LuaBloe - 2018-03-09
The cast is even amazing to listen to, talking about their perception & perspective, wow. Such a brilliant movie, and obviously behind it are really interesting people... I'm really falling for Caleb Landry Jones, he's fascinating to look for starters, because he's aesthetically wonderful to look at, but any mimic he has (blinking eyes, ha!) is golden. And his voice, and the way he speaks. And what he says, in substance, haha. Everything is so intense about him. Golden. 23:33 Hilarious :-]

Apoorv Ambardar - 2018-03-06
Amazing way to tell about his character by Clarke Peters. "The call me Mr. Tibbs" is a quote from "in the heat of the night" in which the local police in a southern town refuse to acknowledge a homicide detective that he is in fact a cop, just because he is black.

The Good Planes - 2018-03-05
Billboards is terrible. It's clear from what McDonagh said that he wanted to exploit US politics without caring about what America is really like. We don't take violence lightly, and everyone knows you can't go around beating people up without getting shot, jailed or sued (or all three). The two main characters are heinous thugs with no redeeming qualities and face almost no consequences from the law despite the story significantly involving the law. The attempted murder scene may as well been written by an alien. The new "no nonsense" sheriff does absolutely nothing except fire the cop. As if attempted murder is A-ok as long as it's not done by one of his officers. How about calling an ambulance, taking witness statements and throwing the BLOODTHIRSTY MONSTER IN JAIL?

Eddie Cardwell - 2018-02-22
That Caleb Jones guy did this film and ‘Get Out’ at the same time. Crazy. lol.

Egon Schenk - 2018-02-10

Carlos - 2018-02-08
Red and Jimmy were my favorite characters.

adam turner - 2018-02-01
Dark as it is funny. Oscar glory motherfucker !!!

Captain Z - 2018-01-25
The only thing that annoyed me about the film is why is Woody Hareson's wife have an Australian accent but dresses as if she was from the town? Horrible casting!

Jason Walsh - 2018-01-20
Abby is so enigmatic and gorgeous.

roloug95 - 2018-01-19
Jesus fucking christ that interviewer has the most annoying voice.

Evenson Alps - 2018-01-17
Just watched it, again. Very good film.

Joel Lim - 2018-01-15
Perfect movie! Great cast and great script

Very Nice - 2018-01-11
About 10 years ago I saw this little flick called "In bruges" and was absolutely blown away by it. Told all my friends about it, was my favorte at that time but no one else seemed to know about it. Then came 7 Psychopaths which was way more known than in Bruges and also a fantastic film. Now I had to wait 5 years for this guys next film and everyone praises it, getting oscar buzz etc.. etc..I think I have never been more excited for a movie in my life.

ritual301 - 2018-01-07
May be my favorite movie of 2017 as well. Hilariously good.

syncm - 2018-01-06
Caleb is a mess.. :( Alcohol and Benzo won't mix.

Andrew Knight - 2018-01-06
The McDonagh brothers are brilliant

John Donnan - 2018-01-05
The scene with the slippers.
The scene with the deer.

james ferguson - 2018-01-05
Warning this movie is diabolically shit dont watch this fucking movie just suicides and misery from beginning to end no storyline at all and one of those bull shit ending where nothing happens nothing fucking gets solved worst fucking movie ever dont see its advertised as a comedy action but its a fucking misery shit box from beging to end dont watch this shit. also this movie is popular as fuck on rotten tomatoes for some fucking reason because everyone loves misery because they must live in a miserable life like a bunch of wankers. i would rather eat 20kg of albanina sugar-free gummi bears and have endless chronic shits for the rest of my life than watch this shit diabolically bad ending movie.
just a heads up dont watch this shit nothing gets solved complete crap and misery from begging to end

Roy Wilson - 2017-12-30
Fucking awesome movie

HylianChicken - 2017-12-24
"So funny and smart" shit, did you just watch the trailer? This movie got dark as hell

Sara OD - 2017-12-18
this guy always says " I am not lying, this is my favorite movie of the year"

teenie beenie - 2017-12-05
uneven script and direction
loved sam rockwelll tho

Aviel Mann Ballo - 2017-12-04
I KNEW this had to be based on some fragment of reality.

Manuel Sarabia - 2017-12-02
Fantastic movie

Spuzzwick - 2017-11-27
“You....as you...just walk on up.” Awkward.

Music IsMyLife - 2017-11-13

teenie beenie - 2017-11-12
'funny and smart and about right now'....

Blade BlazerLazer - 2017-11-11
And, of course, this movie is playing nowhere near me  Guess I'll have to settle with "Daddy's Home 2"

Niu Jingmei - 2017-11-09
Caleb is awesomely bizzare. Abbie Cornish is an underrated actress.

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