kenji55151 - 2018-01-16
You have a stupid fucking channel

momoshoe - 2018-01-16
Me and my boyfriend refer to them as tide tards...

kayla smyth - 2018-01-16
When i was a teen we got drunk in fields.

MTGrave Smash - 2018-01-16
You sir need to eat one shut up

MK Ultra - 2018-01-16
Darwinism at its finest

Jocelyn Corona - 2018-01-16
You guys are so stupid why would you ever eat then

COCK JOHNSON - 2018-01-16
Manufacture making them to look less like candy. LMFAO. If you die eating detergent, good. You are a waste of resources and don't deserve to be on this planet.

Julio César Perdomo - 2018-01-15
You look like an gorilla.. A white gorilla

Littleninja999 - 2018-01-15
Well you know what they say a tide pod a day keeps the doctor away

Angel Carbajal - 2018-01-15
people don't lessen to crampon t he is so stup**d that is for clothes not for eating that thing is killing people

Helen - 2018-01-15
Sadly, people seem to want to die. Only idiots try the tide pod challenge! Welcome to 2018 everyone!!!!!

Wise Frog - 2018-01-15
Just WTF is wrong with you stupid fuckers?

Chris Tyler - 2018-01-15
Pussies, tell them to be a real cool kid you have to do the drink bleach challenge.

Mat hick - 2018-01-15
It's going on all the news

Gamer_ 123 - 2018-01-15
Some people are so retarded these days

After Shocked - 2018-01-15
Welcome to 2018.

BbNolga Perez - 2018-01-15
I got one for you social media retards it's called the shoot yourself in the face challenge

JellyButton - 2018-01-15

Izzy - 2018-01-15
They're Idiots

Liberal Trash - 2018-01-14
This is great, just what the human race needs, retards eating literal poison and shutting down their central nervous systems

Kmaster86 - 2018-01-14
Ur mic needs a tidepod

Bill Wyant - 2018-01-14
Wtf is wrong with these kids are they really this fucked up in the head. Come on now.

KiwiBase - 2018-01-14
What has humanity come to? We went from inventing amazing things to eating toxic detergent for no reason at all!

Steve Roderick - 2018-01-14
Well well well this is one way to get rid of all the fucking idiots in the world keep on eating you dumb asses

Dan and phil are living on brendon uries forhead - 2018-01-14
Good, this is the best challenge yet because now all the stupid people will die off

Amy Hiland - 2018-01-14
What a waste of good tide.

rayanfhoula 15 - 2018-01-14
Someone kill me

Sawyer Snow - 2018-01-14
I heard this is realy good for u.👍

someparts - 2018-01-14
Why would you wash your clothes in something that poisonous?

someparts - 2018-01-14
The Dead Milkmen had a song about eating bleach, so why not? Congrats on all the views! Send them to the poop story!

Morte - 2018-01-14
How did you overcome the embarrassment of making this video

69Hollybush - 2018-01-14
I think the jackass movie franchise has contributed to this stupidity!

Skillzshhnow - 2018-01-14
U cant lie, they do look good asf

Barron The Builder - 2018-01-14
Wow people these days are so smart

Krissy Allen - 2018-01-14
2:58 actual videos or pics of tide pods

Deadpool Lee - 2018-01-14
How about the kids do the get a education challenge? Charles Darwin is never more relevant than with today's youth!

Matthew Wells - 2018-01-14
U guys need to get common sense and learn not to do the stupid ass fucking challenges like grow up and learn!

tom solleder - 2018-01-14
slow news day.......Laundry Detergent Explained.....what's next.?

TheSprinklerNinja - 2018-01-14
Real men drink bleach, kids are pussies these days

Shannon Boldman - 2018-01-14
Don't forget to wash it down with antifreeze ??

Roland Hatton - 2018-01-14
Flouride must be working

Ty-Ty Ty-Ty - 2018-01-14

Moon Wyyd - 2018-01-13
idiots they try to kill himselfs

Swing Thing - 2018-01-13
I did not think people would be stupid enough to take this meme seriously.

CherryBomb50 - 2018-01-13
Congrats, you won. You're the first to die this year from intentional tide pod consumption!

catwoman kitty cat - 2018-01-13

Botched Barrbie - 2018-01-13
You idiot

FaithPlays - 2018-01-13
Don't do that u could get poisioned

Steven Crosley - 2018-01-13
You are an idiot

Noble Lewis El - 2018-01-13

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