David Coleman - 2018-02-05
That hat looked so bad on you . Sorry .

son of Babylon - 2018-02-02
Best chanel for men thanks for this

MOHAMMED SADATH - 2018-01-12
keep the shirt or t shirt, you are wearing the next day in the fridge a night before..........

Arthur McVey - 2018-01-06
Antonio, personally I think that your hat may be slightly too small.

Andjelkovic Jasmin - 2017-12-31
I couldn't get my eyes of your polo-shirt. You're rocking it Antonio!

Arief Satriyo - 2017-12-25
I live where the temperature during noon could get to 40°C / 104°F with humidity ≥ 95%
For hot weather, the choice of clothing should be dictated whether or not you need to wear anything with collar.
If you don't need collar then long shirt crew neck made from breathable & moisture wicking fabric is the way to go. The idea here is to provide your skin with protection from sunlight.
For headwear, it's better to wear wide brim mesh sunhat or good old fashion BB cap. The idea for wearing hat with mesh construction is to provide shading from sunlight while maintaining high degree of breathability (evaporation).
Personally since I'm native to tropical / equatorial environment I don't need much protection from sunlight, due to my skin pigmentation already provide sufficient protection, but for those whose not native to tropical / equatorial environment won't have such natural protection from sunlight and most likely getting sunburn.

austin randall - 2017-12-11
You've been to shabooty?

Dr. Mike Hughes - 2017-11-24
What about seer sucker suits like Ben Matlock wore for hot Summer wear, yes or no?

misteroz - 2017-11-16
No-shows are killer - comfortable, hygienic AND the obvious answer to the sock/no sock debate with loafers!

Mike Smith - 2017-11-11
The hat mates you look douchey

Matthew Hall - 2017-11-05
Go ‘commando’ to keep the heat down - wear performance underwear, or none at all to keep cool.

David Coleman - 2017-11-01
I wear a nice real panama hat . And the no show socks are great .

Letta Build Film - 2017-10-29
I'm Australian and it took me a short while to understand what you were saying when you were saying no-show socks, this is because we call them ankle socks, but now I'm not sure if there is a difference, can you clear this up?

Евгений Мышляков - 2017-10-17

Elliot Parker - 2017-10-17
HI, not been following you for too long, but i've seen a few videos which are relatively informative, but did you just call that "Fedora" a "little Stetson" correct me if i'm wrong.

Supathi Ratnayake - 2017-10-14
Bright sun is connected with hot weather. I think you forgot sunglasses!

Schülermagazin Drosteschau - 2017-10-14
The hat is good but does not match your shirt.

Anthony Cedeno - 2017-10-05
Great job Antonio. Keep making great vids. We all love your channel

southamericanredneck - 2017-09-28
This is a ten minutes ad for Ministry Supply.

Chris Cross - 2017-09-16
there is actually a law in San Antonio TX that a man must wear a hat anytime he is outside until 7pm ... it is a very old law and not enforced but makes a lot of since

keroji s - 2017-09-09
Here in thailand, i just develop an immune to heat.

Luís Jardim - 2017-08-27
The hat you showed is a definite no. Sorry man, doesn't lock that good on you, get something a bit bigger

David Lobo - 2017-08-21
IM surprised the ministry does not have hats......

The frog 769 - 2017-08-18

.Liam Grogan - 2017-08-13
What do you recommend for 35-40years old. Thanks

jeffrey Everhart - 2017-08-12
Great Video!!

Dahvon Colon - 2017-08-11
Digging the hat 🎩😊

Crypto Crier - 2017-08-11
You're like the stylish dad I've never had - Half your tips don't apply to a 25 year old in Australia but the half I use really step my game up.

Eric Brookman - 2017-08-10
Ходить без майки

CS:GO Commentary - 2017-08-09
this mans vids are really well done, he should more subs.

Manav Singh - 2017-08-08
Make a video about use of different accessories like hats,for different face shapes and different body types.

kettah - 2017-08-08
"I'm not gonna recommend them..." :D :D :D

SSStrike - 2017-08-04
light blue baseball hat

Patrick van Gerwen - 2017-08-03
Hey Antonio, I just want to say that I love your channel. Overall great tips. But here's a tip from me to you: Next time you want to wear a polo again, you might want to consider wearing a v-neck t-shirt underneath. In this video your niples were showing.

Ziy4DP 71 - 2017-08-03
This isn't needed in England but I'm going to need this in 2 weeks cos I'm going to Dubai and it's meant to be 50 degrees

Ethan G. - 2017-08-02
Very useful. It's been 30C the last few days where I live. Greetings from Vienna!

Carlos Andres Zapata Cuervo - 2017-07-27
I know that style is the target right here but I´ll go with the running shoes, I hate loafs and boat shoes!! (just my opinion) keep up the good work!

James Sunderland - 2017-07-20
wear shirt that is light color, you don't want it's color too dark and take all the heat to your body.

TheDannyAdventures - 2017-07-19
those shoe at 8:10 are sexy!!! O.O

TheDannyAdventures - 2017-07-19

Craig Sampo - 2017-07-18
Wait!!!! You're in Wisconsin?????

Yashaswi Pradhan - 2017-07-17
the hat and the socks part were nice

Snackme - 2017-07-15
lol this is the only video that Antonio is wearing any kind of clothes under the waist.

MrBrunob219 - 2017-07-09
Dude, just get rich or get muscles...

Bugumir - 2017-07-09
I have a question: do perforated leather shoes really work? I know they may not be ideal style wise but if my feet can breath I'm willing to compromise.

Nathan Enzor - 2017-07-07
No one should wear cargos, it's an unnecessary amount of pockets and you look dumb.

Gary Barker - 2017-07-03
Down south, working in the sun, had to put function over style. Rule # 1 keep the sun off your skin. Start with a straw Panama hat. Land Surveying my "uniform" was a white military style white cotton shirt over a cotton tee shirt. Tee shirt would hold some moisture while the outer shirt let the breeze blow through. Lowered my temperature and still managed to look professional. I wore cotton khaki long pants. Footwear was appropriate for the terrain. Often high top leather snake boots. Check out old movies about people in warm climates. Light colored loose fitting clothes for comfort. I wear light colored camp shirts and khaki pants when I am out in the sun these days.

owen jay - 2017-07-02
Love all your vids Antonio, perhaps one day you could consider a detailed vid about linen newsboy hats. Thanks in advance.

Tom Berryhill - 2017-06-30
Ahhhhh! That was scary when you showed the Crocks. Never do that again!

Castiel Andersson - 2017-06-26
No hat!!!!

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