olson091 - 2018-02-23
Ashley, you ARE NOT Sandra Bullock and you never will be.
You are a big-time LOSER.

George Shores - 2018-01-22
Hey Ashley, your looking a little puffy!

Steven01001 - 2017-12-29
She's Ashley, so right off the bat I don't believe her. What was that she said... She's smelly or something like that...

Hayden H - 2017-12-27
Her men problems happen with Hollywood folk, not us Mericans.

OtherLetter - 2017-12-09
That was an interesting observation, Ashley: "the good aren't always good, and the bad aren't always bad."

Man in the white coat - 2017-12-07
didn't she also have a devestating experience when someone called her sweetheart?

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