IGN - 2017-07-08
What are you most looking forward to in Game of Thrones: Season 7??!?!?

- Terri

Yar Ramiye - 2018-01-08
Ewww this Voice is aids

Meryem Roon - 2017-10-29

Miguel Dimaisip - 2017-08-03
you know nothing ign

AST - 2017-08-02

Pami Kins - 2017-07-20
THANK YOU for the recap!

Vasco lourenço - 2017-07-19
Not 5 Minutes. Disliked.

bku downlol - 2017-07-17
h a v i n g s e x

Coolbrosdead - 2017-07-17
Jorah mormont of Bear Island, First of his name, The friendzoned, King of relationships and friendzone, Khal of the Great vast relations, Breaker of relationships, and father of the friendzone

EriCKson Dlc - 2017-07-17
GOT in 6 minutes and 31 seconds. Not 5. :D

Documentary - 2017-07-16
Watch 1 hour full S01-S06 summary on my channel. Relive and cherish the moments before S07 starts. Just a GOT fan like you.

PS : It includes original characters telling their pov in interviews within. Thank me later !!

Demetrius Pinder - 2017-07-16
Thanks for the recap!

Adam White - 2017-07-16
I just learned that it takes longer than 5 minutes to recap Game of Thrones.

REEZ 7 - 2017-07-15

The Lannisters were not behind Jon Arryn's death though, Littlefinger and Lysa Arryn were behind his death.

Jonathan Christopher - 2017-07-15
that is a very bad recap.

Luke Man Dude - 2017-07-15
Also, the first fifth of the video is just episode one!

Vinícius Manhães Andrade - 2017-07-15
Season 8?

schlond poofa - 2017-07-14
1:42 "tiny butt kicker"

u can't c me - 2017-07-14
valar morgolis

Eroshan Ratnayaka - 2017-07-14
The last one minute and 31 seconds do not count!

Zac Elliot - 2017-07-14
this recap is bad not because it's poorly written but because you can't condensed Game of Thrones to five minutes

LINC - 2017-07-14
5/10 too many thrones

OTSTRETFORD - 2017-07-14
It's not a secret that Jon is a Targaryen, it cuts from the babies face to Jon's in the show, who made this?

Sensei Llama - 2017-07-14


Quirky Indian - 2017-07-14
Title should be "Game of thrones in 6m 32s".

Taylor Blythe - 2017-07-14
Jon Snow is another Targaryen.

Isopropyl Harbor - 2017-07-14
Ugh, your voice...

Morgana Alexander - 2017-07-14
That was one of the best and clearest recaps I've seen. The story line always seemed too complicated for me to get into. I've been around friends while they were watching some of the more important episodes (Red Wedding, Hordor...etc) so I have some idea of how the show is. This made it was easier to follow along. I might actually watch next season.

Bob Smith - 2017-07-14
"seasons take years" boohoo try decades lol

Sean - 2017-07-14
Didn't even mention that Jon is a targarian.

imnodog - 2017-07-14
just one small detail, Ned didn't get the axe 'literally,' I guess you could say he got the sword instead...

Mr.Grunt - 2017-07-13
The red wedding still gives me chills.

Silas Nelson - 2017-07-13
Alt Shift X did it properly.

Zack G - 2017-07-13

DirtyDinner24 - 2017-07-13
A Song of Ice and Fire is the perfect metaphor for our inability to come together against the threat of climate change.

Billy Mattson - 2017-07-13
goes from neds death to Tyron being betrayed, which is like 3 seasons

Michael Beyer - 2017-07-13
This was just messy bullshit. I could improvise this shot better than you. if you have no idea about the world and the story just shut up but no you need the clicks so you have to do this video right before the next season

Peter Horne - 2017-07-13
AHHHH the time line is so messed up

Bombastic - 2017-07-13
this was terrible you guys left out alot of important characters and events and keep mixing the story up

free Eroge games - 2017-07-13
cd projekt red needs to make a game of this series

Dark Choco - 2017-07-13
Thats how you convince someone to watch got, or at least explain whats the trouble. It would be amazing if the video will be subtitled.(its ok in english too;sorry for mistakes)

LeoGrayel - 2017-07-13
Why am I watching this? I've rewatched GOT 4 times hahaha

Joey - 2017-07-13
lul where is house tyrell and martell?

trog lodyte - 2017-07-13
Jesus, skipping forward, I only need to know the last episode or two...| just skipped forward and it has barely any details from the last episode. Waste of time video.

aikredrabbit - 2017-07-13
implications? that was verification... don't cover subjects you aren't familiar with if you're just going to confuse people for views. smh

Saugat Dhakal - 2017-07-13
3 days remaining "A man has no patience"

Mohintosh Mahagaonkar - 2017-07-13
rename it to recap in 6 mins

Danderson - 2017-07-13
Isn't this game of thrones last season

Richard Thomason - 2017-07-13
Horrible video, just bad

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