JorJorTheSlaya - 2018-02-09

Bobby Richardson - 2018-02-07
Why make a video about the teams you think can win the NCAA tournament when you don’t know how to pronounce the names of their players right? You clearly don’t watch enough college basketball. You’re mispronouncing the names of top players in the nation. Which means you probably just read an article about who might win the tourney this year and don’t really know anything about the teams.

Salvatore Sultana - 2018-01-27
Duke, Kansas, Villanova, Arizona, UNC, Michigan State, Xavier, Virginia, Cincinnati, and WVU

Naganachiketh Chinnamuttevi - 2018-01-21
Where is Purdue?

J.K. T - 2018-01-08
West Virginia

Dabistbutter - 2018-01-05
Arizona all the way

Ian Burke - 2018-01-02
We'll just wait and see in march

Sergio Ramos - 2018-01-01
Fell asleep while watching video. And Kansas at 8?

Flashthawne - 2017-12-18
Yeah Xavier will not win they almost lost to team I never heard of except when they played Kentucky 😄

Bret Fischer - 2017-12-07
none of these teams will win the tournament. lol

Uk Highlights - 2017-12-04

t rEEpEr - 2017-11-30
Go Green

Stephen Sloan - 2017-11-16
Louisville is on probation wtf you know nothing

Connor Campbell - 2017-11-16
Come on everyone admit how bad that national championship and even tho the refs cheated us we almost came back that was bull unc should of won against Villanova

Matt Gross - 2017-11-15

dan Last - 2017-11-15
You don't know anything about basketball.

Brendan Goshay - 2017-11-13
No USC 🤔????

Clorox Bleach - 2017-11-11

Jeremy Thomas - 2017-11-10
Purdue gotta be up there #BoilerUp!

kentuckywildcatstv - 2017-11-08
kentucky is going to win it all and i think west virginia should be on this list because they got a great coach in bob higgins and they have a realy good chance of winning!!!!!!!

We Are Basketball - 2017-11-05
UNC isn't in the Sec they are in the Acc

Erik Owens - 2017-11-05
Grayson Allen has already won a championship

Marcus Baldwin - 2017-11-04
Did you come up with this list? Did you write the underlying background for each of the teams yourself? Do you watch the games? Inquiring minds want to know since you mispronounced a few names of returning players.

Jonathan Begley - 2017-10-28
Here comes the Kentucky Wildcats go big blue!!!!!

Estevan Silvas - 2017-10-26
Pronounced Alonzo TREE-er and raw-LEE alkins

Hobbit Fan - 2017-10-25
Dude, you mispronounced so much shit wrong in this video haha. "Malokai" Bridges?

Jayhawker Bros - 2017-10-20
KU or Oregon should of been Number 2 because Gonzaga played easy teams

ANTHONY HANDS - 2017-10-15
Duke be there will not win it all

matthew gelenites - 2017-10-14
My guy, Nova is a lot better than 10 and a lot better than what you’re crediting them for.

Derek Mathews - 2017-10-14
Kansas 8th? That's awfully low, and everything?

Christianhns - 2017-10-10
You're mispronouncing a lot of names.

KELLS THRAXX - 2017-10-09

MINIMaxBOXING - 2017-10-02
Duke will win.

Roderick Arrington - 2017-09-28
Here Comes Duke!!!

Jason Sechrist - 2017-09-25
Duke didn't lose 11 last year.

LeBron James - 2017-09-20
Why do people hate him because of his top 10 reasons why .... sucks?
It's just for entertainment.
They don't even bother reading the disclaimer.
They just click on the video and start talking trash.
It's all a joke

Channel everything - 2017-09-15
Yo johnny I love your channel you deserve more subs

Yoshi Bryant - 2017-09-15
Can you guys sub to my channel

Lavar The G.O.A.T Dream - 2017-09-15

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