Philip DeFranco - 2018-01-15

TYGA909 - 2018-02-22
they probably wanted h&m to pay them some amount of money to call the whole protest off. kind of makes you question to what degree are all these protests noble and who all from the leadership are benefitting financially in the name of good things

Jakob Bryant - 2018-02-19
Am I smart? Cause I've never put tide pods in my mouth and I'm 13 are those idiots younger?

Zion Vaoifi - 2018-02-18
I’m from Oahu and it was so terrifying! I’m only 15 and both my parents were out of the house when the alert came across my phone. I turned on the tv to the news channel and sure enough it was broadcasting the same emergency message. I called my mom who was at the blood bank and was able to get home, my father though was out surfing and we couldn’t get a hold of him. Once my mom got home we closed all the windows and just gathered together to say what we thought would be our last prayer ( me, my mom, grandma and sister). I kept thinking through my head how so young me and my 10 year old sister are, I felt so heart broken over how my sister and I would never be able to experience a full life. I also felt so horrible, I was able to reach out to friends and tell them I loved them, I tried to do the same with my father but he never knew what was going on cause he was surfing at the beach. The whole experience was traumatizing, but it showed how actually unprepared we are and that we need to be ready if the real thing were to happen.

Myshalala - 2018-02-16
I don't think this guy has understanding of the racial dynamic in South Africa. You should ask "how did it get that way?".

Kaylawolvo - 2018-02-16
0:34 left picture looks like Gordon Ramsey...

Random Rex - 2018-02-15
#TidePodFree Join the squad PLEASE.

supertuber59 - 2018-02-12
Some memes are here to thin the herd

TheCactuarGamer - 2018-02-11
Natural Selection , let them eat it , let them die.

Jeffery Spencer - 2018-02-11
Mr DeFranco, quick question. If eating tide pods as a "challenge" is utterly idiotic, what would you say about someone editing out their own breathing due to the rampant decline in attention span?

Jane E - 2018-02-08
I seriously worry about the Tide Pod generation.

Mr. Patch - 2018-02-08
Is it still a good idea to cut funding to programs that would increase the average American's ability to learn?

Ze _Jeff - 2018-02-07
its just a prank bro.

also, they should change the warning message to "rocket coming,, for real this time "

Stunt Panda - 2018-02-05
Missile Alert Snafu: How many times have you accidentally clicked "Delete" when you meant to click "Rename?!" It wasn't the person who clicked wrong, it's the idiot UI designer who put the exact opposite options right next to each other.

Travis Enright - 2018-02-05
I'm sure this was already commented... But


Conner Hodges - 2018-02-05
If u still have faith in humanity I cracked up on that

Femi Awo - 2018-02-05
Let's be honest, those pods look mouthwateringly tasty.

Liz Cop - 2018-02-05
If all the stupid challenges that have ever happened, every time I think if the tide pod challenge it makes me sick to my stomach. Makes me want to vomit just taking about it

hipnhappenin - 2018-02-04
I’ve been saving a Tide pod sample for an especially big wash load.... hmmmm 🤔

HojozVideos - 2018-02-03
Everyone is going insane over rasicm debates to the point where a simple picture of someone wearing a shirt with innocent text is taken out of context by people trying to further their agenda. Or at least, that's how I see it.

Cheyenne Hayden - 2018-02-02
Why would you eat Tide Pods?! Besides the obvious that they could kill you, they probably taste nasty AF

Jonte Da Silva - 2018-02-02
Hello from South Africa. Please do not take the actions of Julius Malema and the EFF adjust your views on our beautiful rainbow nations. We definitely have our own problems, many many problems, but Julius's attitude does not represent a majority. The EFF is a small minority party, 5%-8% of the voters, that has extremely radical views and is most commonly associated with Illegal land grabs on private properties. I hope that people have done some research on this and realize this. It is a big world, with many stupid people, some with power, and they abuse this power to justify their own ends. All this does is diminishes an already tainted world view, and justly tainted, of South Africa. I hope that people can look past this and see it for what it is, a minority party grabbing attention to drum up more votes with the radical side of the general public, in a very Logan Paul-esk way. All that I can say is that it reflects badly on a country that i love and hope to see grow and people that do these thoughtless things hinder that dream. I hope that this can help clear up some misconceptions that people may have about this story and the larger political drives behind it

Otherwise, Love the show, keep doin' what you do

DeeGeeGee Games - 2018-02-01
Let them eat Tide Pods humanity dont need this idots its a new form evolution let the weak (and stupid) die to creat a better human race........

AsylasSong - 2018-01-31
I think the destruction of the store is just people looking for any rational excuse to destroy stuff, and people like that are in every single group out there, I feel really bad for the employees, they didn't have a say in what the company did but they are being punished for it. Being punished for something you can't help or something that somebody else did is the epitome of almost everything I stand against.

Joe Blow - 2018-01-30
11:40 "Let's show them that we're not just monkeys!" proceed to chimp out and break things, almost like a bunch of monkeys would do if you let them into the store. Not sure if stupid, or masters of irony... South Africa was better off under Apartheid.

Joe Blow - 2018-01-30
Jo Marney did nothing wrong...

Why does it make her a disgusting human being to say that she doesn't want Americans or black people to be part of the royal family. I wish we had more people like her in power, things would be a lot better for everyone (yes, even black people).

Joe Blow - 2018-01-30
The people eating Tide pods are the same ones who tried to microwave their iPhone to charge the battery lol...

Michael Crooker - 2018-01-30
In my opinion the "coolest monkey in the jungle" fiasco was treated with more importance than it should have, yes it was stupid, yes it was insensitive, but it also really wasnt that big a deal, it was an ad made in poor taste, not some kind of cultural attack or outright claim that blacks are inferior to whites, and i hope all those oversensitive idiots who rioted and destroyed H&M stores over an advertisement are arrested and face charges for destruction of property, and if they dont i frankly would be more outraged by that than the ad itself.

Esther the Brunette - 2018-01-30
FFS, that image wasn't even displayed in America or South Africa. It was displayed on the Swedish website. SWEDEN. Where to say there is a miniscule racism problem is an overstatement. Sorry, not everyone around there world has a shitty racial history.

Zol Galon - 2018-01-30
Facebook isn't your friend.

Patricia M - 2018-01-29
This racism problem is indeed A Problem. I want to believe whoever made the decision to put those sweaters on the kids was just "colour matching" (green goes nice with a darker skin tone and orange with the lighter, maybe), and really didn't pay attention to what was written in it. But I do understand that the world we live in is going down a dangerous path of people feeling offended by MANY things. And I don't point fingers at anyone cause I AM the same, I get extremily mad when my husband (which has a darker skin tone than mine) is looked down for the very obvious reason of his skin tone. So sometimes I think: Why does this affect me so much? My husband doesn't really care about those haters and he's way happier than me. So why do I get so angry instead of just being happy, like he does? Makes me think... We should all stop to think...

Amalee - 2018-01-29
the worst is the kid that vaped the tide pod... views are not worth permanent damage to your body

Bartmanhomerthe7th - 2018-01-29
This is just as bad as the fire challenge.

Steven Baal - 2018-01-28

Marco Tresca - 2018-01-28
black people extremely offended for "the coolest monkey in the jungle".... so they decided to destroy the store like monkeys

FirebladePilot - 2018-01-27
I slept right through the missile alert here in Hawaii. Rip Van Winkle wins again!

FucXYou - 2018-01-27
Why y'all bashing Detergetarians? It's not like they're imposing their diet on others like vegans do. Just leave them alone.

LivingAsLynn - 2018-01-27
Tide did it to themselves. Is no one surprised that this is happening mere months after Tide came out with a Tide Pod container that specifically can't be opened by babies and feature it in a commercial where a baby would have otherwise eaten a Tide Pod if it weren't for the new container. I mean seriously, they gave these kids the idea...

Ace McKnight - 2018-01-26
Why do they make them look like candy if you're not supposed to eat them

Patrik - 2018-01-26
"The world's so god damn stupid".

Well. Yea.

I've Got A Story To Tell - 2018-01-26
"But it is a bad idea to consume laundry detergent".
Amazing how it's 2018, information is so easily accessible. Yet 20 years ago we knew better before the internet was even that big or informative.
It's almost like the more accessible information is, the more stupid people are.

NidgeDFX - 2018-01-26
the sad part is this is who will have the right to vote next election.

jogdogfrog - 2018-01-26
So I guess no one remembers apartheid? It only ended in the 1990's so I can understand why the black South Africans are a little on edge when it comes to anything close to resembling racism

George NoX - 2018-01-25
for every one smart person on this planet there are 100 stupid people. im not suprised

tylerdavisacoustics - 2018-01-25

steve johnson - 2018-01-25
Kill all of these monkeys in the jungle

Danek D - 2018-01-25
People should say what the hell they want to say even if it is stupid or offensive, else it's call censorship...

LEWD POLICE - 2018-01-25
Phil I'm not like these unrefined urchins that consume tide pods I along with the rest of us with a more refined taste consume the forbidden nectar that is Anti-Freeze.

Clean Eating - 2018-01-25
Every week, I spent $20.00 on unsatisfying fruit-flavored snacks like Gushers and Fruit-Rollups – that is until I found Tide Pods. For a cheap $10.77 a month, I now get to taste the rainbow 42 times!

Alexys07 06 - 2018-01-25
The light of hell becons me
And welcome it, I shall
For one day I will fall victim to its fiery depths
Voluntary or not, it shall come
And as the inferno swirls around me
I shall thank whatever brought me here.
For it is warmer then any family I have know,
Any people
And any water.
And for that,
I thank hell

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