chloenkitty - 2018-02-21
I love his hair, he’s so handsome

Whois Online - 2018-02-21

Tiana vega - 2018-02-21
What is the name of song

людмила тищенко - 2018-02-19
это было прекрасно.....

Patricia De La Cruz - 2018-02-16
Wow amazing! 😰

deeplycynical - 2018-02-15
They move as one like fluid liquid.

ohhoworiginal - 2018-02-14
I love the little ways Tessa reassures Scott after the programme, like the ear stroke and the off-balancing hug. Beautiful piece, great showmanship.

Anne Ramones - 2018-02-14
I love the fact that at the and she caresses his ear.. I hope they will end up together in real life, I love them ❣️

KittyOrange123 - 2018-02-13
You could see the anxiety on his face. I’m sure he thought that fall would hurt the score by a lot.

klaraliontheroad - 2018-02-12

Jeanette Kritzler - 2018-02-12
Ngl they started off good but after that they couldn’t keep my attention, it was BORING

dave - 2018-02-12
theses two make me cry watching its so magical, beautiful. its like being in a romance novel, they move like they are one. to me perfect is the only word that comes to mind.

AttackTheGasStation1 - 2018-02-12
Canadian federation has placed its president as a judge in Olympic Games ( Korea ).

JoJo/Clem Kadilihopper - 2018-02-12
So Beautiful and so connected, these are the Gold Medalist in the Olympics, these are the best in the world or in History

MK - 2018-02-11
Wait, all of those Canadian flags are in Finland??

MiBones - 2018-02-11
Watch Torvill and Dean.

louis leuellyn - 2018-02-10
TOP OF THE LINE RIGHT HERE...Virtue & Moir!!!!!!

Hurrency - 2018-02-10
I watched the 2018 Olympics yesterday where a couple got first place. They did everything perfectly - their technique was flawless. I was very impressed at their skill. But it didn't move me. Tessa and Scott skate with their heart and it is emotional. They move me. They reach my heart. I enjoyed Tessa and Scott MUCH more.

Madzie 2000 - 2018-02-10
Is it just me or does Scott Moir look like Kylo Ren and Tessa virtue like Rey?

Big Hero - 2018-02-10
Anyone know that 2 songs?

jbrunnez - 2018-02-02
why am I crying

Amy Liu - 2018-01-29
This is my top three favorite performance of theirs, absolutely beautiful!

TheMediatorGirl - 2018-01-22
absolutely beautiful, if it weren't for Scott's tiny slip I swear it was flawless. even with the fall I thought it was perfect.

Taylor Chan - 2018-01-21
lol why does lau victor even still care about this? Like dude, it's been almost a year. Build a bridge and get over it. Your precious PC are the front runners to win the OGM anyway so again why do you still care so much?

Melissa Soto Barrera - 2018-01-14

Lili Moine - 2018-01-09
They are flying! So beautiful

Aysenur Goksu - 2018-01-08
Muhteşem bir danstı 👍

lau victor - 2018-01-03
Since there are several blind V/M fans try to defend their inflated score here, let me explain how scam and corrupted the several judges in those 9 judges were! The score of PCs, V/M got 58.11 after that ugly fell and shitty twizzle compared to 58.36 which P/C's perfect and moved performance. The score details of the judges panel, judge5 was totally corrupted who gave V/M three 10 in their PCs, while only one 10 to P/C. Also Judge 2 and Judge 7 who also gave higher PCs to V/M than P/C. Those blind and bias judges seems didn't care any mistakes made by V/M and put higher scores on them. The PCs examine skaters' skating skills, transitions and performance which the V/M were all lacked in this performance. So ridiculous those corrupted judges gave them higher PCs. Back to technic panel, Still the Judge 5, who gave +1 GOE on that step sequence fell, and corrupted judge 7 even gave them +2 GOE, also this judge 7 gave P/C +2 GOE on twizzle but gave V/M +3, even normal people can see how bad V/M's twizzle was, Scott was not on balance and the last one even was not synchronized, compared to P/C's perfect twizzle. So, overall, those scam judges need to be fired from the ISU and shame on those bias and unfair judges. The fair non-inflated FD score for V/M in this FD is 111 the most, 116? what a joke! And V/M's Olympic champion reputation will soon be vanished in the next season which already become the reality!

chemical Romance - 2017-12-26
The connection between them is soo special

bcc bg - 2017-12-11
This was moving...

Mariana - 2017-12-10
So happy to see them again on ice ❤️

ishtar281 - 2017-12-08
nice but kinda boring without that axel triple axel thing on court

Kat Bellator - 2017-12-03
Precioso!!! =)

El Astro Rey - 2017-11-30
They perform so perfectly each time, that a small stumble made the audience gasp and the commentators rage. I love how Russian fans were screaming cheerings after their routine.

Most Guitars Wins - 2017-11-29
Beautiful, lyrical, tender...thank you 👏🏽👏🏽

Grance's Love - 2017-11-29

y 李 - 2017-11-20
Would somebody know what is BGM of which ice skating? Too beautiful

Sheila Nelson Ortiz - 2017-11-16
love, love, love!

M. H. - 2017-10-30
So beautiful! Go, Canada! Go!

Lynn Early - 2017-10-29
They are the best in the world. Plain and simple.

Priya Narain - 2017-10-12
In my honest opinion, I feel as though V/M are lacking in the chemistry they have here, versus say circa 2014. heck even the exhibition dances. Scott has a look of indifference(?) not sure if that's the right word, but tessa seems really really into the whole dance. back then scott would say the key to being partners is to just look at your partner the whole time, but i feel like there wasn't too much eye contact being made

Polya14 - 2017-10-03
Does anyone know what music it is from 1:52 to 2:34? It's brilliant and I can't find it anywhere

mr. Skater Inliner - 2017-09-29
Бесподобно! Их можно смотреть вечно!!

Georgia Fletcher - 2017-09-16

taeunoia _ - 2017-09-09
i pity those here who don't see the chemistry between these two... not saying theres something going on (even tho id be ecstatic if there was) but their moves are in sync. theyre in sync. despite the stumbles you can so very clearly see the chemistry between them. their moves speak to one another and tell a story. their emotions are so clear in this. i think this is one of my fav performances from them

Jean merdeMonreal - 2017-09-09

Prima Sabrina - 2017-08-30
The chemistry is no kidding. They took my breath away but should admit, it'll be more beautiful with some variation of techniques, I can't wait to see their performance again, then nailed the song (let's just forget the small stumble), it can't be denied that they served so gorgeously beautiful.

Frank Cheung - 2017-08-13
what's the name of that piece of music, anybody?

Елена Воробьёва - 2017-08-05
Delight and admiration for the talent, skill of this couple! Artistry expressed tenderness and love of lovers!

maddy piper - 2017-08-03
this was beautiful

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