"Rex" - Botulism - Day 4

"Rex" - Botulism - Day 4
He improves faster than I had hoped for! He is able to swallow now, 5 days after he first became paralyzed.
No need for further i.v., we just have to keep him comfortable and let the time pass!
"Rex" - Botulism - Day 4



vicky jones - 2017-12-14

Lisa Mbarak - 2017-11-28
Lol dems puppies!!!

Carol Handy - 2017-04-12
Yeah! Go Rex!

Green Eyed Phoenix - 2017-03-15
I couldn't help myself, I laughed out loud when Micha pulled away the puppies and stated they had their own food "right over there." Placed them by it then they immediately pounced back over to Rex's bowl. Such cute little scamp's those puppies are. Glad to see Rex improved and in the next video Micha gave him the OK to go home. Amazing work as always from Vet Clinic Gambia!

Azure Marsh - 2017-01-09
do you get revenue from the adds that play before the video?

Love dogs - 2016-12-28
0:18 wait the medium sized dog on the right is that the dog that walked into the clinic compound with mange?

Cheshire Cat - 2016-12-27
what a good dog too rex allowing the puppies to eat with you.

mom2huskies - 2016-12-22
I am happy Rex is doing better. Thank you for taking care of him.

Vanessa D'Amico - 2016-12-22
Just subscribed. Love this channel!

Ronda Hodgden - 2016-12-20
can you send me one of those puppies Dr Micha!!!!! BTW WONDERFUL JOB as always!!!!

Peter B - 2016-12-20
You should definitely check this out https://goo.gl/cQrzKs

TOBI OBITO - 2016-12-20
Hahahaha those lil trouble makers. Awesome video.

Rex is like : get awaaayyy!

14Aymara - 2016-12-19
Getting better. Great!!!

TheDandyWarlocks - 2016-12-19
<3 so glad to see he's doing better!

Cranky O'Lady OleLady - 2016-12-19
You guys work miracles everyday. Thank you soo much

Eric Thomas - 2016-12-19
too funny , he may be down but he is not out ..he growled to protect his meal , you tell those puppies Rex! =)

eponack - 2016-12-19
Is this a second of your channels?
They have millions of viewes and if it is stolen than that is a lot of money lost to your clinic.

Sara Williams - 2016-12-19
yay! p.s. I would like the light tan puppy! lol

Erin Wyn - 2016-12-19
Rex is happy to share :) Love Clinic in GAMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this channel and Michael your humor rocks even in the bad situations you get me lol esp with noises

Erin Wyn - 2016-12-19
Awesome!!!!!!!!! He looks great!!!!!

Doberman Service Dog Team - 2016-12-18
I'm glad Rex is doing better! Those puppies! So cute.

Denise Toepel - 2016-12-18
Wow, that's awesome the he is trying to eat now... go team Rex!

Cheri Tessman - 2016-12-18
haha puppy clean up!

MusikNLyfe - 2016-12-18
Happy to see he's doing much better.Kids always want your food.Its universal...

Wanda Steeves - 2016-12-18
Awe Merry Christmas doc it friggin minus 40 below zero here in Calgary Alberta Canada, burrr.. TY for all you do for the dogs!

The Nameless Husky - 2016-12-18
amazing! and the puppies want to eat his food! sick of the puppy food huh? cute.

Crackshot Diva - 2016-12-18
Grumbling at the puppies after his food, not surprised I would be grumpy if I hadn't eaten or been able to drink for 4 days lol

Caroline Smith - 2016-12-18
So happy Rex is progressing. I loved watching you trying to keep the puppies away. I think you need a 3rd hand.

Jonesy's Zoo - 2016-12-18
Another VCG miracle. I love the dedication you guys have to all of the animals under your care.

watergoddess9 - 2016-12-18
the puppies are funny! They have their own food but they want to share with Rex :)

Sarah Coletti - 2016-12-18
Dr. Micha you are an angel and the world is a better place because YOU are in it! Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas! 😄💖⛄❄☃🎄🎅👼

Patty M - 2016-12-18
Thank you Dr. I just adore German shepherds, I raised 3, I won't say I owned them but they owned me lol. But shepherds are such loyal smart souls ❤️ Get well soon Rex ❤️🐾

Angie Dutton - 2016-12-18

2358abc - 2016-12-18
Micha is simply miracle doctor. We love you Micha!

Marina Garrison - 2016-12-18
So happy to see Rex is doing better.

Angel For Animals - 2016-12-18

A - 2016-12-18
thank you for updating us

NA suzy Q - 2016-12-18
yay Rex! eat if the puppies will let you... lol! gotta love em. thank you for being there for all of these guys. best vet ever!

tigerwoman484 - 2016-12-18
Greedy puppies taking his food

Subscribe to the other Bladed Wolf - 2016-12-18
aw the puppies were so cute

Erin The Tank - 2016-12-18
Awesome video!

teresa ruzycki - 2016-12-17
Wonderful, just wonderful.

Julie Newman - 2016-12-17
@micha does the toxin clear from the system or does Rex need to develop new synaptic terminals? how does the toxin work?

William Weaver - 2016-12-17
This fills my heart with joy !!

Cora B - 2016-12-17
The puppies are too cute!

Jeff Jentes - 2016-12-17
good work

sailoriris4 - 2016-12-17
So glad he's improving. Glad to see he doesn't have any food aggression. Those are some healthy looking puppies :)

Kerstin Stüting - 2016-12-17
Danke Micha das du ein so großes Herz für Hunde, bezw. alle Tiere hast die zu dir kommen. Du gibst Rettung, wo hier in Deutschland viel zu oft eingeschläfert würde. Man spürt wirklich das dein Beruf auch deine Berufung ist. Danke dafür......und schöne Weihnachten für dich und deine Familie und Crew.

SUZIJ5 - 2016-12-17
May God bless you and your family Micha!!!!

tara - 2016-12-17
May be you can soak the puppies food in water too as a little treat for them,since they want adult food.....THANK YOU GOOD PEOPLE

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