Classic Movie Bloopers and Mistakes: Film Stars Uncensored - 1930s and 1940s Outtakes

Classic Movie Bloopers and Mistakes: Film Stars Uncensored - 1930s and 1940s Outtakes
Classical Hollywood cinema or the classical Hollywood narrative, are terms used in film history which designate both a visual and sound style for making motion pictures and a mode of production used in the American film industry between 1917 and 1960. More bloopers: https://www.amazon.com/gp/search?ie=UTF8&tag=tra0c7-20&linkCode=ur2&linkId=2e2330f57788ff94fc8dbab62c46051c&camp=1789&creative=9325&index=dvd&keywords=classic%20movie%20bloopers

This period is often referred to as the "Golden Age of Hollywood." An identifiable cinematic form emerged during this period called classical Hollywood style.

Classical style is fundamentally built on the principle of continuity editing or "invisible" style. That is, the camera and the sound recording should never call attention to themselves (as they might in films from earlier periods, other countries or in a modernist or postmodernist work).

Throughout the early 1930s, risque films and salacious advertising, became widespread in the short period known as Pre-Code Hollywood. MGM dominated the industry and had the top stars in Hollywood, and was also credited for creating the Hollywood star system altogether. MGM stars included at various times "King of Hollywood" Clark Gable, Norma Shearer, Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Jean Harlow, Gary Cooper, Mary Pickford, Henry Fonda, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, Ava Gardner, James Stewart, Katharine Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, Grace Kelly, Gene Kelly, Gloria Stuart, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, John Wayne, Barbara Stanwyck, John Barrymore, Audrey Hepburn and Buster Keaton. Another great achievement of American cinema during this era came through Walt Disney's animation. In 1937, Disney created the most successful film of its time, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Many film historians have remarked upon the many great works of cinema that emerged from this period of highly regimented film-making. One reason this was possible is that, with so many movies being made, not every one had to be a big hit. A studio could gamble on a medium-budget feature with a good script and relatively unknown actors: Citizen Kane, directed by Orson Welles and often regarded as the greatest film of all time, fits that description. In other cases, strong-willed directors like Howard Hawks, Alfred Hitchcock and Frank Capra battled the studios in order to achieve their artistic visions. The apogee of the studio system may have been the year 1939, which saw the release of such classics as The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, Stagecoach, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Destry Rides Again,Young Mr. Lincoln, Wuthering Heights, Only Angels Have Wings, Ninotchka, Babes in Arms, Gunga Din, and The Roaring Twenties. Among the other films from the Golden Age period that are now considered to be classics: Casablanca, The Adventures of Robin Hood, It's a Wonderful Life, It Happened One Night, King Kong, Citizen Kane, Swing Time, Some Like It Hot, A Night at the Opera, All About Eve, The Searchers, Breakfast At Tiffany's, North by Northwest, Dinner at Eight, Rebel Without a Cause, Rear Window, Double Indemnity, Mutiny on the Bounty, City Lights, Red River, The Manchurian Candidate, Bringing Up Baby, Singin' in the Rain, To Have and Have Not, Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Roman Holiday, Giant and Jezebel.

The style of Classical Hollywood cinema, as elaborated by David Bordwell, has been heavily influenced by the ideas of the Renaissance and its resurgence of mankind as the focal point.

Thus, classical narration progresses always through psychological motivation, i.e. by the will of a human character and its struggle with obstacles towards a defined goal. The aspects of space and time are subordinated to the narrative element which is usually composed of two lines of action: A romance intertwined with a more generic one such as business or, in the case of Alfred Hitchcock films, solving a crime.

Time in classical Hollywood is continuous, since non-linearity calls attention to the illusory workings of the medium. The only permissible manipulation of time in this format is the flashback. It is mostly used to introduce a memory sequence of a character, e.g. Casablanca.

Likewise, the treatment of space in classic Hollywood strives to overcome or conceal the two-dimensionality of film ("invisible style") and is strongly centered upon the human body. The majority of shots in a classical film focus on gestures or facial expressions (medium-long and medium shots). André Bazin once compared classical film to a photographed play in that the events seem to exist objectively and that cameras only give us the best view of the whole play.

Classic Movie Bloopers and Mistakes: Film Stars Uncensored - 1930s and 1940s Outtakes



sOn flower - 2017-12-08
Hollywood has always been to distract bible says there's nothing new under the sun and man has always been sinful since fall of Adam and Eve. Jesus is coming soon and we need to repent don't be lead astray by Hollywood distractions and false teachings ...we all die and will all answer for what we've done and haven't done. Think about it why is it always Jesus and Gods name used in vain why not our own name others name or satans bhuddas name nope only Jesus name.

بشار جان - 2017-12-01

Samuel Slattery - 2017-11-21
The medieval guy with all the different helmets who holds up numbers seems like he's in a monty python sketch. .... 
"the larch" .... "the larch"

George Alexander - 2017-11-18
“I’m a surgeon goddamn it!”

Rey Nunez - 2017-10-23
it seems like these actors are all from an english speaking country different from britain, america, canada, australia etc.

J Guzman - 2017-10-09
Let's play a game. Every time,entou hear "goddammit " take a shot!

Nick Backerman - 2017-10-05
Aww nuts!

Cedric Chin - 2017-09-28
2:45 : BTW, "Nuts" was a swear word back then, unlike now. I guess that makes sense, given it's also slang for a man's you-know-whats! :D

Danger Mountain - 2017-09-23
Who's the chick at 17:24?

Jacob Alcala - 2017-09-13
Time.. Marches on

Bryan Leigh - 2017-08-31
Lot of seriousness here compared to bloopers from years later. Because film was very expensive.

Katherine - 2017-08-24
I was waiting for someone to get angry and suddenly stop talking in that Transatlantic accent... 5:49 found one!!!

Oliver Klosov - 2017-08-02
When folks said "nuts" so much back then, did it mean the same as "balls"?

RescueMe97 - 2017-08-02
thank goodness for these

Bella Blossom - 2017-08-02
39:11-39:14 the maid fell that was the best part

bangers & mash - 2017-08-01
tired of the time marches on bit

Major Arthur Crowley - 2017-08-01
and strange to think these actors are dead

Major Arthur Crowley - 2017-08-01
Only if they knew e could watch them in  the future

Nancy Main - 2017-07-28

Lily Evans - 2017-07-25
6:27 is that Joan Crawford??!
Is that Rita Hayworth at 50:23 ??

Choclatcotton - 2017-07-12
These people were probably so profane and racist.

Chris_0803 - 2017-07-08
Wow, these people were real human beings

Mike G - 2017-07-07
Great collection, thanks for uploading!

John Bowerman - 2017-07-05
What's funny is that people haven't changed in 100 years.

TheMadAnt 19 - 2017-07-03
god damn

Ravishing Lana - 2017-07-01
Isn't that the Texas A&M fight song at the beginning? Lol Go Aggies.

Ravishing Lana - 2017-07-01
Ah there is nothing like the old time hollywood. Hollywood today is nothing but big time liberals and feminists who are brainwashed in believing the same thing. I bet half of them don't even believe in what there preaching.

Anne Jackson - 2017-06-27
Does anybody know the name of the film at 23:42-23:47? I can't find it.

Peter Hawley - 2017-06-26

Heru- deshet - 2017-06-22
I've seen many of these movies and I won't be able to see them again in the same way without laughing at the "correct" scenes when they come up.

Heru- deshet - 2017-06-22
Does anyone know who Sadie Fryer was? Was she an actual person in the props dept or was this just an expression used in the business for defective props back then?

GOTTshua - 2017-06-22
Alas all of these folks have met Jesus Christ and it was not God who damned, but their own words, thoughts, and actions.

mary ann - 2017-06-19
omds can everyone stop saying they're all dead like jeez we get it we know.....it's the circle of lifee

Richard Centobene - 2017-06-11
Nice to see our future president Ronald Reagon in these outakes

Donna J - 2017-06-10
Too funny,loved this,many memories! Thanks!

Insfires man!! - 2017-05-30
"Kings arms? Where are the kings arms? Around the queen's ASS!" Lmaooooooo

Insfires man!! - 2017-05-30
"Never came up, never came back, never showed up, that son of a bitch drowned!" I love that part!😂😂😂 he reminds me of Chris Evans

Insfires man!! - 2017-05-30
54:26 trump hair floof

Jordan Williams - 2017-05-22
all i can think about is it must have SUCKED ASS to b black during this time period lol.... wow

Haunted Mushrooms ASMR - 2017-05-07
41:09 "seen him around where?!"

rooney mara - 2017-05-05
What Jimmy Stewart movie was 54:44 ?

Lady of Wisdom - 2017-04-29
These people used god damnit! the same way we use fuck! Now days.

Lady of Wisdom - 2017-04-29
I'm so thankful for these!!! Thank you!

Ken Monterde - 2017-04-24
1:02:25 who is this actor? made me laugh though

FRED ROGERS - 2017-04-16
here is something you don't hear in movies today, OH A WISE GUY, EH

FRED ROGERS - 2017-04-16

Dash Galaxy - 2017-04-15
When they break character suddenly they look and sound just like people today hahaha

tootz1950 - 2017-04-13
Wow. Lousy, lousy editing. If whoever had just left it alone as bloopers it would have been great, unfortunately someone thought that adding stupid noises and constantly repeating irritating scenes was funny. It wasn't.

Anna Burlescaya - 2017-04-11

Martin Lewis - 2017-04-11
This is wonderful! I love it.

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