ironicsopsychotic - 2018-02-22
poor scott, being afraid of maSCOT(T)s

Ailynn Nguyen - 2018-02-21
“That’s hilarious... eh?”

shae k. - 2018-02-21
“as opposed to writing with two?”
lol tessa called him scott out tho

lemon - 2018-02-20
She is absolutely beautiful

ohhoworiginal - 2018-02-20
Lots of adorable moments in this, of course, but their laugh at Scott's statement at 0:47 (writing with one hand) always makes me smile.

Tsz Kwan Wong - 2018-02-20
The "Am I right. Of course I am right" and the expression on his face when he said it.

So cute, I am dead.

Madi - 2018-02-20
"A real romantic meal with me" hm... also when he calls her T... SWOON

Anne - 2018-02-20
Its nice to hear im not the only one dead afraid of mascots xD

cherryonasundae - 2018-02-17
So they’re not dating??

Gabby Montano - 2018-02-17
Married ? Secretly ?

Ananya Bhardwaj - 2018-02-16

Bri Bri - 2018-02-16
Scott is hilarious, he reminds me of Justin Trudeau kind of in accent and looks

belovedmonster - 2018-02-16
"That's hilarious, eh?" SO CANADIAN

Frances Bisaillon - 2018-02-16
When Scott saud “that’s hilarious EH” really prooves how candian he is

Melon D'eau - 2018-02-16

Himyan - 2018-02-15
They're so synced 2:21 💗

Cam - 2018-02-15

JJ Lin - 2018-02-15
1:52 woowowowow SCOTTS TRU CANADIAN! eh?

Shakeema Edwards - 2018-02-14
I did not know these two existed before this year and probably won't think of them again till the next Olympics (if they're still skating), but all I want in the world right now is for this ship to set sail.

Hope Varnedoe - 2018-02-14
i love them so much

B Minnis - 2018-02-14
Ok... so how are these two not dating?

peachlily22 - 2018-02-12
"I'VE READ" lololol  mhmmhh ;)

littlemisssweets994 - 2018-02-12
“Sometimes you’re just so restless....I read” and then the look T gives him YA RIGHT YOU READ THAT

Vincent Choi - 2018-02-10
She's hot and looks like Katy Perry

56dinosaur - 2018-01-22
They do a great job of portaying a couple in love, though in reality, they're not. That's show biz!!

alie boender - 2018-01-19
are they a couple

Feline Fillet - 2017-12-20
What a perplexing duo. On the one hand, their performances are incredibly seductive, but when they're being interviewed they're like siblings. Hmm indeed

Justin Chan - 2017-12-18
2:16 does this mean Scott hated MUKMUK?!!!

Ana Alice Fernanda - 2017-08-23
Pelo amor se Deus alguém traduz pra min 😓

TheBakersDozen - 2017-07-07
I am also afraid of mascots and I used to work for a hockey team and was in charge of the mascots equipment... terrifying!!

petster13 - 2017-06-08
I love that he does the Canadian "Eh" after the chocolate question 😂 So Canadian I love it!

master goo - 2017-04-21
tessa sounded and looked genuinely sorry for not believing that scott had a phobia of mascots

saranghaeerrday - 2017-04-08
Why are these guys not married yet, I don't understand....

浪Lang First - 2017-04-03
r they a real couple?

Mara - 2017-02-16
I'm on board with the fear of mascots. It is right along side of clowns

Kurt S - 2017-02-04
they are both so adorable. and they're gold medalists. man. im angry.

Youtryagain Youbitch - 2017-02-02
These two playing the newlywed game?! Just straight up trolling shippers at this point.

Doesn't mean I love it any less.

phan ever - 2017-01-27
"That's hilarious, ay!" LOL so adorable ;)

misskit123 - 2017-01-20
Aww. I've missed them in my life!

ohifonlyx33 - 2017-01-01
between "sometimes you're just so restless........ I READ." and knowing her fave kind of chocolate and adding the "you wanna sit down to a real, romantic dinner with me: poached eggs" (like Scott who said anything about romantic?), this interview has like NO CHILL. Like, UM, he pretends like he has to think about her birthday but be real, it's probably his password to everything.

Saengdao Engwerda - 2016-12-25
I ship

melanie Mietus - 2016-12-23
Aaahhhhh this was just posted... I seriously love Tessa and Scott always have always will! Anyone else remember there reality show on the W network ? Watched every episode!!

J Owen Lebaquin - 2016-12-15
this is so cute

Khanysha Coolcat - 2016-12-13
They called it the "Newly Wed" game, im crying

Syless Jinx - 2016-12-12
No wonder he avoided the mascots at NHK XD

Anna Kocol - 2016-12-11
He's grown so much😭

Audrey Pierce - 2016-12-09
Hopefully one day, they will take the "sort of" out :3

purplelilacs - 2016-12-09
"if you get to sleep.. sometimes you're just so restless! ... .. . .. .. .......i read"
ok scott cat's out of the bag ... ya fucked up

Charlotte - 2016-12-09
Aw, this was super cute. <3

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