DaBoominBerkan - 2018-02-04
Gasquet kept slicing instead of hitting the ball. Could've had a chance to win

olivier xavier - 2018-01-13

Nelson leung - 2017-11-24
Meanwhile Federer already finished his match

Keven Guimarães - 2017-11-11
To think that if Gasquet had won this point there's a good chance Denis Shapovalov could have won the whole tournament, what with Federer being injured in the final. Or perhaps Fed could have finally won in Montreal. Oh well, in the end it was not to be. What an amazing rally this was though, I count myself lucky to have been there to see it.

dave5566 - 2017-09-14
Holy cow, that def from gasquet, and consistency from zverev.

Narankhuu Batkhuu - 2017-08-22

Vyse500 - 2017-08-21
actually this long rally just exposed how lacking both players are in there offensive capabilities. It may have been entertaining to the crowd but to a coach or someone that knows the game it wasn't a good performance

Ben Faulkner - 2017-08-15
Even funnier that he went on to win the title after this...

Maurice C - 2017-08-11
What the hell was Gasquet doing? Waiting for the error? Not a single attempt at winning the rally. Shocking at this level. He had no business losing this..

R H - 2017-08-11
that's what happens when you are to scared to attack and go to the net.... what's up with the new generation?! aren't able to hit a decent drop shot or volley. Sad.

Wolvy Logan - 2017-08-10
gasquet is like 3ft. behind the baseline, while MZ is inside the Bline.

dhtreht1 - 2017-08-10
why so many slice backhand Gasquet

Daniel Smith - 2017-08-10
What the heck is Gasguet doing with those forehands?

Vassili Stanislav - 2017-08-10
How many of you think delpotro is biggest sore loser in ATP circuit

Mocipán - 2017-08-10
wtf gasguet is on matchpoint and he slices almost every ball !?

Кристиян Венков - 2017-08-10
This is very sad.. The stupid next gen are just hitting with power from the baseline.. No dropshots , no netplay.. Is just the same thing all over again. If tennis didn't have some guys like Roger , Gael , Rafa or Grigor the sport was going to be boring af. Just IMO.

Bhupender Singh Negi - 2017-08-10
And there are 5 dislikes to this video as well..A genuine tennis fan would never dislike a video like this.. A rally of 46 Shots..Such energy and concentration.. Simply Superb..

P.S. I am neither a Zverev's Fan nor Gasquet's Fan..

Bendix Krugel - 2017-08-10
Oh mein gott das ist ganz großes kino

Jordan Georgiev - 2017-08-10

Muhammad Sohaib - 2017-08-10
holly shit

eoRulez - 2017-08-10
Is a shame that Zverev has 0 confidence in his netplay, hope he work hard to change this soon

Nicolas Caillouet - 2017-08-10
Gasquet quoi ...
Le mec a tellement peur de gagner qu'il joue à 2 mètres de sa ligne de fond de cours et slice tous es coups droits.
Décidément ce joueur me surprendra toujours par son mental en carton.

BlueStar30 - 2017-08-10
How on earth did Zverev play that match point so well? But more importantly, why didn't Gasquet do something with the ball? Gasquet could have easily ended that match

kintore - 2017-08-10

Cley p - 2017-08-10
Gasquet faut vraiment qu il s achete un coup droit

かずみん未央奈推し - 2017-08-10

Felipe Junkes - 2017-08-10

Victor Lupas - 2017-08-10

vijju k - 2017-08-10
gasquet tired after 10 shots

mr slick - 2017-08-10
Even i can hit better forehand than gasquet.

原健士 - 2017-08-10

Bass Boy - 2017-08-10
Would love to see Zverev win a grand slam next year!

Jenish Shroff - 2017-08-10
Long and boring..

قتيبه عبدالصمد - 2017-08-10
next world No 1

Frank G. - 2017-08-10
awesome stuff

Masterdoctorgenius14 - 2017-08-10
WOW. Can cant remember a tournament where so many players won after saving MPs. Any1 else?

Rob Lidster - 2017-08-10
Deserves to be in top ten. Young, talented and a worker. One day a number one. Kyrios has more weapons but seems to self destruct. However, watch the Fed v Kyrios match in Miami and then the Fed v A. Svevrev match in Halle. Kyrios can almost match it with a legend redlining it. That was a great match.

Cameron McGlynn - 2017-08-10
NO! Not Gasquet!

Natalia S - 2017-08-10
He's so strong mentally

Brent Waterbury - 2017-08-10
I hate watchin' Montreal. Looook it how far the camera is from the ball. Year after fuckin' yr. never changes... Does the TV audience deserve nosebleed seats?? Stupid director!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spaveevo - 2017-08-10
Gasquet said Im too old for this!

A. Thunder - 2017-08-10
Gasquet was no nervous and tense, sliced about 75% of his shots. Even a basic forehand or backhand he sliced it lol

Philip Wybenga - 2017-08-10
As great as it was, Gasquet was banking on an unforced error from his opponent, so he didn't construct any offense, instead opting to chip the ball back. I liked that Zverev was being aggressive minded, but there were several moments where he could could have come forward and finished the point, forcing the issue. The combination of the aggressor being somewhat tentative and the opponent unwilling to attack made this 49 stroke rally happen.

Said Miranda - 2017-08-10
Gasquet did nothing in this rally. He was waiting for Zverev to miss and that never happened. He could have forced him a little with some strong shots, not even close the lines, but just strong enough to put some extra pressure on Zverev. Lack of guts really, as it has been throughout his career.

hriday samtani - 2017-08-10
This young man is special, such impressive tennis under pressure!

Israel Garcia - 2017-08-10
The consistency on Zverev is insane. Def one of the top players for next gen. Great future ahead of him

Rowan Vedangi - 2017-08-10
Congrats Zverev, you have entered the top 10 longest rallies

Baba Zehri - 2017-08-10
Gasquet played like chicken shit. Glad he lost. He lacks guts. A talented player like him should have won atleast a couple Atp 1000 tournaments.

Francois Leduc - 2017-08-10
I was there! Amazing point!

Keegan Andersson - 2017-08-10
I actually think what Gasquet did here was clever. He was feeding Zverev shots he's not used to to try and rattle him and make him miss. It didn't work, obviously, but I would hardly consider it Gasquet intentionally throwing the point.

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