Bella Thorne Wants to Make a Difference (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix

Bella Thorne Wants to Make a Difference (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix
Bella Thorne shares why having an impact on her fans is what drives her, and explains how her interest in making a difference was sparked.

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Bella Thorne Wants to Make a Difference (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix
Bella Thorne Wants to Make a Difference (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix



Christina Alexander - 2018-01-21
She seems sweet.

Nataliq Ruseva - 2018-01-18
Okay the most important thing they said in the interview was SPREAD LOVE and all you do in the fucking coments is spreading hate. Why?

kim kon - 2018-01-15
Fire her makeup artist. Eyebrows and eyeshadow wow...

Coiki - 2018-01-14
Bella just uses her platform to strip naked who is she to talk about morals

Dr Vidhya N - 2018-01-14
I just don't get her!

seolseol seola - 2018-01-13
I just cannot find her pretty anymore she looks so much prettier before plastic surgery like she was on the so beautiful back then but now it’s just disturbing to even look at her and minus her new personality

Miracle Cutie - 2018-01-13
Everyone hates her and honestly watching this I don’t know why I even myself have joined in on everyone hating her but she seems like a lovely thoughtful person i can’t remember why everyone hates her

filip b - 2018-01-11

Ally Braun - 2018-01-10
so creepy

Raven Alexis - 2018-01-08
she seems uncomfortable sitting

shivu NEGI - 2018-01-07
I'm very excited for midnight sun:-)
can't wait...
luv u Bella thorne

himselfe - 2018-01-07
Tell me more about how you're oppressed while you're walking around 24/7 with your nips exposed.

Sonicblastersoni - 2018-01-07
Really morals?!?! the first thing you wanted to talk about was how she has nice boobs lmfao

Laura Masters - 2018-01-06
bella thorne is so kind and amazing.

Karan Singh - 2018-01-04
Every 19 year old college freshman. Next.

lotusmine hyper - 2018-01-04
Bella here showing off her shoes.

-ˏˋѕαм ˎˊ- - 2018-01-04
This is the time I found out I had..

pepi - 2018-01-02
she is so cool

Paige Hilton - 2018-01-02
5:10 nipple piercing

Krysta Monique - 2018-01-01
I love Bella. Haters are relentless on her, and I still can’t figure out why? Her business is her business, yet people seem to think they know her life better than her and judge.

David Alexander Forde - 2017-12-31
"She" is like too many other "shes"! "She´s" a man!

Staedler Staedlerr - 2017-12-30
her nose is different like bigger

Cryan Ross - 2017-12-29
Why is everyone so mean to Bella? I mean, I don't love her and praise her but why all the hate? She is very attractive and I don't understand?

Second Life Around - 2017-12-29
Let's like....like be....like...like nice...like to like each other like.

Emily McEwen - 2017-12-28
when i was bullied, my mom told me it was because people were insecure but i thought she was just saying that trying to make me feel better. now as an adult, she was 100% right and i wish i believed her.

Alexandria Becker - 2017-12-28
Wow. I kinda actually like this girl. I've never heard of her.

Octavian August - 2017-12-25
she sits like a man

Rose Samy - 2017-12-25
So everyone is talking about everything except the fact She is Cuban ????

Leo X - 2017-12-22
See this is what happens when you combine jaden Smith and lindsey lohan, you get bella Thorne 😂.

Monica Lewinsky - 2017-12-21
she makes no fucking sense???? she talked in a circle for 8 minutes lmfao like she had no point whatsoever

usc trojans1987 - 2017-12-21
She irritates the fuck outta me

Judy the unicorn - 2017-12-20
hi people scrolling comments

nicelady333 - 2017-12-19
The hell is she on about?!

The_chrz - 2017-12-19
Scott Disick.... ditching Kourtney Kardashian for Bella Thorne?.....ffs

Sonia S - 2017-12-19
I like Bella but I feel like she tries too hard ?

Manasvini 15 - 2017-12-18
I've heard her say the word 'like' so much that I don't know if it's a word anymore

1204nedes - 2017-12-17
Omg she looks like a walking STD 🤢

Hapis William - 2017-12-17
that bitch is a whore

Rocko Rodriguez - 2017-12-16

Linda - 2017-12-15
"like everything that's going on like . Women's rights - super important"
Yes yes and world hunger - super bad 
Climate change - super like bad

Labyirnth II - 2017-12-14
Does Chelsea call Bella a prostitute looking chick too?

Phantrashnumber5 - 2017-12-14
WHY is her posture SO weird???

Christy Andrews - 2017-12-14
god she sounds like a dumbass here

seanjaja97 - 2017-12-13
why does she look so fucking oily ?

Sivani Dandu - 2017-12-13
Hello to all the bullies in the comment section. All of u are sulting shaming bella and judging het life. So what if she is living her life a different way from ur

Jlor Jerez - 2017-12-13
Sorry this has nothing to do but the first thing I noticed was her nose job..pretty well done btw but her nose was so characteristic of her that now I see her weird...

Aileen Thiessen - 2017-12-12
If my bracelets were that noisy I'd have a hard time staying on topic too

Jim Lahey - 2017-12-12
she can put her toes in my mouth anyday

ordinary superstar - 2017-12-11
Bella is so CRINGEY but honestly she is young and doesn't know better and you can tell theres no ill intent in anything she does and I'm just like Jesus if this isn't how I was when I was 19... Lol

Jessica Michelle - 2017-12-11
What are they even talking about?!

This could of just been discussed over a text...

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