Yanshu Spaghett - 2017-09-26
Fuck me, they can't even be bothered to mention Gendry's past with Arya on the Inside the Episode video? Are they just willingly being ignorant to everything that happened in the past seasons? Who am I kidding, they probably forgot it all, the most important thing to focus on was obviously is a cgi polar bear, right guys? Who gives a shit that Gendry and Jon were the two loved bastards in Arya's life? Hell no, that would make her more of a human and less of an executioner, and god forbid characters will be complex and not one dimensional!

Fenrir Le Déplorable - 2017-09-04
"The one who figures it out is Tyrion?" If Tyrion advised Daenerys to hit Cersei with everything she had the moment they arrived in Westeros, they wouldn't have had to convince Cersei of of anything because she would be dead and Daenerys would now be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Thanks to Tyrion's sage advice, Daenerys lost two important allies, the Night King is now riding one of her dragons, the Wall has been breached, the Army of the Dead are marching on Winterfell and Cersei betrayed them anyway even after being shown a wight which Jon Snow and his men nearly got killed capturing. Way to go Tyrion! 👍

Gino Aldeguer - 2017-09-03
Tyrells are gone so the 2nd powerful are the Tarly and who's still alive? Samwell doesn't need to be a measter, he's the Lord of the Reach!!!

Timothy Wilkes - 2017-09-02
Littlefinger was never going to win this, he revealed his hand to much while trying to manipulate Sansa and the penny was always going to drop when she confided her fears about Arya in Littlefinger.

Catallena - 2017-09-01
omg...how could they mention Gendry, and NOT mention FREAKING ARYA!!! Who he spent freaking months with traveling, who saved his life TWICE, at least... He was close to 'other characters'... wtf doods?!

Superman InTahiti - 2017-08-22
Cmon HBO stop trying to makes us believe the show still has plotlines.

Tekakiu Luy - 2017-08-21
You have to admit that Littlefinger is really really really reaaaaaaally lucky to have this so much perfect timing. Unless Arya is always following him and not doing anything else, like being with her family. And Jaime is incredibly lucky to not have drawn, I guess it's that easy to not sink with a armor of at least 20 kg. And to walk with it all the way to King's Landing ... He's really strong and fast and sneaky and finds confortable anything. Wow ... I miss the time when GoT followed the books ...

Anathema Nu - 2017-08-21
Daenerys is an asshole.

atiq aly - 2017-08-20
can someone please explain to me 02:30 do they mean that the wights cant be takes south like tyrion suggested?

Raymond Samuels - 2017-08-20
she is crazy Listen to me she is craaaazzyyyy she wont listen to anybody okay mabey that she'll change in ep7 but for now ill call her crazy

Harry Mills - 2017-08-20
I kind of shuddered at Jon Snow's parting words to Daenerys. That's what the Sword of the Morning said, before the legendary sword engagement at the Tower of Joy. Same thing Mance said before he was killed by Jon Snow, with an arrow to the heart, as an act of mercy when Stannis tried to burn him at the stake.

Anyway, I hope those words aren't a foreshadowing of Jon Snow's 2nd death.

MsKoki57 - 2017-08-19
If Danearys should just storm kings landing the redkeep, burn Cersei & soldiers, then turn her attention to the North of wall dracarys the friggin white Walker and army of dead, bring peace and then she can ask others to Ben d knee. But noooooooo, she's strecthing herself and her army too thin, parlay with backincorner Cersei & end up losing even though she started strongly. God damn you D&D.

Karsten - 2017-08-18
The Allister Thorne to King's Landing plotline never did get visually resolved in the show, did it?

Ryan Thomson - 2017-08-18
I seem to remember in the very first scene of Game of Thrones where three men of the Nights Watch are heading beyond the wall, after coming across a white walker for the first time it lets one of them live we have the intro and then it cuts to him at Winterfell walking on foot, now that's teleportation if you ask me

leah g - 2017-08-18
is it just me or does anyone else notice that the only topic they are not talking about is Jon parents

Ana Freitas - 2017-08-17
I also think it would be a good move to have Samwell meet Hot Pie and send him to cook at the Citadel. Those Maesters would be so happier after eating those pies, they would do whatever he suggested. We couldn't save Hodor; let's try and save Hot Pie.

Ana Freitas - 2017-08-17
So, Daenerys, Jon, Missandei, Davos and Bronn and Jamie take refuge in the Inn at the Crossroads. They are all injured and discussing the battle with the dead and were their allegiance lies. Hot Pie serves them food and goes on a 2 min explanation about the use of butter in pie's. They stare at him in disbelief, listen to the whole thing and burst out laughing like they have never done before: I mean Daenerys is on the floor holding her stomach, Missandei is howling, Jon is almost choking, Bronn falls of the chair, you get the picture. Think we can convince the producers to do it?

Ambar - 2017-08-17
Bringing a wight to King's Landing is the stupidest idea ever. And that Arya storyline turn is bullshit, just like in the episode where she killed the Waif.

Der_RX - 2017-08-17

Jana Dz - 2017-08-17
Episode 6 is even better 🤣🍺

Wejdan AlAmeri - 2017-08-17
honestly I hope they leak episode 7

Waylork Skudz - 2017-08-17
what about gendry + arya, the second true pairing?

TheZapan99 - 2017-08-16
Noticed how Jorah Mormont's new armor looks like a flayed torso (how he got rid of Greyscale), and his sleeves have fur trimmings (as in Mormont of Bear island) ? That is clever costume design.

Thanasis Aman - 2017-08-16
Everyone in winterfell finds out of Jon true family from Sam and Brann . Arya kills LF .Danny get fucked with Jon . Joras dies . The night Kind is coming over the wall up in Viceries the ice dragon . Cersei miscarriages. Jamie goes with Jon and Danny to fight the WW.

Nicolás Guzzetti - 2017-08-16
Could someone explain me how did Tyrion know that Jaime survived after being dropped in the sea/river and telling to Khaleesi Council that Jaime would be the one Cersei would listen to?

Parasmunt - 2017-08-16
Stupid things about that episode

1. Jaimie Lannister's escape.
2. The whole plot to capture a zombie.
3. The whole idea of bringing a zombie to Cersei
4. Davos did not mind meeting Tyrion who killed his kids
5. The rushing, the passage of time.

Hardkroner - 2017-08-16
Again with the fucking leaked episodes. Will you guys take care of that bullshit??

Jonathan Walmsley - 2017-08-16
Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to the Seven 'Knights' team-up next episode, but the steps the writers took to get to that plot development were...dumb as all hell. At least make it Daenery's, not Cersei, that Jon has to convince of the White walker's existence because Tyrion of all people should know that attempting to 'negotiate' with his sister is doomed to failure.

Cyrille Batadiwa - 2017-08-16
game of throne saison 7 free streaming here http://viahold.com/2YzZ

George Marin - 2017-08-16
Davos is lying to Jon and teaches Gendry to do the same. Lots of respect shown there!

Alex Li - 2017-08-16
I was thinking about how can Jon take a white walker across the wall because they are cursed. Once the white walkers step across the wall, they might lose the ability to act.

Stormrage - 2017-08-16
D&D shame on you. This episode was horrible. So many eye rolls. How long it took to write this? One afternoon? Just loads of fan service and things making no sense. Fuck your Confederate show, write some GoT. I hope that your new show never goes trough. This is worst season with the best effects. By far.

brian roe - 2017-08-16
most anoying voice!

henk van albrecht - 2017-08-16
What was on the scroll arya found?

Adewale Eletu - 2017-08-16
Doesn't Gendry have a better claim to the iron throne than anyone else? Since Robert Baratheon was the last true king

Tachan - 2017-08-16
Why does everybody suddenlt believe the White Walkers are real? Jaime, Jorah, Tyrion... it seems so unbelievable that suddenly those who have never seen them, have started to believe their existence.

タマエ - 2017-08-16
Can littlefinger just die already?

Dina M - 2017-08-16
so it's official..JON is the legitimate son of Rhaegar..and so he should claim the iron throne not Dany!

ali a - 2017-08-16
Uncle Benjen will save Jon in the next episode. Watch the leaked clips

The Red Sir - 2017-08-16
This is why Jon should of pardoned Ramsay and his 20 good men.

Guilherme Müller - 2017-08-16
The plan to bring a wight to King's Landing is insanely stuoid in so many levels that it's simply bad writing.

gthakur17 - 2017-08-16
within 50 min Ser Davos traveled from Dragonstone to kings landing then back to dragonston and then to the east watch.Brandon took 6 seasons to go from winterfell to north of the wall and back to winterfell. because logic

JinNOSify - 2017-08-16
This episode was so rushed.

Timothy Wilkes - 2017-08-16
All this hate on Sansa, with all the abuse she's endured from Kings and other retched folks which included rape on her wedding night. I think Sansa has earned the right to want a bit of power and authority over her decisions seen as she's never really been aloud to speak up.

XxMelodyRosexX - 2017-08-16
i don't like how jaime managed to escape through the lake. not convincing at all. lol.

Ethereum Muerehte - 2017-08-16
So, how can you explain Cersei's pregnancy development in between the time it took Jon to leave Dragonstone to Eastwatch?

Stingray - 2017-08-16
Next episode a dragon dies and then resurrected by the Night King

Podrick Payne - 2017-08-16
Everyone is talking about Jon Snow, but the one true heir to the iron throne is me, PODRICK PAYNE!!

June Nguyen - 2017-08-15
I love how they had thoros drinking on the way out north of the wall 😂

Luis Mamani Rojas - 2017-08-15
Spoiler alert: little finger and thoros die, and last episode one of the dragons gets to be the mount of the night king and breathes blue fire

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