Martin McDonagh Discusses Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Martin McDonagh Discusses Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Martin McDonagh discusses his film In Bruges with Seth and reveals how Frances McDormand almost had a buzz cut for the film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.
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Martin McDonagh Discusses Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
Martin McDonagh Discusses Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri



Cloud Dweller - 2018-03-20
RAGLAN rOad.luke kelly

Ina Tralala - 2018-03-17
im undone.

Gerald Pitts - 2018-03-12
Is In Bruges mentioned?

Gail Mullins - 2018-03-10
i have a friend who insists on knowing if he was guilty of murder. you must respind she is desperate to know!

Michael Milazzo - 2018-03-07
Had the chance to meet Martin at the Chicago pre screening of Seven Psychopaths and get his autograph. Super nice guy and one of my favorite writers/directors.

Nx Doyle - 2018-03-05
Martin McDonagh's immense talent for telling stories goes back to his play writing days. I've been fortunate enough to appear in one, The Pillowman, which, like everything he writes, is just fucking amazing.

That play serves as something of a decoder for McDonagh's raison d'écrire. Tell a good story, well. Three Billboards exemplifies that ethos.

As for those who tell his story, they are all brilliant, from principals like Frances McDormand (how fucking fierce is she?), Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell all the way to those in small roles. An exquisite and great movie.

Michael Dax - 2018-03-04
In Bruges is one of my favorite movies. Glad to see it getting some after the fact recognition.

Niall T - 2018-03-04
British accent but he is a great Irish director. All his family are IRISH 🇮🇪

Divesh Mirchandani - 2018-03-03
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri(2017) Review:


StefhanJKR - 2018-02-26
What is this art of talking about nothing!?? These two sit there for four minutes and talk about 2 great movies without saying anything of value! They just talk about haircuts and taxi drivers and posters what empty fucking vapid bullshit!

Jackie Curry - 2018-02-22
would've recommended it but the ending was kinda sopranos like ending

Phil Skovby - 2018-02-19
2008 idiot! :)

PNathan - 2018-02-19
Nice how you've managed to make a 4 minute interview about a movie where all you discussed was the protagonists haircut.

Ronan D - 2018-02-19
He is brilliant . his films are pointless and have no depth and represent no one .Martin would love to think he is the next Tarantino

moli1623 - 2018-02-12
Ohhhh comeoneeee!! The movie was amazing fantastic awesomeness!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍💙

Ivan Kinsman - 2018-02-08
This bloody interviewer hardly gives MM a chance to speak. I wanted to listen to his thoughts not what the interviewer rabbits on about.

upsdeliveryguy - 2018-02-01
Just finished watching 3 billboards movie. It was a really great film right up until the end. Its literally like they didn't know how to end it, so they just ended it. No ending, no explanation, nothing. Its becoming more and more common. They think they can shock people by leaving them questioning it. The ending just killed the movie for me.

Devil Say Dance - 2018-01-31
In bruge was amazing, and 3 billboards is no different, go watch it!

ED the Happy Clown - 2018-01-29
"7 Psychopaths" was pretty good and "In Burges" was just fucking amazing. And Three Billboards is even better. One of the best movies in recent years. McDonagh is becoming one of the best directors of our time.

Irrational Man - 2018-01-27
This made me consider visiting Bruges for a moment and then decide not to ever go there

okonh0wp - 2018-01-26
It came out in 2008, idiot!

Captain Z - 2018-01-25
Abbir cornish is horrible casted in the film! Why is she the only one in the town that has an Australian accent? Its never explained!

Jack Lines - 2018-01-25
In Bruges was 2008

Diane Blaylock - 2018-01-19
I loved the movie Three Billboards, but the ending SUCKED

Hugh Mungus - 2018-01-14
3 hits in a row! Im glad he's getting recognized!

Alisdair - 2018-01-12
what's with the nervous tick, very weird, every time he mentions Frances as well

Alison Winter - 2018-01-11
No one went to see the movie ... I did 😀

Kraig Oliver - 2018-01-10
Can someone count how many times the word bruges is said?

Ramiro Cardozo - 2018-01-09
I watched "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" yesterday. Is an amazing movie. Even better tha "In Bruges". And that's saying a lot.

Alex Harrison - 2018-01-08
I didn't even know where fucking Bruges was...It's in Belgium

Wholefoodhoney - 2018-01-02
Great movie

DDK - 2018-01-01
3 movies. All great

Leo Bergmiller - 2017-12-29
In Brudge came out in 2008

Ahmad Almaiman - 2017-12-19
3 BILLBOARDS: Looking 4ward to an A+

Rigsby 1 - 2017-12-18
Seth has the best left field interesting guests

Oscar Maidana - 2017-12-14
It dosnt look like but In bruges search the True meaning about friendship.

Toggitryggva - 2017-12-07
Great movie, In Bruges. Can't wait to see the new one. And I keep hoping for að film of his theatrical masterpiece, The Pillowman. Saw it in London (David Tennant and Jim Broadbent). Spectacular.

Taylor Wachacha - 2017-12-06
I was an extra in Three Billboards! (High school scene). I met and talked to this guy in between takes. He’s a pretty cool guy. I asked him about all the gear and equipment they use. The “high school” was actually an elementary school. And school was in session so there was a bunch of little kids freaking out while they was passing by on the inside cause they all thought we were all celebrities. It’s a pretty cool experience to watch everything that goes on behind the camera to get to the final product.

gracestottlemyer - 2017-11-27
take a drink every time Seth says "Bruges"

Bennison - 2017-11-26
I don't want to die in fucking Bruges

Victor Cannell - 2017-11-26
***Seth Meyers talks about In Bruges

WildwoodClaire1 - 2017-11-25
"Three Billboards" is probably way too good to win an Oscar. I think most movie-goers, and people who vote for Oscar winners, prefer cliché-ridden scripts featuring easily identified, pure-of-heart saints and dastardly villains, with a bit of salutary, satisfying revenge and triumph of unalloyed good over black-hearted evil at the end. In short, the last thing most people want from a movie is to be reminded that the world is complicated and most of us are neither heroes or villains, vigilantism often has unintended consequences, and "fairness" is a human desire often unfulfilled.

SAMLAJT - 2017-11-24
Three Billboards is even better, blew my mind

Gg Ff - 2017-11-21
No one can fucking pronounce his name as an Irish man I'm disgusted

Sergeantpaprika - 2017-11-16
In Bruges is one of my favorite movies ever

Straddllw - 2017-11-14
If you watch In Bruges while in Bruge, make sure you also get and play the boardgame, Bruge which has nothing to do with the film In Bruge.

OldRaver1 - 2017-11-14
Best film, brilluant surprise if you were expecting an artsy film, it's not... go see it!

Khalid Mohamad Amin - 2017-11-13
Their outfits are almost identical

Imam Syafi'i - 2017-11-13
I love In Bruges.

The Mad Librarian - 2017-11-12
It's less than honest to say that the movie opened on November 10th. It's open in only about four theaters in New York and Los Angeles now. I was looking forwards to seeing it on opening day, but I'll have to wait for two, probably three, more weeks because I live at least a thousand miles from either city where it is playing. This makes me think that I'm better off to wait for it to come out on DVD and borrow it at the library so that I can get all the commentary, and not bother with the theater.

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