ChefTon Southworth - 2018-03-21
Such a Gorgeous, Intelligent, Fun and a Loving Person! Added to that is her real life training skills.she perfect for that role..A real life Wonder Woman! I love Gal Gadot!

Aris Landers - 2018-03-20
I wish knew you and yo mama n Abba!!

Aris Landers - 2018-03-20
Its hard to take a piss in the morning with out making a mess everywhere because u!! You suck.wish u knew me.😢😇😇

Andre Cool - 2018-03-17
I’m going to Israel 🇮🇱!!!

Andre Cool - 2018-03-17
I never have a crush over women , but I do her !!😍😍😍

Wendy Sgobbo - 2018-03-13
Eh Bee Family!!!

tomaf - 2018-03-13
Shew said if she could turn invisible she'd go to the white house to see what they are planning. I guarantee you all they are planing is how many cheeseburgers tchump will be eating in bed that night.

Kara Liddelow - 2018-03-12
She is my queen 👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️

Rachel Lesnick - 2018-03-11
what your favorite curse word....... a few seconds later, f*ck f*ck F*CK

Genghis Tom - 2018-03-11
That blue de interviewer should always avoid the gaping smile, eesh

Tommy Broadbent - 2018-03-11
She is the modern day Catherine Zeta Jones. You can't get any prettier than these two.

Stoyan Dimitrov - 2018-03-07
Hitler dislikes this video :D

monstercolorfun co - 2018-03-06
she is the hot badgirl cousin of natalie portman. you can tell she has the same lips adn eyes and teeth as portman by 50%

Desseree Harvey - 2018-03-05
She is so beautiful but idk who I’m in to more her or wonder woman lol

Tish Smiddy - 2018-03-03
Thank you !!!!

Galaxy Samsung - 2018-03-03
Gal gadot take a small metall yellow order to your white pullover and thank the big eyed cats in fraiport.

Galaxy Samsung - 2018-03-03
I dont love horses, i only love your height questions about me

Layla Baker - 2018-03-02
Did y’all see the EH BEE FAMILY

winnie miyose - 2018-03-02
She’s really beautiful!!!They did a good job choosing her for this movie

Galaxy Samsung - 2018-02-23
Hi gal im smaller, you love this situation in this whole big worrrrrrld ? Im done with
at this dreamworld belongs for your mindset.

cere tomer - 2018-02-22
What part of the Wonder Woman costume do I like the best.  The lady inside of it.

Lorena R. - 2018-02-15
Where is part 1?

Maurice Fuqua - 2018-02-13
she is so fucking fine

Rahim Bayrak - 2018-02-12
Ich bin 1,45 cm.

Catherine Ford - 2018-02-10
Eh bee family!!!!!!!

Pierre Kerezovic - 2018-02-09
3 fois j'ai fait le tour de la planète et je suis revenu sur mes pompes, la ou vont mes pompes je les suis pour voir tes sourire. PK

Denzel pancho - 2018-02-09
8:09 best part. XD

Mick Jones - 2018-02-04
I love Gal Gadot, but something about her tells me that she takes really nasty and smelly shits

Gracia María Fe Espinoza Padrón - 2018-01-27
Fake bitch sionist . Wonder Woman is successful because it is from Wonder woman, not Gal Gadot. It's like saying that Fifty Shades of Gray succeeds because of his "wonderful" cast

ace spades - 2018-01-27
Omg shes unreal 😍😍😍

Meghna Meg - 2018-01-24

Lizzy Tormoser - 2018-01-21
Its as if Nathalie Portman and Angelina Jolie had a daughter..

spredatorify - 2018-01-14
Just goes to show someones hateful morals and beliefs dont show on the outside.

Zamolxes77 - 2018-01-10
She's still learning English it seems, not yet comfortable enough with interviews.

Jenny Bagley - 2018-01-05
Whenever I’m in a hard situation I imagine wonder woman’s voice in my head going “you can do it” and it’s surprisingly helpful

Jason Smith - 2018-01-05
with Gal Gadot you'd wonder if the Muslims can stop hating the Jews, regardless of what their brain-washing manual (Quran) tells them to think...

Кузя Борисов - 2018-01-04
9:18 I think she would win because Thor wouldn't beat her. Another words how to beat so pretty girl

Кузя Борисов - 2018-01-04
9:18 bullshit

Milena STR - 2018-01-03

mrascoop - 2018-01-02
she will never never be cute.sorry ugly wonderwoman ever

I'm yours - 2018-01-02
Goddamn she's so cute and pretty😤😄😂

LA La land - 2018-01-01
6:08 I highkey hate interviewers like this....

Day - 2017-12-29
1:51 Why does she look taller then all those women infant of her? Is she really tall?

Jeff Gutter - 2017-12-29
I love how she says "no I wasn't" at 7:30 seems like a down-to-earth cool beautiful lady

Omega Effect - 2017-12-28
Kelly Couldn't even talk because Gal is so fucking hot 😭

John Giordano - 2017-12-23
Oh my god she cried a little bit at 7:43 omg it's ok Gal

The1bangladesh1 - 2017-12-19
Wonder woman is not an American, go figure!

Davidgerman 1996 - 2017-12-17
Gal Gadot is so cute!!! I´m in love with her

240walnut - 2017-12-16
NOPE wrong this is why https://t.co/8c7Wz7a4RD 26k now viewing

240walnut - 2017-12-16
lol It is good to know she has some kind of weeKness

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