My Boyfriend's Hot Best Girl Friend

My Boyfriend's Hot Best Girl Friend
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Leenda D
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My Boyfriend's Hot Best Girl Friend
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Music By: Samuel  Kim
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/samuelkimmusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/samuelkimmusic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samuelkmusic

Boyfriend - Eric

Ashley - Janice Joosetema 
Instagram: @JaniceJoostemaa
Twitter: @JoostemaJanice 

Bro For Life - Joshua Fu
Twitter: @thefumusic
Instagrams: @thefumusic
Youtubes: /thefumusic

Linda's Friend - Levi Sophia

Motorcycle boy - Nick Wang
Instagram: @78RS15C
My Boyfriend's Hot Best Girl Friend



Grey Fox23 - 2018-03-18
My name is Zac and i haven’t seen that girl in my life before
shes stays lying, i’m dating money

Muzy Que - 2018-03-18
That title sounds like a porn one tbh

One Love. - 2018-03-18
0:42 im gonna lick it her armpitt

Terri Spurlin - 2018-03-18
what the hell was that

Robert brown - 2018-03-17
I had two best friends. 1 I lived next too, friends since 5th grade. The other I met in 6th grade and she was my best friend at school and we had a lot of classes together, but she didn't live that close so the never met each other until high school. They didn't seem to talk to each other much at all though. Now 14 years later after they met they are married lol. Never saw that coming. But it saves a lot of time cause I don't have to go to different places to see each of them. Cause now they are always together

D Pagne - 2018-03-17
Dont get the past part. Who was thay guy on the bike her brother?

souppy31 - 2018-03-17
Your chick riding on the back of some other dudes bike? Yea uh no. Not cool

Rose Silvermist - 2018-03-17
I love the part when she hit him with the pillow after waking up from the dream......something I'd probably do lol.

DukstarGaming - 2018-03-17
Cringe over 9000

Hector Romano - 2018-03-16
I honestly prefer the girls friend

Chris Tsirigotis - 2018-03-16
don't worry girl mr toothpick ain't going nowhere lol

Julius CaesarII - 2018-03-16
I never understood this payback shit, people need to start being direct.

jannis joplin - 2018-03-15
that Asian chick is super hot

Dobrujan Mapping - 2018-03-15
He has t-shirt with Romania flag in the crown xd

llinkii - 2018-03-15
this shit have 21 mil klicks?
wtf is wrong with ppl?

DragonAurora - 2018-03-15
Oh Ashley...

Lugh Findlay - 2018-03-15
Not funny... didn't you guys do the math? The jokes don't add up.

CptFalcon026 - 2018-03-15
Wow 21million views the power of a hot chick thumbnail,,,, oh ya sidenote no guy has a hot girl as a friend while theyre dating someone its a myth

Rudy Coupons - 2018-03-14
0:05 when my crush talks to another guy

Transvester Maloney - 2018-03-14
hahahaha Loved the ending.

Transvester Maloney - 2018-03-14
Ashlee needs to wash her hair 😷😷

lernR - 2018-03-14
TBH it isn't an issue unless your partner is spending more time / paying more attention to said best friend than their relationship with you :).

Vulture Q - 2018-03-14
Contrary to what you may believe or have been told, heterosexual men and women in the vast majority* of situations can't 'truly' be genuine/sincere/authentic friends. People who say otherwise, whether they're conscious of it or not, are bullshitting themselves. There's always ulterior motives like underlying, suppressed, sexual tension, or exploitation of resources/nepotism, etc. Logically, if there were no mutual attraction or value/benefit to being friends, then the higher status person would simply just ghost the lower status person.

The dynamic in this male-female friendship is as follows:

From the male perspective, the male was originally attracted to the female in some form, wanted to be with the female (either sex, relationship, use of her resources/network/etc., largely irrelevant), but essentially was friend zoned, denied, rejected. He settles for friendship, ultimately waiting and hoping for the day that she accepts him in the capacity aforementioned.

From the female perspective, the female didn't want sex or a relationship with the guy, but sees potential or value in keeping him around, IE enjoys the attention/adoration, enjoys his resources/network/social status/etc. Basically in the vast majority of situations she keeps him around as a back-up plan. If the female didn't see potential, value/benefits, enjoy the attention, etc., the male wouldn't have enough contact to be considered a 'friend' -- the female would simply just stop all communication with the male and basically tell him to leave her alone & demand to never be contacted by him again.

To summarize, virtually every male in a heterosexual male-female friendship wants to have sex with the female or use her to facilitate sex with other women. The females in these friendships want a back-up plan or want to abuse the male's social status, goodwill, resources, nepotism, etc.

* Caveat that I concede would be friendships formed during childhood, so pre-adulthood, say 14 and under, when relationships between the genders are more innocent and not affected by hormones/biological imperative to procreate, etc. In this very specific circumstance, I could see two people considering each other as siblings and not be romantically interested in each other. Otherwise, my argument states that any organic friendship developed basically after puberty is tainted by the aforementioned.

Combatant hero - 2018-03-14
How the - - - - Did I get here?I'm a dude!!!!Weird.... Really weird... How I got here !!!!

PsychopathAlex {HATE} - 2018-03-13
@0:18 her face tho 😍

steven ramrodd - 2018-03-13

Felix Luera - 2018-03-13
yall ladies think she is his bff cause he can't get her just cause a girl is hot don't mean anything there is nothing wrong friend zoning a hot girl I got a few hot friends that I made my friends just cause a women is beautiful and sex af don't mean you can't get her she can probably be a hoe or not a type you are looking for or she can have a ugly attitude looks don't mean nothing in this world its all about how you are and how you carry yourself that's what matters to men and women

姜涵之 - 2018-03-12

Of course I wear Socks - 2018-03-12
I thought this was gonna be a lesbian movie.

Jamesha Lavoie - 2018-03-11
Who is she tho?? 😭😍

Chris 1 - 2018-03-11
Not funny

Nlobo1993 Lobo - 2018-03-11
yes ahe hot af

Renee Wells - 2018-03-11

Danielle N - 2018-03-11

Gadiflie Gadiflie - 2018-03-11
Saying this as a guy, if your boyfriend has been friends with a girl for more than 6 years and nothing has happened, no matter how hot, smart or funny she is, there is virtually no chance he likes her.

TrueGamingPassion - 2018-03-10
Ashley got no tits. Tits or gtfo.

Sirius V - 2018-03-10
wtf I never seen two asian couples in bed together, unless they are married!

INAfires BTS - 2018-03-10
I feel you.....
It's so painful. I try not to feel jealous but I can't help it..... She's pretty, EXTREMELY smart, and funny and so many other things. She's just so much better than me that I just can't help it. I love my boyfriend but I'm just so scared of loosing him. I can't help it.....
He even hangs out with her more than me. 😖

I love my Noodle - 2018-03-09
The ending🤣🤣

Alish Mograbi - 2018-03-09
omg like and sub

Kyril Suwandschieff - 2018-03-09
nice one

Sully Mems - 2018-03-09
What is her real insta?

George Kolotouros - 2018-03-09

sangh1120 - 2018-03-09
2:10 nip slip?

Shaun Rowsell - 2018-03-09
Cool bad acting tho

ScreamingGoat - 2018-03-08
Give him that thicc booty and some tiddy if u don't wanna loose him

Michael Beerbados - 2018-03-08
well that was a retarded waste of time.

Rashin Uhramo - 2018-03-08

Stephen Mcallister - 2018-03-08
Yah, seen that happen more than twice.

the wolf - 2018-03-08
Id tear ashley assup

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