Dianne Heathcoe - 2017-08-23
I have loved the stories of the Lord of the rings since the 70's and I have hope that Martin will do justice to his story even in these days of opinion over load. Be true to thine own self Martin! 🚩

NONAME production - 2017-07-24
fuck you chicken

Schuyler Rhyddyd - 2017-07-14
Excellent topic! Have you done a video delving into how the Night King controls the dead? It's warging of some kind, but does he have to control them all or can he be selective? Also, what can the White Walkers do aside from fighting/killing and snatching babies. Are they just Craster's babies turned Wight?

Gregor Grant - 2017-05-15
Cregen is one of my favourite characters in the universe

Steven Jones - 2017-05-03
It might also be informative to research what he didnt like about Lord of the Rings, with the idea that he would solve some narrative problems differently.

I AM RED - 2017-05-02
I love this so much!

Thank you for sharing!

9birdstyle - 2017-04-13
I sincerely hope so. Wolf pack rising!!!

Xander Blacktus - 2017-04-13
Loved the Time of Wolves video. Keep up the good work!!

Tyrion Lannister - 2017-04-10
Just subbed

Valkyrie 0801 - 2017-04-10
LOL The .Hound at the end. Gettin jiggy wit it.

Jill Logan - 2017-04-10
I grew up loving the LOTR/Hobbit and had always wanted a live version. When the movies final came out I thought there will never be anything that comes close. When GOT fist came out I refused to read the books but my daughter bought them and shared them with me. I have to admit I was wrong about never. If there is one thing I have learned you can't stop change. I wonder how different JRR Tolkien's work would have been if he had all the technology available now. There is a time for everything and each generation has their story. Thanks keep them coming!

musab alyahmadi - 2017-04-10
Ghost πŸ‘πŸΌ

Dobsonftw - 2017-04-10
May i ask how you came up with your username for this channel. I cannot help but feel a World of Warcraft fan vid will follow the intro from a past memory of something called Stay Tuned (i think) where they did a skit about the Fookin chickens

Mikayla F - 2017-04-10
That fat fuck MARTIN better settle down and complete the story before he keels over! So many narratives to tie up and explain....he's not exactly a spring chicken!

Douglas Foust - 2017-04-09
LOL good video bud, but tbh you got the click based entirely on the kick ass channel name.

Alexander The Loremaster - 2017-04-09
this was what i had in mind

Andi B - 2017-04-09
Could you do a video on the black stone origin and on the doom

Emperor of Mankind - 2017-04-09
I bid you stand men of the west

No One - 2017-04-08
Every fooken chicken

Grace AA - 2017-04-08
Now I want Chicken πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Carole Scott - 2017-04-08
OMG - now you've made me want to binge watch LoTR series, lol. Now I'm going to watch your Euron vid.

Scout Tini Productions - 2017-04-08
So I checked out your Night's King origin vid and it was pretty cool - so hard to guess who he might be, since we can't say excactly when he was created -

woogotti - 2017-04-07
Epic video, I'm definitely on the hype train on this theory, it is the time for wolves! Jon & Arya Stark have been my favorite GoT characters since I started reading the books waaay back in the early 2000's & every time I started to read the next book I'd say a silent prayer to The Old Gods that GRRM would not kill either of them off. Well, here it is, seemingly a hundred years later & they are still alive, the book series is not complete, but I've got these YouTube videos to get me through the longest night ever! I'm happy you've come in peace to the round table with the all my favorite youtubers to increase subscribers, keep on feeding us these delicious chicken nuggets! (even tho I'm vegan, lol) A big πŸ‘πŸ½ to all y'all!

Talking Thrones - 2017-04-06
I can finally watch this now!
Great work Kyle!

joanna maria - 2017-04-06
Loving the depth and spice Nugget πŸ‘‘

Scout Tini Productions - 2017-04-06
I'd like to see something about the Night's King origin, and how he may cross the wall - I think he may be a Stark, and during a vision will mark Bran like he did , but at Winterfel , in his human guise , thus breaking the spell binding the Wall, allowing the undead into the south

The She-Wolves of Winter - 2017-04-06
Very nicely done Kyle. Have a great week.
Old Nan

Scout Tini Productions - 2017-04-06
another great vid --thanks

Brandon Gaines - 2017-04-06
nice video. secrets of the citadel sent me. keep that chicken fryer cookin. you're kicking ass

Liana Stark - 2017-04-06
Well yeah. The loan wolf dies but the pack survives. Season seven is going to end with all the Starks back together, ready to kick ass and save the realm.

mitch corbin - 2017-04-06
The possibilities of what the ending is going to be are endless. I hope we get some loose end tied up in season 7. Hopefully WoW will be out for Christmas. Q&A: Have you ever thought about doing a video or a series of videos showing where we are at in the ASoIaF books and where we are at in the show and compare them?

Ric Strach - 2017-04-06
arya is georges fav character she will.survive the last of stark female direwolves and I believe she will hook up with gendry, and it all begins again

Meena Devade - 2017-04-06

Orsolya PΓ‘mer - 2017-04-06
I think, yes. Jon will become king of Westeros in the end. Look around: who else would be, who would be accepted by every nations of Westeros in the end?
- The Northerners (the Vale and the Riverlands) because of his Stark blood
- The wildlings will never follow anyone else. The free folk would never accept anyone else as their king (nor Dany as queen)
- The Southerners because of his Targaryen side (the Reach because of Sam Tarly, Dorne is a good question, but in the books the Martells will be gone as well, and I think, Ned Dayne the heir of STarfall will be the Lord of Dorne under Jon as king. He was Jon's milkbrother, and he may know the secret of his birth. In the show it could be Bronn with the bad pussy, if she survives).
- The dothraki (the new nation on Westeros, Dany moved everyone to Westeros, including women and children) will accept him as the another dragonrider beside Dany (horse nation, they will follow the supreme riders, the dragonriders)
- The ironborn: I bet, it will be Theon's endgame, that is why Theon is still alive. He has to acknowledge Jon as king of the ironborn in the end. Probably when Jon turns into undead, when his bloodmagic will be activated. What is dead, may never die, but rises harder and stronger... Jon will be their prophecised undead king.
- Westernland: Tyrion will be Jon's Hand. Jaime and Cersei will be gone. If Sansa will be ever married again, then with Tyrion, so the Starks will have a claim and influence in the Westernlands (kind of what Tywin wanted with this marriage for the North, only backwards...)
- Stormlands: Gendry, who wants Arya as his family. Gendry will acknowledge Jon as his king and not Danaerys in S7. There are thousand reasons for Gendry to like Jon Snow, and no reason to swear fealty to Dany.
So in the end only Jon would be able to unite whole Westeros peacefully under his reign. Maybe he will have some doubts after killing Dany, but I think, in the end, he will accept the Throne and will rule. Maybe not from KL, but staying at Winterfell and that will be the new capital, I can see that. But he will rule in the end for the sake of his people, to ensure peace, law, order, to rebuild, to change the society (breaking the wheel, what Dany wanted), abolishing feudalism and build a constitutional monarchy with Tyrion as his Hand.
And maybe one day he might go back to Valyria to free the stonemen from the greyscale and free Valyria from the Doom too. They would discover all the ancient knowledge (Sam!) and use it for further development.

MorninStar - 2017-04-06
Samwise I get, Aragorn I get, who is Pip? I'm so glad GRRM includes more women in his tale, and not just as love interests. I love the bittersweet ending of LotR, it makes the story ring true. Poignant. I'm hoping GRRM follows suit as he has suggested.

Joslyn Jade Christie - 2017-04-06
Curious to see what happens with Arya and Gendry. Will they meet up again? Maybe marry?

Archmaester JGTMDJD/ Mask, Ring, & Rod of Silver - 2017-04-06
KFC, great job keeping the Hypening Express going!

I love the parallel between Jon, Aragorn (Whose Royal heritage was hidden by Elrond, who gave him a name that was synonymous with "Hope" to protect others from knowing about his long royal lineage as the son of Arathorn II) to protect him from being killed because of that Royal dynasty). I also just remembered about him being a "Ranger of the North" and becoming commander (When Jon became Lord Commander of the "Night's Watch" a once large and honorable order that protected the realm.

When Aragorn was the Chieftan the "Ranger's of the North", they had also dwindled as they had been a larger order protecting the border of Eriador. Also, both orders dressed in plain/rough attire and were "grungy" in appearance, and both lived harsh lifestyles). Aragorn was popular, named king of Gondor (Although Aragorn already knew of his Royal ancestry), but turned down the throne until he could win the wars and be rightfully crowned (a possible tie to Jon potentially giving up his title as "King of the North" to gain Dany's help.

Both Jon and Aragorn were lean, had dark, shaggy hair and both gained a lot of skill, growth of character, leadership qualities, fighting qualities, the understanding of what is really important, were taught honor by those who raised them, and learned how to bring people together for the greater purpose than glory, which is the savior of their realms.

Just as Aragorn was given "Narsil" which was renamed "Anduril" ("Flame of the West"), which meant "Red and White Flame" ("Ice & Fire parallel"?), Jon was given "Longclaw", and who knows he might find "Blackfyre", be allowed to use "Dawn". Or, just as Narsil was in pieces and reforged, Jaime might give Jon "Widow's Wail and Brienne might give him "Oathkeeper", which Gendry might forge back into "Ice" having studied metalworking/blacksmithing, and was the best apprentice of, Tobho Mott in order to give to Jon for the Great War to Come. Just as Anduril was originally forged by the great blacksmith, the elf Telchar (Along time ago, just as Valyrian steel was old and can only be reforged by a few), and was reforged by the best blacksmiths of the elves during Aragorn's time.

When named King, Aragorn reunited Arnor and Gondor (Jon, as a microcosm has reunited the free folk "a realm of men") and is set to reunite all of the realm to fight the dead (Although, Jon may never become King of Westeros or retain/retake the title of "King of the North"), GREAT JOB ON THE COMPARISONS.

I also loved how you also paralleled Jon to Cregan, who fought for honor and restored peace during the "Hour of the Wolf", talked about the earlier pact of "Ice and Fire" which has yet to be fulfilled, and how he has the honor of Ned, but has gained more experience in leading others, has been placed in much different positions.

Although Jon might not be a great "political player", he has more pragmatism then Ned and going back to Tywin's speech to Tommen, and I paraphrase, A great king knows his strengths and his weaknesses, and surrounds himself by advisors and listens to them to make the right decision. That is exactly what Jon is doing!

Great video: RATING - "Ten out of Ten Chickens taken from the Tavern after dominating Polliver and Co."

Adrian Huerta - 2017-04-06
Dude: "Needle" is castle forge not valerian steel!

JL D - 2017-04-06
Great vid. Funnily enough I watched LOTR again recently and Jon is a pretty much GOT's Aragorn. Their stories are similar and will probably end the same way. That speech Aragorn does in front of the Black Gate I wonder if they'll have Jon make a similar speech just before the battle with the Night King. I'm kind of look forward to the final season but sad too as I want it to keep going. It's been a fantastic series.

Johnny The Mick King - 2017-04-06
Yes!! PLAAAAAAACE is back! Nice Kyle! And another awesome vid as usual! kings guard out! ;-)

Shana Baker - 2017-04-06
I was already subscribed. So I unsubscribe s& subscribed again.
I. Want. Needle.

OTDA - 2017-04-06
Good job as always Kyle, the wolves are the real story in this series, how about ghost riding on drogon's back πŸ˜‚β˜ΊοΈπŸ€”

kittydreamz86 - 2017-04-06
People keep latching onto GRRM's comment about wanting to write a "bittersweet" ending, but most of the theories about it are just bitter.... GRRM specifically said he was aiming for something bittersweet LIKE the LOTR ending where Frodo leaves. To me that just means there are real lasting costs and losses. Harry Potter was technically pretty bittersweet at the end also, but that doesn't mean losing the fight.

Jon Snow-Targaryen - 2017-04-06
I like this backstory and your opinion about how it foreshadows. A time for WOLVES!

Carriezen8 - 2017-04-06
I agree with this theory good sir! Excellent. :)

Eddy Lindsey - 2017-04-06
great job! will u do a Helen of Troy an Lyanna Stark!

Johanna Bellman - 2017-04-06
Loved it!!!

rusty420nr - 2017-04-06

crazeegrlproductions - 2017-04-06
A.TIME.FOR.WOLVES. yes please!!! all I really want is for my Starklings to ALL make it through alive to rebuild the North.

Prediction second to last episode in Season 8 is titled 'Time For Wolves'. Series Finale is titled 'A Dream of Spring'.

Max Power - 2017-04-06
I'm with it.

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