-12
The way you said "Norge" and "Tromsø" made me cringe a bit. Other than that a great video, and you earned a like

Sondre Brandt - 2018-01-12
Bokmål and Nynorsk is wroten languages not spoken. There are no one that speaks entierly Bokmål and Nynorsk.

Yiannis Siantos - 2018-01-12
My Norwegian blue parrot is still pining for the fjords

UGAFan - 2018-01-12
Interesting but did you drink 15-20 Cokes or just take a big dose of caffeine before making this video?

IvanFromNorway - 2018-01-11
You got many things wrong about Svalbard and Finnmark/troms area.

Sigurd Malmin Hansen - 2018-01-11
If you live in Norway it isn't expensive, but if you are a tourist in Norway it's expensive.

Thomas Steiro - 2018-01-10
Fleire norske her?

Sindere - 2018-01-08
Another fun fact about Norway: The concept of the typical European village is allmost non-existent. By a village I mean a small urban community surrounded by farms or something simular that brings income. Instead Norway had towns by the sea that were used as trading centers and farms covering the inland that didn't belong to any small urban community

Christopher Jensen - 2018-01-08
The best of intentions, but slow down! More clarity. less herky jerky, would be nice. Getting it right the first time would be nice. Ha det bra!

Black Shadow - 2018-01-08
Im so used to see you in minecraft videos and now your here talking about My country......
Was afraid there was a ibxtoycat army on its way to mine our resourses and poison us with splash potions.....................

yolotad - 2018-01-07
Norge is pronounced like nor-geh

Common Sense - 2018-01-07
Russia actually invaded nazi occupied Norway in 45 :)

JPM12 - 2018-01-07
Norway won't join the EU because if they were a full menu they would have to give up some of there fishing sites and that would be crucial to them as 30% of their income comes from fish sold to other countries

Magnus Winther - 2018-01-07
FYI, Nynorsk is not a spoken language, but a written one based off of regional dialects and Old Norse. Bokmål is the common written language originating from the old Norse mixing with manly Danish and Swedish, and with some German.

Nynorsk is merely more common in the western regions than elsewhere, it is rarely used exclusively. The language was actually created, unlike most languages. This written language's goal is to preserve the old Norwegian language and dialects, for instance, no words rooted in foreign languages are allowed. They will create new words instead of borrowing them, just like on Iceland.

On the topic of Iceland, they still use a language very similar to Old Norse.

Bokmål as mentioned evolved as a result of mixing. Through German trade, we got a whole slew of words, and due to being in union with both Sweden and Denmark for a long time our language changed. Most of the influence is from the latter.

Most Norwegian you'll find is in Bokmål, and a lot of Nynorsk is mostly legally mandated within the government or literature. They are both written languages and no one "speaks" them, just their dialect.

Morgan Lillevik Myren - 2018-01-07
Trondheim is bigeer than Stavanger btw, i don't blame you tho, it's hard to remember on the go :D Awesomne video!

Bert Karlsson - 2018-01-07
How the F could u pronunciate Norge like that!?

Jarl Inge Sandvik - 2018-01-06
Im Norwegian fuck NORWAY in all ways. This awfull contry has to fall.

Vagaravn - 2018-01-06
Nor-geh, not norj

Kalleri13 - 2018-01-06
The Norwegian state may be rich but the population has a huge debt mainly due to housing prices and cars, and the amount of vodka bottles, just to pick an example, for their monthly income is not more than any other country.

Speaking of borders, it should have been mentioned how Russia stole a chunk of Finland to create the current border with Norway.

Mikael Jönsson - 2018-01-06
There are acutally 41 roads that crosses the border of which only 12 has customs on them.

It's Me - 2018-01-06
You forgot the greatest island Norway owns, Bouvet island.

Haha Haha - 2018-01-05
I live there

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