007thematrix007 - 2018-01-14
all the J.C
haterz down below are funny a.f. 😅 amazing how no one gives him any respect.....he has a good game, bad game he needs to go says the haterz,..... during the early part of the season when ball, b.i., nance jr., randle, etc...were trash and t'was only J.C. who was performing well (*avg. 17 pts. per game), nobody gave a fuq about it, everyone kept talking about how lonzo this lonzo that...

if i were J.C. i'd just ask f.o. to let go of my contact bfore the feb. #tradedeadline and go where he'll get the respect he deserves!!!

Marco Lam - 2018-01-14
The only reason we consider to trade Randle and Clarkson is because we are stuck with Luol Deng

SomethingInteresting - 2018-01-14
What? Trade JC? People who said that is not thinking about the team, you're just thinking about your favorite player-ball. Just sayin...

Nicolas Dane - 2018-01-14
Randle's body control is really improving. If he just learns to play within himself, and he will learn, this guy could be a beast, a 22ppg/11rpg player easy. Just play within yourself, cut those turnovers from 7 to 2 or 3.

ClassONE - 2018-01-14
Lakers shudnot give up Randle or Clarkson they are developing into amazing players stay patient and the time of glory will come ...they just need to be consistent with 3 point shooting like the Warriors.

AXENIC - 2018-01-14
Is it too late to cut Ennis

Ferdinand pabular - 2018-01-14
Clarkson and randle no need to trade.. thats what I wish

Hamza Mostafa - 2018-01-14
4 wins in a row !! Go Lakers !!

Micah Alexander - 2018-01-14
Randle is cool with me. Mavs playing small ball and Randle can over power them. I can see if Randle was super inefficient and still doing it but he had a good game. Clarkson had moments, but you can clearly tell that Clarkson tryna look good for the next team, so he ain't tryna pass as much as he used to. I'd still like to keep Randle if we could, but Clarkson may have to go if he just don't care no more

Dominic Chester - 2018-01-14
He’s holdin me ref!! Lmao😂😂

Frankie Grommer - 2018-01-14
Randle v nganou ufc 225

Khanh Nguyen - 2018-01-14
Just when I thought Randle is having GREAT game and improve on his decision making, his last two plays once again show us why we need to trade him. He ain't no KD or Lebron, why the hell did he went with two iso/bone-head plays that lead to inefficient offense which almost cost us the game This guy has no cure for his tunnel vision man.

rence r-23 - 2018-01-14
know what.. randle reminds me of shaq.. forcing his way to the hoop

Frenix Arana - 2018-01-14
Lakers,you did it again.4 in a row.well played guys.No need to trade someone.

Sside Tana - 2018-01-14
Clarkson is selfish with the ball!! These highlights dont show you how much. Almost cost L.A the game

J. Show1 - 2018-01-14
Clarkson and Randle needs to pass the damn ball more, y’all see how Clarkson dribbling so much? .. it don’t matter if he or they both having a good game they NEED to pass the ball more imo.

flawless mr - 2018-01-14
Randle dumb as fuck

Scully - 2018-01-14

Kimloraine Sanagustin - 2018-01-14
Clarkson is really deadly shooter!,,

Kimloraine Sanagustin - 2018-01-14

Hywel Paragas - 2018-01-14

imagesfromLA - 2018-01-14
It's been awhile since I've enjoyed watching a Lakers team. Do not break this team up. They are growing up together, and consistently getting better.

Ricky porqueriño - 2018-01-14
Happy that Lakers won the game but not happy with the way they execute plays... Too much ball hugging, not to much movement from players, always isolation plays eating up too much time on the shot clock then passing at the last second...

Umar Khaja - 2018-01-14
When Lonzo and Clarkson play together on the court the team doesn’t play their best and I sort of blame clarkson

Ecoh - 2018-01-14

Bring Lopez back for cheap next year too cuz he ain’t gettin paid elsewhere, so we ain’t gotta look for 2 centers next year.. and get some KEY role players IF we gonna trade anybody... idk about y’all but I like this lineup more than

New Orleans gonna want too much for cousins, especially when they stole him from Sacramento..

Burotoy biti - 2018-01-14
Trade JC and Randle

tonton R0caf0r - 2018-01-14
Dont trade clarkson and randle ...because ds to guy is more contribute in lakers team..

The Prophet K - 2018-01-14
Randle had a good game and fans still want him traded lol.....tells you alot...we need to trade this ball hog ASAP

小Jiang - 2018-01-14
great job!!!

小Jiang - 2018-01-14
Go Lakers Go!!!!

Ivan Kulya - 2018-01-14
The lakers should trust Clarkson more in the clutch...not Randle!

zara thustra - 2018-01-14
clarkson is so selfish

Bayu Astha - 2018-01-14
5:25 Did Dirk got Dirk-ed by Lonzo? That's Ball-sy.

Pao Rosales - 2018-01-14
3:00 miss those kind of turnaround jumpshot that only Kobe mastered.

EDDYBOY Jr - 2018-01-14
how long did it take walton to start randle ? bonehead move ! Is kuzma going to the all-star game ? why does he come off the bench ?!

MrCliffhanger44 - 2018-01-14
Randle is a joke need him gone

Kid Cannabis - 2018-01-14
Jc should take the last shot instead of randle

crime dizzle - 2018-01-14
Just my observation. I love when the Lakers win and I know that a win is a win but does anybody else see that in the fourth quarter or in overtime when the game is really close and both teams are going down to the wire how Clarkson and Caldwell-Pope never likes to pass the ball to Lonzo down the stretch when clearly he is wide open for the 3 point shot? If you watch this again you will see what I'm talking about. Lonzo was wide open on a few possessions and the refuse to give him the ball. The Lakers will never be that power team in the league until they decide who is gonna the man/leader/Hero of that team.

Dank Cali - 2018-01-14
Hahaha last play of the 4th had me busting. Randle sweared he was gunna dunk when he faced up and drove in haha straight fukd up

marco moreno - 2018-01-14
Jordan Clarkson is a fucken giant orb eating black hole! Trade his ass!

mjlitratista - 2018-01-14
Its a good thing randle and JC are lucky that their shots are going in, otherwise they are ruining the plays run by Lonzo.

Johnny Pocholo - 2018-01-14
Randle and Clarkson making a statement saying that u ain't trading us.😂😅😏

陳奕瑋 - 2018-01-14
Where is IG ?
Hope he not get the injury

Jose Garcia - 2018-01-14
where was BI this whole game?? did he get injured or something

Dave - 2018-01-14
Clarkson was clutch.

Jun xerxes Ronquillo - 2018-01-14
What the fuckk!!JC AND RANDLE IS THE ONLY ONE RUNNING THE PLAY AT OT!they aint passin

Kevin - 2018-01-14
The more games I watch, the more I truly believe Randle and Clarkson aren't great fits for this system. Clarkson is a very good bench scorer but the ball stops too much with him. It's the same for Randle. Randle gets tunnel vision and will miss wide open players as he tries getting to the rim. He has a Low IQ, poor shot selection, and very little range. Most of his buckets come on wild shots or put backs. His stats are very skewed for the people just looking at stat sheets which is why I believe he has as many supporters as he does.

I will give him credit. His D has definitely improved which is nice to see. I just wish his offensive fundamentals and range would also. Truthfully, I don't enjoy watching his game too much. I don't like seeing him not make a pass 7+ times a game. Just in this highlight video you see it numerous times. A lot of them end in a score but a lot of times it doesn't. Even the times he makes it they are sloppy shots.

Joseph Daniel Batino - 2018-01-14
if they are not getting a Lebron James or a unicor like to slot at the PF/Center spot, they better keep Randle.

Joseph Daniel Batino - 2018-01-14
lavar just unleashed the lakers potential by dissing luke.

Richard Beacham - 2018-01-14
sometimes I wonder about lonzo

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