Vladi Nekoloff - 2018-02-02
Indian hand reader... things have fallen.

Sindi - 2018-01-20
The Queen gets an Oscar for playing herself

Mubashir Latif - 2018-01-18
Philip Seymour Hoffman ... You left too early, man !

Lourenço Nogueira - 2018-01-12
Amzing reaction from Dame Judy Dench, now that´s what i call class.

Aries Snake - 2018-01-07
She’s such a great dame

Gustavo Horn - 2017-12-26
One of the best nominee groups I’ve ever seen in this category. Five genuinely amazing performances. I’m glad that nowadays all 5 of them are Oscar winners

J. Stephenson - 2017-12-16
When you get to the point where your name is side side-by-side with actresses like Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, and Meryl Streep, you know you've made it to the top of your field. Here's some serous talent.

Kamil - 2017-12-05
what a year!!!

Kshitij Birdi - 2017-11-03
People should learn from Judi dench how to react when you lose an Oscar.

Di Wang - 2017-10-28
Do not practiced magic, seek omesn or divianation. www.bible.;com

fr901 fr901 - 2017-10-28
the strongest line-up in recent years in best actress

ran kotobuki - 2017-10-19
1 Penélope Cruz
2 Helen Mirren
3 Judi Dench
4 Meryl Streep
5 the bitch face

Nancy Curry - 2017-10-13

Nancy Curry - 2017-10-13

gamerjc21 - 2017-09-15
Look at all that talent.

Luis Enrique Quijada Rodriguez - 2017-08-10
Helen Mirren is awesome

Marketoromagnolo - 2017-07-30
she was best friend with legenday and iconic Brad Davis, do you know if she ever talked about him?

A V - 2017-04-29
There is no question that this award was deserved but any other year Dench would've walked away with it.

irina1296 - 2017-04-23
They ignored some truly fantastic performances that year - Sigourney Weaver in "Snow Cake", Laura Dern in "Inland Empire", Kim Basinger in "Even Money". Despite that I love Helen in "The Queen". She was amazing

RT Ralph - 2017-04-17
Dean hardscrabble.

Joe Coe - 2017-04-14
Very bright bringing your purse with you.

Jack Penny - 2017-03-30
Mirren is so old there are cobwebs growing in her pussy.

Andrew Frantz - 2017-03-07
Helen Mirren had this coming for many years. She has a little resemblance of the real queen. You did superb in this film Helen and real nice work.

Grace Bones - 2017-01-28
Look at how happy Dame Judi Dench is for Dame Helen Mirren.

blurdreamer - 2017-01-26
real life character always win easily especially the Royal one.

Dekido - 2017-01-19
When will Meryl Streep retire?

Ricardo Campello - 2017-01-12
This year was incredible, the five nominees had outstanding performances and any of the five nominees could win the Oscar. Although I think Judi Dench is phenomenal in Notes on a Scandal.

siddharth nagar - 2016-12-29
no standing ovation. shocking

ran kotobuki - 2016-12-22
the bitch face at 1:32

Carlotta Paz - 2016-12-02
what a wonderful woman and actress! So charming, ironic, beautiful: I want to be old like she.

Elizabeth Cooper - 2016-11-29
Look how happy Meryl Streep was for her

Pat McTallica - 2016-11-07
4 of these 5 are the top of the top!

Nikkittah22 - 2016-10-02
Now that is how a poll of nominees should be set up, with pure talent! Such an amazing win for Helen Mirren, a class act amongst many. 😍😍😍😍😍.

Karsie Flotus - 2016-08-19
devil wears prada*

Jomk263 - 2016-08-14
Which is the name of the song while Helen goes to the Oscar?

steamyboy69 - 2016-07-10
Meryl streep should have won

Contenido Neto - 2016-04-07
I love her! :)

george vasiliou - 2016-03-17
the academy did forget that the revolution happened long time ago

george vasiliou - 2016-03-17
fuck you brits with your limp and your 5 o clock tea and your monarchy

george vasiliou - 2016-03-17
judi dench is so cool for this shit

robbal - 2016-02-28
Now all that 5 actress have an Oscar, crazy!

Lainie Medina - 2016-02-07
The talent in this years top 5 was inmense.

Roie Ben Arie - 2015-12-26
meryl should have won this!!!

Mike Rourke - 2015-11-03
I don't think the Americans liked hearing .. "I give you The Queen"

Samad J - 2015-09-13
She is a great actress, classy beautiful lady Helen Mirren.

La Kaverna - 2015-08-31
Helen was very good, but Penélope was much better and should have won.

Narciscynic - 2015-08-20
Meryl Streep is like the Kanye West of the acting world, she's always at the awards

Céhad Dunebuggy - 2015-08-14
She looks good for an old lady

Roberto Ruggio - 2015-05-07
Helen Mirren is superb in The Queen, but personally I would have given the Oscar to Penelope Cruz. Her performance in Volver defies description.

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