Miguel AV - 2018-02-15
That reporter with the red dress is like the devil. I,d never call her sweetheart I,d call her stoneheart

Lorrie Smith - 2018-01-14
Then why did Ashley Judd get so much obvious PLASTIC SURGERY??? Sweetheart!

Phillip Hurtitz - 2018-01-14
Why is it supposed to be cool to be so overly sensitive that basic life is defeating you at every corner?

GVSolo - 2017-12-24
Wow, it looks like Harvey Weinstein really screwed up Ashley Judd really bad. They can explain a lot of things.

John Sellers - 2017-12-18
This world shouldve never existed since things were going to turn out this way. God shouldve come back sooner and maybe I would have had a higher view of this world. He takes too long to return. Too many peoples lives getting ruined for petty things. Kids thrown into slavery. Men abusing women in the middle east. And here in the west women have an orgasm at the thought that they can destroy a mans life and they do it. But life still goes on right smh.

Heather Meredith - 2017-11-13
I thought she was dead

dave dave - 2017-11-05
a fooking retard who craves attention.

Kapitan Dupa - 2017-11-05
Fuck political correctness.

Valerie H - 2017-10-30
She needs to see a shrink.

art vandelay - 2017-10-29
Sadly she did get the man in question into trouble with management, and as a result he resigned.

Southern Belle - 2017-10-27
She needs to get a life. HELL, her coming from the south, she should be used to language like that. Maybe she would like it better if he said hey you Fucking bitch!!! Hope you day is as fucked up as you are.

PeaceLoveSalsoul - 2017-10-26
faux news = Fuck News, you guys are all like Weinstein

Chris Watson - 2017-10-24
Had been. Ashly Jude sucks.

Miss Alyss - 2017-10-24
I love being called sweetheart.

Miss Alyss - 2017-10-24
Bloody hell... not only smart but so very attractive .

Lorene James - 2017-10-24
This HAS BEEN is only doing this crap.She just needed to get back into the media. Needs money...

Bob Simply - 2017-10-17
Would 'slut'or 'slob' have been more acceptable....... looney tunes Hollywood airhead

UCS Collector - 2017-10-14
Like Tucker Carleson said "I can't wait for this year to be over."

The Essene not Essence - 2017-10-11
Chick what the frick do you want?

Thom O'Gorman - 2017-10-11
Everyday Psychosis............

Blonde Moment - 2017-10-09
Crazy Twatwaffle that Ashley!

barbara kaufman - 2017-10-09
ashely how about harvey weinstein

Quantum - 2017-10-07
She is bitter cause her career went to shit and her face followed.

MrBobnokious - 2017-10-06
Kids, Ashley Dudd [sic] is an excellent example of the insidious effects of drug addiction. Just say no!

BackSeatHump - 2017-10-05
She didn't like the attention? I am a 70-year-old man and let me tell you other men who may not know very much about women. The best way to enrage a woman is to ignore her. She angry because the guy didn't compliment any other woman ... just think of the outrage if he complimented every other woman BUT NOT HER! Holy shit!

Dorothy Incansas - 2017-10-05
Just another fading "celeb" feeling the need to get onto the news(again)! Has beens across the spectrum always stoop to games like this. Hope she reads this😂

lrlpercy - 2017-10-04
ah nuts.

Me Too - 2017-10-04
Just had an ephany, we are on the wrong planet. Colonize Mars and Venus...problem solved

Steven Brown - 2017-10-02
Ashley Judd looks like Bruce Jenner in that video

Darissa Parrott - 2017-10-02
"I didn't hear him saying anything about the attire of any of the other folks" So now if you want to compliment someone's outfit you have to compliment the 37 other people standing around, otherwise it's sexist. Okay, Ashley. Time to take your meds.

Rita Labarbera - 2017-10-01
No wonder she's single.

David Meir - 2017-09-30


George Whitton - 2017-09-30
Ive always loved Ms Judd being a Kentucky fan myself but bless her heart she's become a raving libtard. Must be something in the water in Hollywood. Poor thing!

joe pesci - 2017-09-25
Ashley is a piece of shit....Fuck'in CUNT !!!

begood4000 - 2017-09-25
Okay, but what about women that call men sweet heart and touch men every day? What about that? I personally get called sweet heart at least ten times a day by the women I work with. Why aren't they getting into trouble? This world has gone nuts. By banning compliments the normal courtship between men and women will no longer exist.

2006ManPro - 2017-09-24
Ashley Judd seems ....... crazy ! Unhinged at a minimum. Dana is a good wholesome American

R M - 2017-09-23
a lot of people say "sweetheart" old ladies, young ladies OH and old men and young men......what I mean is EVERYONE.Nice botox on her too.

Hollywood - 2017-09-23
.....she's a sociopath!

Candy Vanpelt - 2017-09-21
What the guy should or could have said nice dress but it would look better on a cow, or nice utters.

somuchkooleronline. - 2017-09-21
Didn't Ashley Judd used to sing on Hee Haw years ago with her mom? They had a few good hits a long time ago. What's she done now that she is no longer singing country?

Susan Lawrence - 2017-09-20
LMAO Her mama would have smiled sweetly and thanked the man for the compliment. What is Ashley'Judd's problem. I think she is taking herself way too seriously.

flashbodie1 - 2017-09-20
In my country it's hard to go on the street, without getting shot or mugged. I live in JUAREZ CHIHUAHUA. One of the deadliest cities in the world... nonetheless I feel her pain.

flashbodie1 - 2017-09-20
Stop buying nice dresses...

carol sceniak - 2017-09-20
Dana is so pretty and smart.

carol sceniak - 2017-09-20
Just a rich hillbilly scum.

David S. - 2017-09-19
Liberal people are nuts.

Billy H - 2017-09-18
Me: hi
Female: hi
Me: are you a feminist?
Female: yes I am a female

Phoenix Rising - 2017-09-17
Ashley the has been actress is not aging well at all... She looks like a chip monk with an ugly hat.. she should have been grateful that someone paid attention to her dried up self. She's right about one thing, she IS a very NASTY ASS woman. Feminism used to be about empowerment... "I am woman hear me roar." Now it's "I am woman hear me whine, I am weak and I am pitiful.!"

Victoria Hebert - 2017-09-14
Ashley Judd, A VERY troubled unhappy woman!

John Fisher - 2017-09-11
Thank fuck Dario Franchitti left her. She's mentally ill.

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