Olympic - 2018-01-22
What was your favourite Olympic performance to music? Let us know in the comments and we will add them to a future #MusicMonday!

Rebecca Tsonos - 2018-02-21
This is by far my favourite

BB McKinlay - 2018-02-21

Jina Shehadeh - 2018-02-21
Waw really waw

Doreen Maglasang - Meyer - 2018-02-21

欧文婷 - 2018-02-21
I love this show!Amazing!❤

Zain - - 2018-02-21
The wet patch on his back looks like wings, totally adds to the effect

Quin Seryn - 2018-02-21
I was already having an emotional day but this somehow fucked me up even more

ben good - 2018-02-21
the artistry and emotions , greart job 👏👏👏

HitMeQuick - 2018-02-20
Pair of prats

Wreckthetangle - 2018-02-20
Maximum back sweat

Amy Francko & Sandra Bryant - 2018-02-20
I'm getting caught up on my figure skating. I just watched their Moulin Rouge performance. Tessa only straddled her partner for a second during Moulin Rouge here she has several seconds with her legs spread. I think their performances are beautiful, I don't know why people think it's raunchy

ЮлиЯ Попова - 2018-02-20
Don't see any connection between them, while they are dancing. It looks like they do what they have to do in they programme, there is not any spirit in their dance. Their faces don't show emotions, just a bit, no artistry, no charisma. The song is beautiful and very passion, full of feelings, they could to do much better than this, to express the music. Unfortunately I only can see the set of elements what they must to do. Defenetaly not a gold winner☝️☝️

Paula C - 2018-02-20
absolutely beautiful

chloe murphy - 2018-02-20
Stunning 💜

Ashleigh Jaima Osborne - 2018-02-19

Udita Bhattacharya - 2018-02-18
Why didn't they perform this in the competiton? They would have got gold!!!

Janice Earley - 2018-02-18
Why can't female skaters have color-coordinated skates???? Or boot socks 2 match their outfits..A nice blending....It's time the Figure Skating Committee change this protocol & let the skater decide...My parents were both pro. skaters with Shipstads & Johnson Ice Follies..& I could never understand WHY the skaters ALL had white "boots"...Scott Moir had black slacks & black skates..it would look so-o-o-o-o-o-o much nicer..It doesn't have 2 be just WHITE..Boring

Melanie O'Neal Murray - 2018-02-17
I like them but Hubbell and Donahue got that 🔥🔥🔥

gary24752 - 2018-02-17
Too bad they didn't pick "Perfect"

Regiane Pereira - 2018-02-17

Mariya V - 2018-02-16
как всегда девчонка до трусов раздета, пацан в полной экипировке. но танцуют красиво

Marieda Parellio - 2018-02-16
They’re flawless!

Lilly Vanausdoll - 2018-02-16
so gentle

Jessica V - 2018-02-15
They are always amazing but their choreography is so much more suited for them now I find. :)

Shalom W - 2018-02-15
Totally enraptured by the sensual chemistry they have as they glide on the ice. It feels almost like we have stumbled on a private couple moment. You feel embarrass to be encroaching on that moment but u cannot look away because their emotions draw u in deep.

Mariléna Papageorgíou - 2018-02-15
The choreography was amazing and the choice of song was just perfect

TripletStudio - 2018-02-15
"Wow what a cute couple"
"ThEy AiN't DaTINg!"

Bailee Givens - 2018-02-15
I thought they were doing dirty dancing by their outfits lol

Kim Albrecht - 2018-02-14
You canadians are always so freaking cool. man...i'm stuck here in dumptys naziworld.

Jenn Wang - 2018-02-14
scott has wings on his back. XD

Parker Davis - 2018-02-14
This story is so beautiful

Camila Quinteros - 2018-02-13
I am speechless. Breathtaking performance.

Min Min - 2018-02-13
I'm watching a romantic movie

Mbeepy - 2018-02-12
That looks like a cold start and ending!

Алексей Иванов - 2018-02-12
It is seen that the inflated doping.

Katrena Shields - 2018-02-12
Beautiful performance

lucy driver - 2018-02-12
Why they didn’t get gold I never will know. Their dancing (and they are) is truly beautiful ❤️

Renata Hellena - 2018-02-12
The most beautiful sport ever ❤

Maxmillan Maxmillan - 2018-02-12
Virtue and Moir skate so perfectly together. Perfect match.

Jayden Bae - 2018-02-12
The best part of my life 😎

Mary Hendron - 2018-02-11

Angela Frale - 2018-02-10
Their chemistry is amazing

Aiko Gibbs - 2018-02-09
i really hope riri saw this

Jo - 2018-01-25
Forever my favourite olympians

miku mania - 2018-01-24
Vraiment beau

Martaritmica - 2018-01-23
Can you do the gala of javier fernandez in soshi ?

msanna4 - 2018-01-23
Wow 😍😍😍😍😍😍 I love those two. The chemistry they have is unbelievable.

papa. mozet - 2018-01-23
A shame! The Olympic Committee is a fascist organization. The Olympic Committee carries out the genocide of athletes based on their race and nationality.

Loyer Peña Cordova - 2018-01-23
qué hermoso baile

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