Jaizah Lei Manera - 2016-08-29
Awe so cute! 😊 What was the occasion?

Crystal - 2015-01-26
I love it :) So nice to see couples that've been together for a long time, still show so much love. Tfs.

Sholex Jummex - 2015-01-10
So cute!

LifeOfMula - 2015-01-08
aww how sweet! I swear it's the little things that count the most :)

Health With Kisha - 2015-01-08

TheHouseOfHenry - 2015-01-07
How sweet! Black love!!!

itsKLife - 2015-01-07
That was the sweetest thing ever!!! And Jordy u and your dad look so much alike!!!!

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