The Hot Substitute Teacher

The Hot Substitute Teacher
The Hot Substitute Teacher ft. Krystal Lenkova, Tom Armstrong & Richysand.
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SILENT RHINO - 2017-04-30
Seriously this is my teacher everyday

Inaayah Arsha - 2017-04-29
I had a nose bleed watching this

Commander Huygens - 2017-04-29
At 2:47, she's like: I didn't sign up for this.😯

HighBridRed - 2017-04-29
"I forgot my speech" lmfaooo bs stand up foo!

Harry williams - 2017-04-28
Did anyone else notice the dick in the background

Jeffrey Andrew Winters - 2017-04-27
Who is that teacher ?

Sagar Reddy - 2017-04-27

Jordan Mitchell - 2017-04-27
the substitute teacher is hot i wanna have sex with her

Scott G - 2017-04-27

francisco rey pacheco cruz - 2017-04-26
como no pornerse asi con maestra mas sexy quiero un baile privado

Regan Leef - 2017-04-26
u on meth

GAMING BLASTER - 2017-04-26

Frank DeFelice - 2017-04-26

Do not sub to this CHANNEL go sub to JCHAOD. - 2017-04-25
My nigga u just got pranked

Mimozyrya - 2017-04-25
Music 0:24 - 1:07?

Bronson Mccorry - 2017-04-25
good time to have a boner

ItzReseTz - 2017-04-25
What did I just watch ?

VolvoOscar - 2017-04-24
Ugly af

Albari Estegues,cardoso - 2017-04-24

1 man - 2017-04-24
Boner is a real problem like sometime Iam just chillin in the class and suddenly I get a boner and the teacher ask me to stand up and read the sentence and Iam like I can't I forgot how to read and then I hide it real quick and read the fuckin sentence

LatexkleidundPolyesterSatin FlatterHalstuchJenny - 2017-04-23
You should put on naughty latex maid dress a more naughty flapping white latex maid apron and knee-high black boots and crush a fucking shit transvestite pig together with smelly and slimy household rubbish bags in a garbage truck to death while you spit on that shit women's clothes wearing transvestite-fuck-error-freak while that disgusting peace of shit croak in the garbage compactor while your naughty white latex maid apron flaps up and down because of your nasty laughters when you see the fucking shit transvestite pig croak with masses of slimy leftovers and baby doody filled diapers under the compactor! And than you should pour all that shit into the garbage incinerator while you getting fucked hard by a pack of black sanitary workers dicks in all holes while that fucking shit transvestite pig smokes out of the chimney.https://myspace.com/latexmaidalena/video/die-latex-maid-luder-tv-show-in-den-m-llpresswagen-rein-du-scheiss-transvestitenschwein-/109967665

משה חיון - 2017-04-23
What the name of the teacher?

ItsSeahawks 25 - 2017-04-23

Aram Poghosyan - 2017-04-23
who is she? name

Poncap - 2017-04-22
"I'll fill u in..."

ii TyphoN ii - 2017-04-22
ahhaha You look like the fucking sloth from Ice Age

Al Del Rey - 2017-04-22
Good morning Miss Lenkova. It's so nice to meet you, mam.

Mathew Church - 2017-04-21
this teacher is soo hot

SeaSlug - 2017-04-21
Whats that song

chris martin - 2017-04-21
watch from 0.23 to 1.07 and enjoy lol

LittlePcGuy - 2017-04-20
name of song?

Hameed Arain - 2017-04-20
find vedo

Nice Meme - 2017-04-20
This is the definition of cancer.

Shubham Singh - 2017-04-19
which song?

Jhonatan Baudone - 2017-04-19
name please😍!!!!

megat muzaffar - 2017-04-19

belgfries96 - 2017-04-19
this is actual aids

Greasy Meatballs McGee - 2017-04-18
I tried that Spirit Fingers shit with my girlfriend, and I got bitchslapped instead of getting my hog smoked.

00M00 M - 2017-04-18
So is so hot it's like she's fake

xXRobloxGamingXx 8 - 2017-04-18
watery shoe

dE Fury K1LL - 2017-04-18
that picture behind them

Thomas the Dank engine - 2017-04-18
penis in the background

disgusting man I have ever seen.

Johnnydr02 - 2017-04-18
Lol my lord Hahahah

Myrth Graal - 2017-04-17

Denislav Kostov - 2017-04-17
Wow 0:41

Spino Saurus - 2017-04-17
If this dudes going full on Miley cirus then she ain't gonna do shit with him

Toxic_ Unknown - 2017-04-16
😂😂 I died at the part where he didn't want to go up 😂😂

daxter orange lightning - 2017-04-16
hay everybody knows that guy In the 3rd seat he's from racka racka

Ram Kumar - 2017-04-16
what's the BGM?

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