Katrick S. Haris - 2018-02-14
Just saw the episode since it got leaked. Ar ya reunites with Santa and Brandon. Jon Snow convinces Darkener that white walkers are real

Learn colors with drawing - 2017-11-28
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Alexandru B. - 2017-10-28
What's the name of the music?

raheel ahmad - 2017-10-21
I want to see Tyrion Lannister as a King . The king of seven kingdoms

Oh Shat - 2017-10-06
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Amal S - 2017-10-01

Aditya Chatterjee - 2017-09-27
Yayyyy Dany go kick some Lannister butt

Kemily Play - 2017-09-14
eu gosteii quem gostou curti

Emmet Mindkoff - 2017-09-05
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garrett stewart - 2017-08-29
What song is this? I've tried everything to find it

Jose Calvo - 2017-08-19
where can i watch the ep??

Matt Fitzpatrick - 2017-08-18

Legion for we are Many - 2017-08-11
No animals were harmed. American Humane.

Morad Asakli - 2017-08-11

MrOpanrs - 2017-08-10
If a dragon dies, will it have to be burned or risk the chance it will come back as a white walker?

Seekii - 2017-08-10
I thought Reek is going to save his sister when I saw him tugging the boat to the shore...

mystery shack - 2017-08-09
This "Bend the knee" shit is getting old, fast.

santi monica - 2017-08-09
Klikkaa tästä täysi jakso 4 >> https://twitter.com/ainunromadhani/status/895270316275933185

click here full episode 4 >> https://twitter.com/ainunromadhani/status/895270316275933185

Klikkaa tästä täysi jakso 4 >> https://twitter.com/ainunromadhani/status/895270316275933185

click here full episode 4 >> https://twitter.com/ainunromadhani/status/895270316275933185

am muha - 2017-08-09
Bronn should be die. killed by dothraki.

Gil Lopes - 2017-08-09
Finalmente.....pra mim ja é o melhor ep da temporada..Daenerys é foda,,,

Jiju Ps - 2017-08-08
oooh fuCK yea... tHIs wAs ePIc... sNOw sTrateGy..thiS eP..!! tHe bEsT
wHy diDnt MaRtiN kIlL BRoNN...

Foghorn Films - 2017-08-08
This trailer does not even let on as to how Epic this episode actually was!

Kingslayer - 2017-08-08
Tyrion: "You still have the largest army."

Dany: "Who won't be able to eat because Cersei has taken all the food from The Reach."

Within 3 minutes of the battle, Drogon destroys the entire food supply.

She asked Jon for advice. He offers a wise one of being no different. She still doesn't listen to him.

SMH. Dumb bitch.

Troy Wigal - 2017-08-08
Holy SHIT it's about time

Star wars uploader - 2017-08-07
Shortest and the best episode of GOT i have seen

Seb B - 2017-08-07
Bloody hell this episode was the best!

Adisak Liawcharoensirichai - 2017-08-07
You mad like your father my queen hahahaha

Brandon Styles - 2017-08-07
One of the best episodes 👏😭😍

Christina Jensen - 2017-08-07
Bronn will always be one of my favorite characters! Fucking boss :D

Vaibhav Singh - 2017-08-07
Dakarus... I don't know what I am gonna do when GOT ends

Christian Gunawan - 2017-08-07
This episode reminds me of The Desolation of Smaug, but Smaug wins.

PhuTiT Eiei CHaowiLai - 2017-08-07
Damn, bronn almost got it.

MisterBlueSky1000 - 2017-08-07
what happened to the unsullied on the rock?

Harshal Patil - 2017-08-07
i remember in season 4 e10 old three eyed raven saying to brandan stark that he can never walk but he will fly what happened with that statement????

manar yasmati - 2017-08-07
This fuckin episode got me speechless

Nikola Veljovic - 2017-08-07

Crazy Dude - 2017-08-07
Weren't the dothraki enough to beat the lannister army?, why did she have to go there herself with the dragon? it was kinda stupid, she almost got killed twice. Jaime could have easily throw the spear at her and kill her.

Tanaya Mohanty - 2017-08-07
What just happened?!!!! WTF!! I just finished watching episode 4!!! OMFG!!

Kingslayer - 2017-08-07
Just when I thought it was just a pretty good GoT episode watching the Stark children reunite, I get blown away. Might be better than Battle of the Bastards. Badass scene after badass scene. Best episode I have even seen on TV. I really thought Jamie and Bronn were going to die. Going to replay it again. I still can't believe what I saw. First time Jamie and Dany were in the same frame and with Drogon. Fuck yeah!

shizukagozen777 - 2017-08-07
Gosh it's was SO GOOD !!! *orgasm*

Manny Varg Hispania - 2017-08-07
Dangggg this was brutal... No, I can't believe she..... then I was like Yes!!! but No!!! then Yesss but ah!!! then OMg!!! then NO!!! I can't!!! And finally, you Idiot! BEST EPISODE EVER

Then and Now Top Celebrities - 2017-08-07
Podrick should have a word with John Snow before he jumps at Khaleesi

Nimmala Pradeep - 2017-08-07
I just watched

Morgan Smith - 2017-08-07
I'm not liking the looks Sansa is giving Arya while she's practicing with brienne. Perhaps it's because she's realising how changed her siblings are. Also Jon Snow looks like he just wants to defeat the White Walkers and go back to being dead. I absolutely hate how mad danerys is becoming. I think she'll end up like her father unless she has Jon by her side to even out the evil in her. Her goal is to kill and burn and take the throne. She's not gonna make a good queen though because she has no idea of how to rule. I hope she loses all her dragons and her army abandons her. Or i hope jorah mormont comes back and advises her before she starts burning people and houses to the ground for not bending the knee.

Zain Ali - 2017-08-07
Where tf is the Episode 5 preview?!?!

DieHard PVP - 2017-08-07
This is why I hate game of thrones im on season 6 and they releasing spoilers everywehre!

The Trump News Network - 2017-08-07
50 minutes of fucking show? we waited practically a year and a half and you think 50 minutes is a fucking show? are you fucking kidding me? EPIC FAILURE!

Jesus Christ - 2017-08-07
Who’s here after watching ep4 OMFGGGGGGG , they owe us 7 minutesssss WTFFFFF

Matoaios - 2017-08-07
This is funny because 25% of us have already seen it lmao.

TheGrandMgM - 2017-08-07
Danaerys is so fucking dumb. She should have taken king's landing by now. She had all the odds in her favor with all her armies. Stannis is rolling in his grave. Dany deserves to lose now, but I see why the show made her lose all her allies and make the show close. It's probably to make Jon and Dany team up and take the iron throne.

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