Angel Antonio Favian Nuñes - 2018-02-22
Angel antonio

listener01 - 2018-02-21
yeah it sucks when someone dies, but a "good voice" is merely genetic luck

Sheree Wingo - 2018-02-21
This is so sad!!!  He just sang at Tracy Stuffle's  (The Perry's)service earlier this month :(

arnold arnold - 2018-02-21
Say hello to heaven for us, tell Jesus we ain’t mad we just missing so much, ask her whennis he coming to take us where u are.R.I.P Daryle Singletary and Don Williams .

Steve W - 2018-02-21
This was a hard hit to real country music, RIP, Daryle! :(

Brandy Brantner - 2018-02-21

Fuzzy Butkus - 2018-02-21
How come I don’t recognize not one of these guys.Love old country but it’s been so long since New country has put out anything I liked I said haste bananas.Love Blackberry Smoke.Maybe I Try this guys music.Not saying anything bad about this guy,just country in general for last 10 years.

ruthann preston - 2018-02-20
R.I P.

John Sayewich Jr. - 2018-02-20
OMG how did I miss this until today, ONE OF THE VERY BEST AND SO VERY YOUNG HAS GONE TO JOIN ALL OF THE GREATS THAT HAVE GONE BEFORE HIM..... GOD BLESS my prayers to his wife, 4 children and entire family & friends.......

Joshua Brooks - 2018-02-20
"I let her lie," "Too Much Fun," "I'd love to lay you down," "Amen kind of love" all gone too soon. Rest in peace, Daryl. We'll miss you, buddy!

Erin Hutchinson - 2018-02-20
We lost a talented man,but God gained another singer for His choir.

carrie white - 2018-02-19
I like Daryl singletary it's shame he's gone.

packingten - 2018-02-19
Love his singing. RIP brother

Roger Barrett - 2018-02-19
What?! I cannot fucking believe this! Daryle's death is news to me! This shocks me all to hell and back! This is just fucked up!

Bee Still Lee - 2018-02-19
all fuck that white hoe

Millie Burgess - 2018-02-19
Wow Aw I'm so sorry so young specialty his 4 kids Aw that's so sad

Glennys T - 2018-02-19
R.I.P. dear one. You passed us by so swiftly

Glen Yates - 2018-02-18
Rest in peace god bless you prays for his wife kids and mom and dad and family we lost a another real country music singer glenn Linda in Oklahoma

mtncharlie1968 - 2018-02-18
Another real country star gone too soon. Rest in peace my friend!

Wendy Mcclain - 2018-02-18
RIP Heaven definitely gained another Angel

ipmala - 2018-02-18
Never heard of him. Nashville is full of guys like this----who think they are famous. Just another *grease ball* hillbilly.... nobody's heard of. These guys are a dime a dozen.

Claymore77 - 2018-02-18
Look at all the judgmental pricks on here and FB. This man was on the Top 40 Country charts 5 fucking times. What the fuck have you assholes done with your life besides sit behind a keyboard and talk shit about someone you don't even know who was probably 100x a better person than you are? I fucking hate people. You motherfuckers need to spend some time examining your OWN fucking life and striving to better yourself instead of talking shit about others. Fucking assholes. I hope one day I don't have to be ashamed of my own fucking species.

Mark Leach - 2018-02-17
I guess it's true only the good die young may God's love hold his family and help them find peace

Rusty Nail - 2018-02-17
He came here and did a free concert for everyone after the big flood we had... They had it all set up in the Kmart parking lot

Junie Smart - 2018-02-17
This is so very sad to lose such a great singer. His family has my deepest sympathies. Such a great loss :(...

Brandon L. Watkins - 2018-02-17
well, thats sucks, I loved his music, he had some great songs. He was one of the good ones

Glenn Johnson - 2018-02-16
Glenn Johnson Got to see him perform last year while in the USA.Didn`t know a lot about him but loved his old time style.RIP.

Theresa Dupuis - 2018-02-16
Prayers for Family and Friends God bless you all

Jeff m - 2018-02-16
A great man and singer now gone to join God's choir he will be truly miss but never forgotten our heart go out to your family may God hold you all tight during this hard sad time. GOD BLESS

D J Tanner - 2018-02-15
Rest In Peace Daryle. I have no words.

Kane Conklin - 2018-02-15
Rip buddy

Ella Huddleston - 2018-02-15
I never put the guy down just said I never heard of him. And yes stations are trashy that's why I don't listen to 2000 up songs.

Douglas B. - 2018-02-15
Gosh, what a shock, and gone way, way too soon, RIP, Daryle.

Tim Mercer - 2018-02-15
we will miss you my old friend. please pray for his wife and kids and his family in Cairo Ga.

Vinnie M. - 2018-02-14
RIP Daryle Singletary, One of the best country voices ever!!.

Ella Huddleston - 2018-02-14
never heard of him. sorry he died.

Brandy H The Believers Beautician - 2018-02-14
Rest in Peace. thank you for playing Old Violin.

Jeff Ray - 2018-02-14
Another great one gone way too soon 🙏🏻

Victor Hurtado - 2018-02-14
We lost a true sounding voice of country music he was the one and only of his era no others will compare or come after him I will miss your music and your true sounds of country the way they should be sang hope you can perform for the big man upstairs with them sad old songs RIP Daryle Singletary your memory will live on thru those who loved you

Darren Conyer - 2018-02-14
miss you loved ur music

Daniel Erdy - 2018-02-14
Our prayers go out to his family

Brigitte Franziska Vogl - 2018-02-14

Jack Humberger - 2018-02-14
RIP. One of the greatest voices ever. Next to Vern Gosdin. Just a real shame.

Amber Sparks - 2018-02-14
Rip Friend

James Prochazka - 2018-02-14
Rest in peace Friend you will be sadly missed...

Maria Esparza - 2018-02-14
What a loss? RIP....

Harry Baulz - 2018-02-13
He had a clot in his penis.

latokatn506 - 2018-02-13
One Great Talent RIP

T&L's Nana - 2018-02-13
Daryl had some great tunes

Betsy Weathers - 2018-02-13
He was real country music and he will be missed.

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