TrikiDick - 2013-08-02
Wow Chris, this is the first time I've sat and listened to your every word. I've heard lots of interviews, but never listened. You are good!! But Charlie is a Pro! Great interview! Great Job, I've got my shark tracker on my phone, and I'm ready for an update! We're all there right with you!! Keep up the good work!!

Buddy Martin - 2013-08-02
Wow, saw Chris on TV the other morning with Charlie, never thought I'd see Charlie here. Nice interview and I'm sure we will see it on the Charlie Rose show too. I'm sure every little bit helps, a lot of folks watch Charlie, I mean he just interviewed Obama one on one, just like this, for an hour. Hell of an interview to score. I also think there are a lot of ppl really excited about this expedition, a month on the water is really something and should produce for the program. Good Fishing!

Michael Doutre - 2013-08-02
Chris I was saddened that the tv show was cancelled. But after hearing you on Charlie Rose I understand how the series held you back. I say please keep up the good work and save my favorite fish in the world.

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