TimeforaChange InGovernment - 2017-10-09
Never canned anything. Searching for recipes/instructions to can peaches, via hot water bath. Just my luck, this is one of first vids I come across. Hoping it's not a premonition &/or warning?

Thoughts Create - 2017-07-29
i am sorry this happened. Rather safe than sorry. Botulism or any kind of food poisoning is bad.

Taylor Brogan - 2017-05-25
Botulism won't grow in acid foods such as peaches. You either had bad lids, or proper canning procedures wasn't performed and a spoilage enzyme wasn't killed off. were the jars full when they sealed? What method of canning did you do. Just curious

Sig220Euro - 2016-01-07
That sucks... any idea why the didn't seal? Were the rims possibly dirty or maybe a bad batch of lids?

horrible to see the money and time wasted. But without failure we don't get better at things.

Catherine Hatt - 2016-01-06
Now what do you do with the fruit? Do you compost or put it in the garbage? Would you feed your livestock with it? Just asking.

BobMels Gardens - 2016-01-06
Bummer Kyle. We all have out failures. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes Bob.

Just A Homesteading Dream - 2016-01-06
Had this happen to 8 of applesauce I made last fall
Putting all the effort and time in, it is truly disappointing

FrugalPrepper - 2016-01-06
It's not Botulism. Too acidic for it to come out of dormancy and the environment is no longer anaerobic since the seal failed. May want to consider storing without your rings on, so you don't end up with a reseal sometime during a temp change and have a fake seal.

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