same ole same ole - 2018-01-18

olvebluetooth - 2018-01-16
What would Hillary do for the gaming community?

Patrick Schaefer - 2018-01-15
It's not that big of a mistake, he was probably talking about B-52 bombers F-35 fighters and got his letters mixed up. Sure it shows his struggles at reading but whatever this one isn't a big deal

Hans Marheim - 2018-01-15
Please leave us Norwegians out of the discussion. After all we did not elect a madman as president. The majority of Americans did.

Oppeldeldoc1 - 2018-01-15
It's funny that comedians made a big scandal out of Dan Quayle getting into a "feud" with a fictional TV character.
This sounds considerably bigger.

alphach1mp - 2018-01-15
It was that some kid wrote his speech and inserted COD references. Trump only remembered key parts.

Ke Lw - 2018-01-14
meh, I don't think this is a big deal

jussayin mipeece - 2018-01-14
that's because HIS administration DIDI NOT make the deal he is boasting about.. The F35 is a collaborative effort with about ten or twelve countries who provided research and financial support during its development . The US is OBLIGATED to sell them a certain amount if they want it.The United States principally funds the F-35 JSF development, with additional funding from partners. The partner nations are either NATO members or close U.S. allies. The United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Canada, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Turkey are part of the active development program; several additional countries have ordered, or are considering it but absolutely NONE of that has anything to do with the tRump administration.

blackmale90 - 2018-01-14
After the clean coal comment I'm not suprised

Jennifer Ward - 2018-01-14

Brandon Kaercher - 2018-01-14
Somebody screwed up his kindergarten pictures

Allard Freichmann - 2018-01-14
More lies from the orange shit hole.

Ariel CCSF - 2018-01-14
I come from a shit hole country! So what? No apologies! There are many bad places on earth! Only cnn fake news talks about skin color!

Edward Kelly - 2018-01-14
I laughed out loud when I heard this! Trump is such an IDIOT!

Maria Lopez - 2018-01-14
If trump father had not left him millions of dollars the only way he would get a job at Mc donald's is if turtles could actually fly.

johnmburt1960 - 2018-01-14
Donald's favorite video game is one where you have to carry a very full chamber pot down a flight of stairs to empty it. If you trip, it winds up dumping its contents over your head, and you'll be wearing a . . . CAUL OF DOODY!

bill - 2018-01-14
Trump meant f69 what he is not any longer getting from his wife.

Michelle Z - 2018-01-14
Might be a good idea to get him addicted to Call of Duty. Maybe he wouldn't have time to do anything else

Jimbo Jones - 2018-01-13
No such thing as F-52 in CoDAW so I guess you're just as shitty a news source as Trump.

Tango Bango - 2018-01-13
Can you say...stupid?

Dom Trussardi - 2018-01-13
RICL (Rock In Chair Laughing) We just found out what "executive time" is for.

The Good Globalist - 2018-01-13
Great, now i'm questioning the validity of the mariocart sale canada just completed with trump...

kabukiwookie - 2018-01-13
I think he was referring to the f-22 raptor.. still pretty funny.

philbio66 - 2018-01-13
What a tool. A YUGE tool.

Tara Aliyeva - 2018-01-13
I always count on trump to make me FALL TO THE FLOOR LAUGHING!

Carson Fijal - 2018-01-13
Trump actually did approve that F-52 deal, and after that, he started working on a deal to sell some TIE-Fighters and Star Destroyers. Death Star Plans are still underway.

Vincent Gayder - 2018-01-13
He is an insane, senile, delusional elderly man. So why is it even surprising he doesn't know what he sells to other countries? He thinks he sold imaginary futuristic military weapons from a video game based 100 years in the future... which sounds normal. He will be okay making mistakes, and even outright lying... as long as he is President, and doing something, even if he doesn't know what he is doing.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes - 2018-01-13
Heโ€™s a disgrace to America. He lives in a 1% fantasy land. Must be nice to be so uneducated and stupid while calling himself a โ€œgenius.โ€

M Franklyn - 2018-01-13
This fraud of a president is telling classified information to anyone who will listen to him long enough.

jerry Miller - 2018-01-13
Why does he act so much like Hitler? (acting like a buffoon and Throwing lies at the wall like a Orange Orangutan Flinging Poo!)

MrRamazanLale2 - 2018-01-13
He launched chocolate f52 missiles heading for Iraq

Lawrence Beal - 2018-01-13
Failing Trump is too stupid to be real. What kind of โ€œmanโ€ can Lie constantly and feel nothing when he is caught?
A man who has no shame.
Sad for America.

Kazadi Kashama - 2018-01-13
If you didn't have enough evidence that Trump is actually a manchild, well now you do

KJ Ritua - 2018-01-13
i'd be amazed if a supporter can rephrase what Trump just bragged about selling an F52

Richard Lee - 2018-01-13
The potus wasn't playing COD Advanced Warfare, he was playing COD WW2. He meant to say he was selling the B-52 air fortresses, because Hitler is getting closer and closer to Norway. A big ass war is coming, that's what the reporter quoted.

Wroom Wroom - 2018-01-13
Guess Iโ€™m a troll but you liberals are morons looking for anything to bitch about. Tolerant ( bullshit ) compassionate ( bullshit ) Hypocrites ( YES ) Liars ( YES ) need to be bitch slapped ( definitely). From an independent voter

mine own - 2018-01-13
Must have fjords on the brain, in one week he's selling them fictitious fighters then later on he's yearning for more immigrants from there . Has the trump got Norwegian wood ?

horizon592 - 2018-01-13
Madder than a cut snake.

Lada Riva - 2018-01-13
Whats the big deal? I find it pretty funny.

Turey Taino - 2018-01-13
I don't think he plays COD, that would cut into his Fox watching time.

Elaine Brooksbank - 2018-01-13
Maybe what he said was covfefe which only a select group of people understand. And this is a guy who claims to be the world's greatest negotiator, like a smart person and a stable genius. He hasn't got a clue what better negotiators than him have sold to Norway - or Normay as this sloppy administration put out in an official statement. I wouldn't allow letters to go out to clients with a typo because it looked unprofessional. But, if you look where the 'W' is compared to the 'M' on a qwerty keyboard they can't even claim it's a typo - it's just one example among many on how incompetent this White House is.

Carl Taylor - 2018-01-13
This week he's making a bigly deal with the Klingons for some intergalactic battle-cruisers.

bigunity - 2018-01-13
Someone tell Barron to stop trolling his dad

Adam Briceland - 2018-01-13
Be advised hostile unstable president inbound!!

Fei Ku - 2018-01-13
we nee that wall ....zombies !!!!

JM1993951 - 2018-01-13
Trump: Why don't we have advanced warfare? My warfare is the advanciest and my memory is one of the all time greats. Why can't our technologiosity reflect that?

Laverne Blaszczyk - 2018-01-13
This is hilarious and disturbing at the same time

jayjay nezmerize - 2018-01-13
You Americans must be so proud of your #SHITforBrainsPOTUS !!

The Wild Steampunk - 2018-01-13
One of the Great Memories of All Time (tm).

Layla Rose - 2018-01-13
This Orange Chetto is the Menace to the entire world he must be impeached, and then after him we go after Mike Pence for sure.

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