Sean Fulton - 2018-02-11
The cuse was good and deep this was there best team

Locker Room - 2017-12-25
OH,it's the first time i ever seen Syracuse Orange Melo Jersey in game,so hot in my store,yes it's really beautiful

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
Lee f'ing stepped into his 3. He goes straight up? Warrick doesn't touch it

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
This is torcher. KU cuts it to 80-77 with 1min remaining. Jesus, KU was 11/29 on free throws. Like I said, KU just hits 50% of free throws? KU leads 82-80. Think if Kansas hit 70% ???? KU up like 85-80, 1min left

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
I actually talked to Jeff Graves about this game 3 years later. Ran into him at a bar in Kansas city

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
Plus Cuse played like a veteran team whole 2nd half, when early in 2nd half Cuse could've fouled when veteran Kansas team cut it to one possesion with 18 mins remaining

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
I'm not gonna say "Roy Williams was out-coached." He wasn't. Actually coached well, especially after halftime. Kansas just missed too many ft's.

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
free throws!!!!! The most important stat in college basketball. The ability to add to a lead, cut into a deficit or tie a game while clock is stopped.

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
This game hurt, but my worst loss as a Kansas Jayhawks basketball fan has to be Elite8 2011 vs VCU. Kansas was stupid deep that season, free throws missed and VCU hit like 23 threes

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
KU even with horrible free throws shooting? Langford not playing for 94% of 2nd half? It was huge. He fouled out with 19pts. Langford doesn't get in foul trouble and plays 40mins? He scores 30pts and KU prob wins

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
Kansas missed 8 straight f'ing free throws in 2nd half

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
Give Cuse thier credit. They hung in the Tournament with a young team and it was just meant to be. Cuse almost lost to Auburn in 2ndrd. Langford sat on bench fr 18 min mark to 8 min mark in 2nd half,lol. Kansas had no chance. With Langford sitting that long plus Simeon out entire game? That's 28ppg on bench

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
this is painful to watch, but life as Kansas fan.
Rock Chalk

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
Wayne Simeon on bench hurt. He averaged 15ppg, 8rpg for Kansas that season. KU wins with Simeon

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
Most beautiful running Kansas team ever

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
Plus main thing,? Hinrich. He just wasn't himself.

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
Kansas cuts it to 55-52, Cuse misses shot and Collison snags rebound but then losses it back to Cuse. Melo then gets it and is fouled. Melo hits both freebies, goes up 57-52. It was huge cuz KU was on a 11-2 run b4 those free throws. It was like a "timeout" for Cuse with 2pts added.

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
Langford picking up 4th foul, 18 mins remaining in game was huge

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
McNamara+Kansas terrible FT%=Syracuse wins

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
I swear, if stats people added up "most 3 pointers given up" in NCAA Tournament games in 21st Century? Kansas would be #1 by a loooooooong shot

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
Also? Didn't help future National POY in Wayne Simeon was hurt this game

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
Hinrich knows he should've taken last shot. Kirk was squared up and he makes those "beyond NBA 3s" all time

Karma Houghton - 2017-12-16
Kansas, what a waste of a team that year. KU just hits half free throws? Win by 9

Benjamin Sargrad - 2017-12-13
Sad warrick never did nba...

Armani Smith - 2017-12-09
I miss old college games.

Ian Burke - 2017-11-30
Pretty much the only championship Carmelo will ever win lol

john roberts - 2017-11-08
Lets go OR-ANGE!!!!!

oopalonga - 2017-10-31
wow these announcers need to get off CA's dick. 34:10 was def. flaggrant foul and he tried ot play it off otherwise

Hey Joe - 2017-10-31

Karma Houghton - 2017-09-13
If Kansas just shoots 50% fr Free Throws? Jim Boheim is still looking for his 1st National Title.

Karma Houghton - 2017-09-13
Kansas? 4/17 Free Throws in 2nd half. Lolololol. It's without a doubt the difference in the game

Karma Houghton - 2017-09-13
THE MOST IMPORTANT part of college basketball. Free throws. Can you make pts while clock is stopped? Kansas just wasn't able to

Karma Houghton - 2017-09-13
Very simple. FREE THROWS. KU makes em? Kansas wins

forgotaboutbre - 2017-07-24
Make your free throws kids

Scott Martin - 2017-07-21
Well, obviously the discrepancies were (I can't believe by the way) how many free throws KU missed; 10 in a row at one point. If they made more, the game could be much closer (maybe even tied) at times in the 2nd half; The foul call, to foul-out Langford was big too. In my opinion its a no call. A ref is going to call a cheap foul like that in a National title game? Really? This game was great to watch again. Might be the only chip Melo is going to have. Too bad  Detroit didn't pick him 2nd overall; instead he goes 3rd. ...Darko really created a butterfly effect. From all this history, back then. If owners and GM's don't learn from these horrible "bust of the century like stuff" your in the wrong Business, or just shouldn't coach, or make decisions. Just ask Isiah Thomas from his time with the Knicks and MJ with the Bobcats, plus right before he retired in 03' on the Wizards with Kwame.

CrusaderBricks - 2017-07-15
Macnamara can shoot, literally carried Carmelo

Anthony The_wr - 2017-06-30
#15 look like he could be good in the nba but im not sure... Might be a bust

Trey Belcher - 2017-04-15
back when i thought melo was going to be better than LeBron !lol smh!

Clint N - 2017-04-03
collison sucked

K A - 2017-04-02
Carmelo went to Syracuse because he knew he wouldn't have to play man to man defense

The Observer - 2017-04-02
Just one of those times the better team did not win.

RepinYanksForLife - 2017-04-01
Who's watching 2017 😏

David Zarracino - 2017-03-20
if only melo would have been drafted by the spurs he would have been taught right.

Stephen Szymanski - 2017-03-18
lol... AOL

Jeezus C. - 2017-03-13
I just want melo to bring one for New York just one

Blackjack115 - 2017-02-23
A historic night for Syracuse and the great state of New York!

Ray D - 2017-02-20
I remember thinking FINALLY!

Dominic Leon - 2017-02-20

Iconhulk - 2017-02-19
stolen from Kansas.. Melo what a punk

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