Medical King - 2017-08-11
We strongly recommend this Comedone Extractor Kit from Amazon! http://amzn.to/2vuoyX6 Seven pieces, gloves and a leather case for less than $20. Don't buy those cheap chinese ones that will scar you!

The Miles - 2018-02-18
I wish they would wear gloves.

Duke the meister - 2018-02-11
Yes please!! More videos

BlkiceMike - 2018-02-11
MK,.. Plz make more videos and longer as well..
Very interesting & satisfying,..

Amy McC - 2018-02-05
Well since I've watched just about every blackhead video YouTube has to offer, I would LOVE some more of these videos! Especially the microscopic ones!!💜💛💚💙

Burch Associates - 2018-01-26
How did this dog get all these backheads?

Helen allez - 2018-01-24
Have just found your channel, I loved the video, could have watched you pulling the dogs black heads out with the tweezers all day! X

Kris Cook - 2018-01-12
More videos please!

Mike Hunt - 2018-01-10
Poor doggie hygiene

Lisa Wood - 2018-01-02
More please

Debra Collins - 2017-12-25
Yeah this is an interesting subject Would have never guessed dogs get blackheads

Debra Collins - 2017-12-14
Didn't know dogs got blackheads , very interesting do cats get them also

wraith Walker - 2017-12-14

Rebecca Haller - 2017-11-19
I definitely want to see more of dog blackheads

ADE SURYA P - 2017-10-22

Randy Correia - 2017-09-09
Wow I didn't realize dogs got blackheads. Do they ever get ingrown hairs too? I've seen some that have cysts.

Holly B - 2017-09-03
this video could have been so much better.

Megan Harter - 2017-08-15
This was strangely satisfying to watch! The magnified view was the best part to me. I would definitely enjoy more videos like this one (maybe longer)!!!

Debbie Gerdes - 2017-08-13
Do more dog blackhead with closeups please.

mac1mckenzie - 2017-08-11
That's it: Spay and neuter your kids!

Onelia Olman - 2017-08-11

Kristina Jefferson - 2017-08-11
Dogs do sweat, who the he'll told u That? They get pimples and black heads because they have pores that clog with sweat, duh!!!!

NightFrightTalkShow - 2017-08-11
dogs really now that's nasty lol.

Sugar Plum - 2017-08-10
Why no gloves

Baby Uno - 2017-08-10

queen debi - 2017-08-10
Those are mango worms

momma Rhonda - 2017-08-10
No I don't want to see dog blackheads

Cheri Trulove - 2017-08-10
Actually yes , very interesting.☺

Jason Macdonald - 2017-08-10
Ya is good to know

seokjin is daddy - 2017-08-09

Loves40 Dogs - 2017-08-09
Yeah, close-up doggie blackheads r interesting!

MA - 2017-08-09
More videos would be great! ;)

Cathy Bair - 2017-08-09
Wowzer! !! Excellent video but need it longer :)

Adam Cory - 2017-08-09
I definitely want to see more videos that one was awesome

Andrea P - 2017-08-09
Here’s what I want to know, would a normal comedone extractor Work on dogs?

Nikole Biznett - 2017-08-09
He'll yeah pleaseeee

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