Hot Harley Quinn Scene [HD] - Batman And Harley Quinn (2017)

Hot Harley Quinn Scene [HD] - Batman And Harley Quinn (2017)
Hot scene with Harley Quinn from "Batman and Harley Quinn" 2017 movie.

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Hot Harley Quinn Scene [HD] - Batman And Harley Quinn (2017)



OzzyOscy - 2018-01-16
*Batman using his special flashy investigative tech to recreate the scene of the crime*

*Batman narrows eyes at Nightwing*

EPIC WHOCARES - 2018-01-15
Oh hh joker

Comic lover does stuff - 2018-01-15
Ok Batman's reaction was hilarious....... just putting that out there

Can You Feel My Formuoli Mr Krabs - 2018-01-15
Low key proud?

That One Duck - 2018-01-15

Devan Gamer boy - 2018-01-15

BENYT extra gamer - 2018-01-14
And dat how robin made ppl

Panic! At the Green Fallout Chemical Piløts - 2018-01-14
Was this for kids?
Nightwing literally got a boner from seeing harley in her underwear and after they... well...

thndrct218 - 2018-01-14
I wish I had a Harley Quinn in my life

Thiccpyrocynicalroblox Shrek is leafy is Pepe - 2018-01-14

James Mateos - 2018-01-13
Damn Batman is such a cockblocking piece of crap

Lezi Liza - 2018-01-13
Harley Quinn sound like Luis or Louis from family guy

Littlest pet shop Family - 2018-01-13
i need to pee

kuadguygaming - 2018-01-13
I think dick wanted some friends

charlotte hulewicz - 2018-01-12

metro timez - 2018-01-11
He got a boner

barry allen - 2018-01-11
the things i do for gotham lmao 😂

miloasebastian - 2018-01-11
Oh don't give him that face Batman, we all know you fucked batgirl

David Sesay - 2018-01-11

Talia Medrano - 2018-01-11
I think Harley and Nightwing will be a great couple, because I know Harley had her eyes on him believe me

Fe Barnuevo - 2018-01-10
hehehe giggity

Dragon hunter69 - 2018-01-09
I think she saw his boner

DONALD DUCK - 2018-01-09
Did you get what you needed XD

i love bears a.k.a james - 2018-01-09
Dick got some pusshy to night

MrWhatdafuBOOM - 2018-01-09
Who's that one horny writer that keeps putting sex in these animated Batman movies?

Colm Gallagher - 2018-01-08

Ann Markus - 2018-01-06

CRAZYFUN 007 - 2018-01-06
Thats robin

Jonathan Foster - 2018-01-06
Did then have sex

The Creed - 2018-01-05
The maker of this movie made Dick's name more sensible

Roland Deschain - 2018-01-05
Isn't this technically rape?

JordiCR91 - 2018-01-04
Is that Melissa Rauch as Quinn??

danny bravo - 2018-01-04
Heh heh heh Alright

HellRiver92 - 2018-01-04
Wang... My name is Night Wang

SlayQueen 17 - 2018-01-04
Jeez, keep it in your pants nightwing.

bala maturi - 2018-01-03
Hey u who made this video kiss a boy are a girl in the lips

Ash Lee - 2018-01-02
I wish I was him she is so fucking hot I am a lesbian bitches

Ash Lee - 2018-01-02
Omg she thought Batman and robin were gay

Carlos Rivera Jr - 2018-01-01
Lol. Can't believe I never seen this before.

Lunar Sight - 2018-01-01
Once the movie was over.

Dick: Bruce, I'm sorry about the whole Harley thing. I never me-..

Bruce:...I'm so proud of you, Dick. It was super irresponsable, but I'm still so proud of you.

Richard Scott - 2018-01-01
She wanted some

no no - 2018-01-01


XxBioshockxXgod13 - 2017-12-31
This gives my pants all kinds of hoopla!!!

Robloxian Pro - 2017-12-31

Electric Fan - 2017-12-31
Do someone need me? because its really hot!!!!

Umbra Ophidian - 2017-12-31

Breeze The Golden pikachu - 2017-12-31
Me and my friends friend got this and did not know this was in it

Michael Provencial - 2017-12-31
I'm starting to think that maybe all female Supervillans aren't so bad

paulborri - 2017-12-31
Tara Strong would have done better than Melissa Rauch as Harley Quinn. Why didn't Tara voice Harley anyway?

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